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Marc Jacobs Resort 2010 Singapore [video]

16/12/2009, Fashion and Style, Marc Jacobs, Singapore

Marc Jacobs Resort 2010 Singapore

I took this video of the Marc Jacobs Resort 2010 fashion show in Singapore over the weekend.

There were lots of prints, stripes, sequins and yes, the gold lamé dress Kate Moss wore to the Met Ball… but my favourite piece from the collection is this super embellished navy blue cardigan with floral appliques. It was love at first sight.

Marc Jacobs cardigan Resort 2010

If you live in Singapore, be sure to visit the new Marc Jacobs store at ION shopping center on Orchard Road. I went there for a quick visit and they already have select pieces from the Resort collection.

photo credit: marc jacobs

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It’s a Wrap!

14/12/2009, Current Affairs, Singapore

It's a Wrap!

Home sweet home. Just got back a few hours ago here in Manila. I'm done with the traveling this year. 2009 brought me to so many countries: Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, United States of America, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Russia and Qatar (well, it was a stopover lol). I was supposed to go to Hong Kong this week but I'm gonna resched that trip. I find it interesting because not to long ago, I'd be lucky to go overseas like twice or thrice a year. Now I only have several empty pages left on the new passport that I just got in October of last year, my Canon G9 got smashed and lastly, my Globetrotter suitcase gave up on me. Yikes.

Changi Airport Singapore
View from the smoking area at Singapore's Changi Airport

I know I sound like I'm complaining but really, I'm not. All I'm saying is that I'm exhausted and drained. It's not fun having bloodshot eyes constantly. The first thing people say when they see me is "are you ok? you look tired". Not good. I know lots of people have crazier travel schedules compared to mine… I wonder how those jetsetting queens:

a) remain on top of their game
b) keep being productive
c) still manage to look immaculate all the time

I need time to recover and lift my spirits up.

I hope I get to travel to even more places next year. I love traveling so much and I also love meeting people. The world is so big and there's always somewhere new to discover.

But I need to start taking myself, both my health and my financial health, more. 

With that being said, the traveling might be over (for now) but my super backblogged work only just begun.

Higher and higher and higher, higher and higher and higher!

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Channel News Asia (Singapore) Primetime Morning – The Insider

04/11/2008, Current Affairs, Press Coverage, Singapore

Channel News Asia (Singapore) Primetime Morning – The Insider

It’s 9:30AM and I just finished watching Channel News Asia interview (live, if I may add) the lovely and adorable Sharon T. who is Style: Magazine Singapore’s Fashion Editor. She was there to talk about Fashion Blogs.

Guess who got a great plug in Singaporean televeeeeeshonnnn beamed across Asia? Unfortunately, I don’t have a tv in my room so I watched the whole thing via streaming video online. Click click click for screenshots!


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Viktor Jeans in Singapore

17/10/2008, Singapore

Viktor Jeans in Singapore

Calling my Singaporean readers… my friend Ino Caluza, who runs his own custom-made denim line, Viktor Jeans, is currently in Singapore.

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Video Outtakes: Style Magazine Singapore

17/10/2008, Current Affairs, Singapore, Videos

Video Outtakes: Style Magazine Singapore

Well, the secret is out of the bag. As some of you already know, I did a quick shoot for Singapore’s Style Magazine and my solo editorial will come out in a few weeks. It’s gonna be awesome I’m telling you. I did several looks… girls, boys (there’s this GREAT scene involving a banana but I don’t think it’s gonna get published), mixed and everything in between! I’m so excited…and nervous at the same time! I hope I’m capable of giving good pictures. Hah! Here’s a quick video of me trying to WERK one of the looks for the camera. The key word is TRYING. LOL.

Trust me, getting the right shot for that look was harder than I thought. My legs are so short, stumpy and thick. Ugh! Sometimes I wish I was 6’2 but oh well. Nothing I can do about that…

More details to follow ;)

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BlackJack, PS Cafe Palais Renaissance Hotel Singapore

14/10/2008, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style, Food and Drink, Singapore

BlackJack, PS Cafe Palais Renaissance Singapore

Oh what a busy, busy day.

Bryanboy at Blackjack boutique, Forum Shopping Arcade, Orchard Road Singapore.

Click click click!


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Play – Lesbian Club Singapore

12/10/2008, Singapore, Videos


I went out on Thursday night with some of Singapore’s lovely fashion bloggers. I wanted to have a quick dance before I go to sleep so we ended up at this club called “Play”. Most of the gay clubs were closed but that’s Singapore for you.

Anyway, the bouncer let us in for free. Natch! I was wondering where all the guys were… turns out, it was a lesbian night! I only realized this after 10 minutes of dancing and I saw chicks snogging on the stage!

It’s all fun and good. It’s quite interesting (and refreshing) though to go to a lesbian club especially in this conservative city/state. I mean, correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t even think there’s a lesbian night/club in Manila and we have what, 14 or 15 million people in the city? That’s the third world for you.

Good on ya Singapore!

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Theseus Chan

11/10/2008, Current Affairs, Singapore

Theseus Chan

It was great bumping into (and meeting, albeit very briefly) Theseus Chan. He's a very well-respected individual in Singapore.

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At Hermès Singapore

11/10/2008, Current Affairs, Singapore

At Hermès Singapore

Here's what happened at the Hermès boutique at Orchard Road.

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Sorry Singapore!

11/10/2008, Singapore

Sorry Singapore!

I thought I'd extend my apologies to all the lovely Singaporeans who contacted me the past few days. I know many, many, many of you wanted to meet me, especially my long-time readers who have been following my blog back when I started. We organized this trip at the very last minute; I wanted to keep things professional and just focus on what I came here for… which you'll find out very soon. I didn't even want to blog about the trip but I'm the type of person who couldn't keep his mouth shut. Y'all know what I'm like.