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Prints and Knits

14/10/2010, Carin Wester, Fashion and Style, Filippa K, Minimarket, Stockholm, Whyred

Prints and Knits

Earlier this week, I visited the Patriksson showroom to re-see the spring/summer 2011 collections by several Scandinavian designers. My favourite piece is this printed spring coat by Minimarket.

Minimarket Spring Summer 2011

Click click click!


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Vintage Shopping With Gabriella and Aapo

13/10/2010, Fashion and Style, Shopping, Stockholm

Vintage Shopping With Gabriella and Aapo

Gabriella and Aapo took me to their favourite vintage stores here in Stockholm: Old Touch in Odenplan and Saker & Ting in Stureplan.

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Tears and Joy Outside Stockholm Arlanda Airport

30/08/2010, Current Affairs, Stockholm, Sweden

Tears and Joy Outside Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Tears or joy? Happy or sad? Let me know what you feel after watching this video. Don’t you just love my Hello Kitty pillow?


When I saw the trailer of Drew Barrymore’s new film, Going the Distance, I thought to myself, hang on a sec… that’s me! I can’t wait to see it.

Long distance is a bitch but what can one do eh?

The most important thing I guess is that there’s someone out there in the world who makes me complete.

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When There’s Print and Pucci, There’s Hope.

26/08/2010, Current Affairs, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Hope, Stockholm

When There’s Print and Pucci, There’s Hope.

Swedish fashion designers are known for their clean, minimal looks so imagine my surprise when I saw these printed floral trousers at the Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair store? I had to have it.

Fifth Avenue Show Repair Sweden

I wore it my Whyred sweater, Pucci bag and of course, a pair of Hope boots I picked up in Stockholm as well.

Hope boots

photo credit: fashiontoast


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Tiger of Sweden Spring Summer 2011 Final Walkthrough Video

26/08/2010, Fashion and Style, Spring Summer 2011, Stockholm, Tiger of Sweden

Tiger of Sweden Spring Summer 2011 Final Walkthrough Video

Here’s the view from my seat at the Tiger of Sweden spring/summer 2011 show in Stockholm last week.

Because of a seating mishap before the show started, two high-profile fashion bloggers were bumped off away from their seat to accommodate VIP guest, Swedish professional ice hockey player for the New York Rangers Henrik Lundqvist and his partner Therese. One blogger graciously moved to another spot while the second blogger spat vitriol and exchanged stern words with the famous hockey player for being on the wrong seat, without, of course, knowing how big of a deal he is (the sports star). In the end, show producers had to grab special chairs and sat the Olympic Gold medal player and his paramour in the opposite side of the front row. Hint: it’s not me and it’s not my gurl Rumi Neely!

Eeek! I must say it was rather painful to watch!

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Last Remaining Days of My Youth

25/08/2010, Current Affairs, Stockholm

Last Remaining Days of My Youth

I know it’s very, very wrong for a very, very, grown up gay like myself to be spotted at a playground (kiddie fiddlers beware) but there’s always an exception to the rules: I’m gaysian and can easily pass for a pre-teen. What the heck, check this out.


Stockholm Suburbs Playground

It’s nice to be young at heart…

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Caption This: Fashion is Not a 24-Hour Job

25/08/2010, Current Affairs, Stockholm

Caption This: Fashion is Not a 24-Hour Job

Look who went chav scum! I had to haul this much stuff with me when I checked out of the hotel to go to the BF's.

What's your favourite caption?

  • "I'd take you down a darkened urban alley and facefuck you, sure."
  • "Those trainers are the sort of things middle-aged Americans wear. Love has drained you of fabulous."
  • "The Bryanboy Luggage Collection is available exclusively at Walmart."
  • "Ecstasy dealer isdatchu?"
  • "All you need is a VW badge around your neck and the look is totally Madchester circa 1992. It's not fashion-fail, it's fashion guru ahead-of-the-curve amaze."
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Outside Berns Hotel, Stockholm

25/08/2010, Current Affairs, Stockholm

Outside Berns Hotel, Stockholm

Yes I know. I'm sorry.

I know I shouldn't say this but things are doing so great in my life right now that I am increasingly finding it difficult to sit down and blog.

Bryanboy Outside Berns Hotel, Stockholm

Hat by Chanel, sweater by J Crew, shirt by Patrik Ervell, jeans from Uniqlo, bag from Pucci, sunglasses from Gucci, shoes from Kenzo.

Let's me post a few entries. Stay tuned.

photo via stockholm streetstyle

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Pre-Show Chat at Cheap Monday with FashionToast and Style Scrapbook

22/08/2010, Cheap Monday, Fashion and Style, Fashion Bloggers, Rumi Neely, Spring Summer 2011, Stockholm

Pre-Show Chat at Cheap Monday with FashionToast and StyleScrapbook

Here’s a funny video of me chatting to my gurl Rumi of Fashiontoast and Andy of StyleScrapbook at Cheap Monday. It’s kind of embarassing that Rumi and I missed the odd show here and there (oops) but we were early birds at most of the shows we attended.

If you ask me, I don’t mind being early at shows. In fact, being early is the way to go. When it comes to the big leagues, Anna Wintour, for the most part, is usually the first one to go in, first one to go out. Maybe someday I’ll have car service when I go to the shows in NY/Milan/Paris? One could only wish…


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Hope Spring Summer 2011 Final Walkthrough Video

21/08/2010, Fashion and Style, Hope, Spring Summer 2011, Stockholm

Hope Spring Summer 2011 Final Walkthrough Video

View from my seat at the Hope spring/summer 2011 fashio show here in Stockholm. Hope is another personal favourite of mine.

I am obsessed with those leather wrap-around wedges. OBSESSED!