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Givenchy Leggings Spring Summer 2010

25/03/2010, Fashion and Style, Givenchy, Shopping, Spring Summer 2010

Givenchy Leggings Spring Summer 2010

I fell in love with these optical print Givenchy leggings the moment I saw them on the windows of Bergdorf Goodman last month.

Spring Summer 2010 Givenchy Leggings

It wasn’t available for sale at that time and what they had on the window was a sample.

Spring Summer 2010 Givenchy Leggings

I haven’t been to Luisa Via Roma’s website in ages, and look, it’s now available for sale for US$740, free fedex shipping (to USA/Canada + Europe) included.

Beautiful eh?

I’m gonna have to think about this one. I’m having second doubts; my legs are much, much chunkier now compared to what they were because I gained quite a bit of weight over the past month. There’s a chance the print would make my legs look stumpy.

We’ll see.

photo credit: luisa via roma

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Balmain Jacket Spring Summer 2010

25/03/2010, Balmain, eBay Finds, Fashion and Style, Shopping, Spring Summer 2010

Balmain Jacket Spring Summer 2010

Everyone loves a good ol' case of schadenfreude. I know it's absolutely cruel for me to say this but I always beam with delight whenever I see hot diggity damn Christophe Decarnin for Balmain items on eBay. No matter what you say, it only means one thing: buyer's remorse! Walking out the shop door after experiencing the high one gets after dropping the plastic for seven grand is insane. When that high turns into a comedown, you just know there's a woman out there in this big, bad, pagoda-shouldered world, quivering, no, weeping, over her mastercard statement.

Balmain military-inspired jacket from the spring/summer 2010 collection.

Click HERE for more information.

Oh fashion, what are you doing to people?

photo credit: eBay

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Side Slope Cardigans by Hiroki Wakisaka

24/03/2010, Fashion and Style, Japanese Designers, Menswear, Shopping, Spring Summer 2010

Side Slope Cardigans by Hiroki Wakisaka

It’s summer here in the third world (spring in the northern hemisphere) and these statement-making bright, colourful cardigans by Side Slope are calling my name. I’d wear them with khaki shorts, perhaps a tank or a shirt underneath and a big ol’ granny necklace and voila, the look is soo me. You can even wear something fantastic like a beige Burberry trench on top of it.

Side Slope by Hiroki Wakisaka cardigans

Red v-neck cardigan and blue v-neck cardigan, £365 both from Oki-ni.

The wooden buttons are a nice personal touch, no?

Side Slope is a Milan-based Japanese brand founded by Hiroki Wakisaka in 2005. Wakisaka is passionate about knits, placing emphasis on craftsmanship and technical skill. They even own their workshops.

Alas, these beautiful and unique cotton knit cardigans don’t come easy on the pocket.

Approx. US$550 each is the price to pay for something that special.

photo credit: oki-ni

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Can We Please Move On?

22/03/2010, Fashion and Style, Handbags, Just Saying, Spring Summer 2010

Can We Please Move On?

Like many of you, I like to look at things I can't afford both at stores and at online shops. Things like gorgeous handbags in different skins and leathers.

I also like to think I pay attention to details… small details like this rectangular metal clasp that's been going on for quite some time now. I dunno why but I always cringe whenever I see this clasp on a beautiful, well-crafted handbag.

Chloe, Fendi, Chanel, Lanvin handbag clasps

(From top to bottom: Chloe New Louise shoulder bag, Fendi watersnake Peek-A-Boo bag, Chanel quilted flap bag, Lanvin python Happy bag)

I'm sure that clasp style has been around for ages, nothing new

For a sum of money that is equivalent to a month's (or two) rent to
mortals, you'd think some of these houses would design something that's
unique to their brand but no…

Chanel's been using it on their 2.55 reissue bags since February 2005 in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the original quilted 2.55.

Lanvin's been using it too for several seasons now that it's fast becoming one of their accessory signatures… but Fendi and Chloe? Don't get me wrong — the Chloe Louise bags (I like to call them the baby Hermès Constance) are soo chic it hurts!!!

Emilio Pucci used that clasp, too! I'm a big fan of Pucci; they make ferocious bags….

Emilio Pucci bags

All of them are gorgeous bags alright.

However, for my money's worth (money, what money?), I just wish they
offered something new and something UNIQUE to their own house.

Just my $0.02.

That's all!

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Burberry Spring Summer 2010 – Emma Watson (NOT A PHOTOSHOP DISASTER!)

09/01/2010, Ad Campaigns, Burberry, Celebrity Gossip, Spring Summer 2010

Burberry Spring Summer 2010 – Emma Watson

Unless you live under a rock or a developing nation with no internet access, I’m sure you’ve seen images of the lovely spring/summer 2010 Burberry ad campaign featuring Emma Watson & co.

My favourite image is:

Emma Watson for Burberry ad campaign spring summer 2010

Meanwhile, internet pundits from The Cut and Photoshop Disasters to Buzzfeed and yours truly questioned whatever happened to Emma’s leg on this photo.

Emma Watson for Burberry ad campaign spring summer 2010

And voila, here’s your answer. Watch closely and look at Emma’s leg.

Let me be the first one to say this: Y’all got Punk’d by Burberry!

Don’t y’all love social media?

Well played, Christopher, well played. The powers that be at Horseferry HQ should give your digital team a bonus.

photo credit: burberry

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Upside Down and Left to Right – Versace and Balenciaga Ad Campaigns Spring Summer 2010

05/01/2010, Ad Campaigns, Balenciaga, Fashion and Style, Spring Summer 2010

Upside Down and Left to Right

Have you seen the latest Versace ad campaign by Mario Testino featuring the very handsome Simon Nessman…

Simon Nessman for Spring Summer 2010 Versace ad campaign

… and the stunning Balenciaga ad campaign by Steven Meisel?

Balenciaga Spring Summer 2010 Ad Campaign

I can't wait to see these ads in print.

The fashion world is going through one big massive shake-up alright… but… are the fashion houses (and photographers) trying to make us turn our monthly glossies upside down and left to right?


photo credits: major models (versace) and tfs for balenciaga

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Bubble Wrapped

21/12/2009, Fashion and Style, Louis Vuitton, Spring Summer 2010

Bubble Wrapped

Unwrapped for your viewing pleasure, from the runways of Paris…

Louis Vuitton Fox Fur Tail Spring Summer 2010

The green matches my leopard print trousers from Patricia Field's, no?

Happy holidays!

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Dries van Noten Jacket Spring/Summer 2010

20/12/2009, Dries van Noten, Fashion and Style, Kate Moss, Spring Summer 2010

Dries van Noten Spring/Summer 2010 Jacket

How dazzling is this beauty? Ladies and gays, meet my dream jacket of the season. It’s from the spring/summer 2010 Dries van Noten womenswear collection.I saw this jacket when I visited the PR Consulting office in New York earlier this month. You’d be very surprised how lightweight it is. The craftmanship and details of that piece is truly incredible.

Dries van Noten jacket spring summer 2010

Dries van Noten is available online at FarFetch and MyTheresa.

Click click click for moar!


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Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2010 [pics]

14/12/2009, Balenciaga, Fashion and Style, Spring Summer 2010

Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2010

PR Consulting is one of the most prestigious PR firms in the world. They manage amazing brands like Proenza Schouler, Dries Van Noten, Pierre Hardy, Jil Sander and more. I visited their magical NY office last week (where everything is white, everyone was chic, had tiny waists and wore black lol) to see some of the spring/summer 2010 samples.

Balenciaga is one of my favourite collections this Spring so imagine my excitement when I saw some of the pieces on the rack. I’d literally wear every single one of these items except the skirt and the dresses.

Balenciaga Spring Summer 2010

Click click click!


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For the love of shiny things

02/12/2009, Fashion and Style, Lanvin, Spring Summer 2010

For the love of shiny things

Whenever you see something that you really like, don't you just love imagining yourself in it and say 'wow. i want that. that is so me" in your head?

Here's one of my favourite looks from the spring/summer 2010 Lanvin show in Paris this October.

Lanvin Spring Summer 2010

And here's me in my sequined Veejay Floresca (a Filipino designer;  I bought the fabric myself at the fabric store here and asked him to make this for me) number being photographed by NY Times' Bill Cunningham at the Marc Jacobs show in NYC in September.

Bryanboy, Bill Cunningham and Tavi at Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2010

Yes, that's the adorable Tavi!

If you excuse me I'm gonna weep to baby Jesus now. I'd kill to wear that Lanvin…

photo credit: catwalking