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Coat Game On Fleek

11/01/2015, Current Affairs, Fur, Sonia Rykiel

Hey thirsty BAE. I hope my coat game is strong. Is your coat game on fleek? It’s amusing what one picks up on teh interwebz these days. BAE. THIRSTY. STRONG. ON FLEEK. I can’t even.

Bryanboy wearing a white Sonia Rykiel fur coat
Bryanboy in his New York City apartment rooftop wearing a Sonia Rykiel coat on fleek

Coat by Sonia Rykiel

Photos via Luke Meagher

12:05 pm

For Christ’s Sake

01/04/2013, Current Affairs, Dolce & Gabbana, Singapore, Sonia Rykiel, Theory

Greetings from Singapore! Sincerest apologies for the lack of recent updates. I’m currently in Asia to film America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 and due to contractual commitments, I am unable to disclose our location hence my recent silence. Let me tell you one thing — it’s gonna be a very exciting season on ANTM!

My good ol’ Macbook Pro crashed yesterday. My all-around man Queenie and I flew to Singapore to buy a new notebook. I’m sure you are aware how horrifying it feels to be computer-free in this day and age of social media. It’s a good thing I backed everything up!

We managed to score a room with a balcony at a boutique hotel in Chinatown. As y’all know, I **LOVE** Singapore. It’s a shame we have to cut our trip short to go back to taping. I’ll keep you posted shortly on our adventures. Haji Lane! Maxwell Road Hawker Centre! Jumbo Seafood! I don’t even know where to begin. All I can say for now is that it’s GREAT to be back in Asia once again. I love you all!

Bryanboy wearing a Jesus sweater in Singapore
Bryanboy sitting on the balcony of Scarlet Hotel, Singapore
Bryanboy on the rooftop of Scarlet Hotel, Singapore
Bryanboy wearing black Sonia Rykiel shorts while visiting Singapore

Sunglasses by Dolce & Gabbana, sleeveless shirt by Theory, sweater by Srutdha Singapore, shorts by Sonia Rykiel, watch by Cartier, bracelet by Vita Fede

2:32 pm

Argyle Situation

02/01/2013, Current Affairs, Marni, Pringle, Sonia Rykiel

With the exception of that freak snow dump incident in November, I’m having a pretty mild winter. I found this cute argyle sweater by Pringle of Scotland (in collaboration with Central Saint Martin students) the other day. Thought it matched the burger stand a couple of blocks from my apartment.

Bryanboy wearing an argyle Pringle of Scotland sweater
Bryanboy wearing a Pringle of Scotland argyle sweater
Pringle of Scotland Archive Collection sweater

Hat by Stetson, sweater by Pringle of Scotland, brooch by Sonia Rykiel, shoes by Marni

11:06 am

Mugler Maniac

07/10/2012, Alexander McQueen, Fashion and Style, Mugler, Paris, Sonia Rykiel

My friend Nicola sent me this insect-inspired, straw sweater from Mugler. I wanted to wear it to the fashion show but I had problems finding an appropriate bottom to wear it with, plus, it also rained that day and I was afraid to get it wet. Anyhoo, I thought it would be nice to take it out for a spin around the nitty, gritty 10eme at my first, post-fashion week (or should I say, post-fashion month) Parisian stroll.

Bryanboy wearing a Mugler sweater
Bryanboy in Paris wearing Alexander McQueen visors and Mugler sweater
Bryanboy in Paris 10 arrondisement in McQueen, Mugler and Sonia Rykiel

Visors by Alexander McQueen, sweater by Mugler, shorts by Sonia Rykiel, shoes by Sonia Rykyiel

2:54 am

Blending In

28/09/2012, Bruno Magli, Current Affairs, Paris, Sonia Rykiel

Arrivederci Milano et Bonjour Paris! It’s so nice to be back in Paris once again for the final stretch of fashion month. I wasn’t in my best form in Milan — I was sick for the entire week. I can’t believe I still went to the shows in spite of me having a flu. I was a germ carrier. My oh my, I’ll never forget sitting there, sweating my butt off from all the hot flashes I had because of all the pharmaceuticals I took. I’m starting to feel much better now (oh look, I’m holding a ciggie!) but it doesn’t help that Paris is cold and rainy. Ah well. Summer is officially over.

Bryanboy wearing a Sonia Rykiel coat in Paris

Sunglasses by Michael Kors, coat by Sonia Rykiel, shoes by Bruno Magli

12:34 am

Yellow Fever

09/01/2012, Acne, Current Affairs, Florence, Sonia Rykiel

I love color. I really do. I’ve made it no secret that the older I get, the more I find it difficult to wear black. Speaking of colors, my wardrobe is going through a severe shortage of the color yellow so this Sonia Rykiel oversized fox fur scarf is a great addition to my closet. I love how it’s so big and huge. I love the feeling of my shoulders and upper back are being enveloped by this fuzzy, furry source of warmth.

Bryanboy wearing a yellow fox fur and plaid cashmere scarf by Sonia Rykiel in Florence

Sunglasses by Miu Miu, fox fur scarf from Sonia Rykiel, sweater, jeans and shoes from Acne

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That’s A Whole Lotta Plaid

21/12/2011, Current Affairs, New York City, Sonia Rykiel

What is it with the fashion’s love affair with all things plaid? It was one of the biggest trends during fall/winter 2008 and here we are, a third of a century later, it seems everyone in America is wearing something checkered. All the downtown tramps are wearing some sort of a flannel/plaid shirt with a white tank or tee underneath and a leather jacket on top. It’s not just a trend; it’s an epidemic. And this has been going on for years. I jokingly said on Twitter a few days ago, if god (that’s me) sent laser beams from the sky to exterminate anyone wearing plaid, half of New York City would be a goner by now.

Bryanboy wearing a plaid suit in New York
Bryanboy in a plaid suit
Sonia Rykiel orange fox fur scarf

Instead of wearing a flannel shirt (which, btw, is not gonna happen even if you point a gun to my head), I took my checked suit (which I bought in Tokyo) out for a spin over the weekend. I think this is the first time, at least on this blog, that I wore a full suit. I like it. No. I LOVE IT. This is a breakthrough for me. It’s like wearing a second skin. To be honest, I think I’m gonna start wearing suits more often. They have to be cute suits though not the snoozefest suits that make me look like a bloody waiter — hello, I’m Asian! 2010 was all about heels, 2011 was all about mixing and matching and playing so I’m gonna try to make 2012 all about suits. I’m kind of hating this new love affair because it means I’m gonna have to put a cease and desist on everything in my closet and start accumulating. It’s not a cheap vice to have.

Oversized fox fur scarf from Sonia Rykiel

2:55 am

On The Brink Of Winter

18/12/2011, Current Affairs, Fur, New York City, Sonia Rykiel

Oh Mr. Weather Man will you please explain why the powers that be is taking its time to bring us to winter wonderland? This year’s descent from autumn to winter is taking far too long. Except for that lone freakshow (or should I saw freak-snow) of an incident in October, I’m surprised it hasn’t snowed in New York… and Christmas is one week away! I need my dose of frosty flakes ASAP.

Bryanboy in Sonia Rykiel fall/winter 2011 in New York

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Sonia Rykiel Spring Summer 2012 Finale

03/10/2011, Fashion and Style, Sonia Rykiel, Spring Summer 2012

Here’s the view from my seat at the Sonia Rykiel spring/summer 2012 fashion show in Paris.

YouTube Preview Image