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SVT1 Sweden

14/11/2009, Marc Jacobs, New York City, Press Coverage, Spring Summer 2010

SVT1 Sweden

The lovely folks at SVT, the biggest television network in Sweden, has a show called “Fashion” hosted by Karin Withers and my reader Erich emailed me the bit where I made little cameo appearance.

Click HERE to watch their their Spring 2010 New York Fashion Week report.

Excuse my hoarsy voice. This was the time when all that traveling took toll in my system.

Bryanboy at Marc by Marc Jacobs

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Camilla Belle in Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 at 2012 Movie Premiere

06/11/2009, Alexander McQueen, Camilla Belle, Celebrity Gossip, Spring Summer 2010

Camilla Belle in Alexander McQueen Spring 2010

It’s no secret that I’m not too keen on celebs which is why I’ve never heard of Camilla Belle before. I mean, I posted a tweet about it just a few seconds ago and people instantly replied that she’s a Jonas brother ex. Whatevs. Oh my nerves HOT FEROCIOUS MAMA… she looks stunning in Alexander McQueen, no? Wow. Just wow.

Camilla Belle in Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 dress at 2012 Movie Premiere

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Alexander McQueen’s Python Armadillo Shoes Spring 2010

28/10/2009, Alexander McQueen, Fashion and Style, Shoes, Spring Summer 2010

Alexander McQueen's Python Armadillo Shoes Spring 2010

The lovely folks over at British Vogue graciously shared the latest arrival in their fashion cupboard: a pair of Alexander McQueen python shoes appropriately named "the Armadillo".

Alexander McQueen Shoes Spring Summer 2010


Alexander McQueen Shoes Spring Summer 2010

Call me crazy but I'd sell my soul just to be able to try them on. Even for one fleeting second.

OK, maybe an hour. Or a day.

photo credit: British Vogue

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Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2010 Video – Final Walkthrough

08/10/2009, Fashion and Style, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Paris, Spring Summer 2010

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2010 Video – Final Walkthrough 

So here’s the view from my seat.

Amazing! Halfway throughout the show, my feet were thumping along the music and I wanted to dance. I’m sure the Japanese guy beside me must have been giving me looks. Who knows? It’s a good thing that it was dark. Hah!

Oh and btw, I’m gonna save money from this point on so when the next season comes, I’ll have a super fabu camera that will take decent videos. Add that to my Christmas wish list. I know most indie bloggers (like myself) put material out there that’s “raw” etc. but there are times when I really want to capture moments clearly and precisely so when I present it to you, you can see it the way I’m seeing it.. know what I mean? I hope so.

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29/09/2009, Current Affairs, Dolce & Gabbana, Fashion and Style, Milan, Models, Natasha Poly, Spring Summer 2010


Back in June, I swore to myself I'll never get photographed beside a model again because I'm not comfortable with the huge disparity between looks… but the inevitable happened. SUPER POWER WONDER TWINS ACTIVATE! Backstage at Dolce & Gabbana, holy moly it's Natasha Poly! 

Natasha Poly and Bryanboy backstage at Dolce & Gabbana spring/summer 2010

Me and my favourite model in the history of all time. The most ferocious walker ever, ever, ever, EVER! I'll never apologize for saying I love her more than I love Gisele, Kate and Naomi COMBINED.

Now, can we please go to WERQ?

That's all.

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Bulgari Accessories Spring/Summer 2010

27/09/2009, Bulgari, Fashion and Style, Handbags, Milan, Spring Summer 2010

Bulgari Accessories Spring/Summer 2010

Woke up very early this morning for the Bulgari accessories presentation at the stunning Bulgari hotel here in Milan.

Bulgari spring summer 2010 accessories

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I is the new Y

24/09/2009, Fashion and Style, Milan, Spring Summer 2010

I is the new Y

Whoopsie daisy! Here in Milano, the letter I is the new Y! ;)

D&G and Roberto Cavalli Spring Summer 2010 fashion show invitations

See you backstage at D&G in a few hours…

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Peter Som Spring Summer 2010

23/09/2009, Anna Wintour, Fashion and Style, New York City, Peter Som, Spring Summer 2010

Peter Som Spring Summer 2010

Peter Som, surprisingly, is one of my favourite collections in New York. I’ve been to a few presentations at Milk Studios during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and I really enjoyed his. It was a beautiful presentation with the models interacting, some even smiling, when you point your camera to them. And the clothes? There’s the element of fun and youth to them and the looks were very, very well-put together. I thought the styling itself was inspirational. Spectacular! These are easy to wear, well-made garments in some of the most amazing fabrics. I wanted to touch them. Also, some of the sweaters were to die for — you know me, I have a MAJOR weakness for anything striped! There’s a quirky feel to the looks, yes, however, one thing thing remain distinct: the finishing was so exquisite it gave the whole collection a sophisticated polish.

Peter Som Spring Summer 2010 presentation

Peter Som Spring Summer 2010 collection

Don’t even get me started with some of the accessories. I, along with several people I met throughout the presentation were swooning with the gorgeous necklaces and bracelets.

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