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Spring Södermalm Blossoms

14/05/2011, Current Affairs, Jil Sander, Stockholm

What’s not to love about spring? Everything smells fresh, everything turns green, the flowers are starting to come out, the birds are finally chirping. Sure, it can be a bit chilly or irritatingly drizzly at times but the allure of new lives, new beginnings after bone-chilling winters is intoxicating.

Bryanboy in Jil Sander on a playground swing in Sodermalm, Stockholm

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Everything About Me is Fake And I’m Perfect

14/05/2011, Stockholm, Toys

I saw these stuffed animals in a stuffed basket at a store in Gamla Stan yesterday night after my supposed date night with the bf. Although they looked realistic in real life, US$80 is a tad too much to pay for sleeping beauty, don’t you think?

Stuffed kitten sleeping
Stuffed puppy sleeping

11:15 am

Rarer Than A Unicorn

13/05/2011, OMGOMGOMG, Stockholm

Look who I spotted at Humlegården yesterday afternoon. Perhaps she borrowed a book from the nearby Royal Library?

Humlegården, Stockholm
Real life Marge Simpson<br />
at Humlegården, Stockholm

How often do you get a Marge Simpson sighting in real life?

9:08 pm

Alley Boy

27/03/2011, Current Affairs, Stockholm

Marten Trotzigs Grand, at Gamla Stan, is the narrowest street/alley in Stockholm.

Marten Trotzigs Grand, Stockholm Sweden
Bryanboy at Mårten Trotzigs Gränd, Gamla Stan
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Dive Bar

18/03/2011, Current Affairs, Stockholm

My very weak bladder was close to bursting during a long commute outside the center of Stockholm a few nights ago. The BF thought it was best to get out of the subway and try to find a place where I can drain my pipe so to speak. We ended up at this dive bar and my man, being a real man, simply could not resist the appeal of five dollar beers. He had one, I had one and then there’s the flip cam.

YouTube Preview Image
1:38 pm

Lunch at Pontus! Restaurant Stockholm

26/12/2010, Food and Drink, Stockholm

Lunch at Pontus! Restaurant Stockholm

Earlier this week, my friend Elin joined me for a quick celebratory lunch at Pontus! Restaurant here in Stockholm. 2011 is going to be an interesting year for both myself and my blog. I recently inked a deal with a business partner in regards to my website. After more than six years of blogging, I think it’s time to take my site to another level. You know me — I’m all about moving forward. It doesn’t hurt to explore my options in pushing the envelope further. Afterall, I don’t want to be one of those people who are forever stuck in the past. People sometimes complain how my blogging style changed from the way I blogged three, four, five years ago. What they fail to realize is that both me and my audience have grown… AND we’re both continously growing. Tell me, who wants to be the same old, same old?

Elin Kling at Pontus! Restaurant Stockholm

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Merry Cray Cray To All Of You!

24/12/2010, Current Affairs, Stockholm

Merry Cray Cray To All Of You!

My BF and two of his hags have an annual 'morning walk' tradition on Christmas Eve. I've decided to join them to Flottsbro (me and the BF went here two months ago) and it was fun. 

What is more fun though is when I stripped down to my boxers to take these shots to pay tribute to Karlie. Gotta love Karlie Koss!

Bryanboy at Flottsbro naked

Bryanboy at Flottsbro naked

Its -16 degrees celsius out… I don't know how it feels with the windchill but all I know is damn, it's cold outside.

Time to make chicken noodle soup!

10:33 pm

Winter of My Content

23/12/2010, Current Affairs, Stockholm

Winter of My Content

Karlie Kloss in a one-piece bathing suit for American Vogue isdatchu? Just kidding.

The first thing I do when I wake up is check the weather. The colder it gets, the better it is for me because I love it when it’s cold. When the thermometer hit -19 degrees celsius one morning, the first thing I said to the BF is “get the bloody camera, we’re going outside!”

Bryanboy Stockholm Winter

Well, someone has to WERQ the sweater as a dress, jacket as a cape LOOQUE. Die you INTERMIX woman you. Haha ;-) Just kidding.

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5:52 pm

Video Diary – Walking, Hiking, Climbing, Maybe 69ing (NOT!)…

18/10/2010, Current Affairs, H&M, Stockholm, Sweden, Vince

Walking, Hiking, Climbing, Maybe 69ing (NOT!)…

Not satisfied with the day trip I had on Saturday, the bf and I spent the whole Sunday walking around the suburbs. We went south, to the woods. Real woods with real trees, lakes (or river??), hills, etc. I’m the least outdoors-y person out there but our trip made me fall in love with mama nature.

Bryanboy at Stockholm Suburbs

Parka from H&M, shearling jacket from Vince, sweater from Whyred, jeans from Uniqlo, canvas sneakers from Generic Surplus.

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7:56 pm

Autumn Leaves

17/10/2010, Current Affairs, Hope, Stockholm, Sweden

Autumn Leaves

This, my friends, is why Autumn is my favourite time of the year. I love the cool temperatures, the amazing colours and of course, look at the sea of leaves!

Bryanboy in Sweden

Bryanboy in Sweden

Vintage hat from boyfriend, coat from Swedish brand HOPE, gloves from H&M, sweater from Filippa K, boots from Burberry Prorsum.

More photos from our roadtrip coming up!