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Dr Martens Primary Pascal Boots (8 Eye)

26/01/2009, Fashion and Style, Shopping

Dr Martens Primary Pascal Boots (8 Eye)

Wow. Just wow! Check out these Dr Martens classic 8-eye boots in eye-catching colours. Love, love, love!

photo credit: oki-ni

1:58 pm

Ray-Ban Oversized Sunglasses

24/01/2009, Shopping

Ray-Ban Oversized Sunglasses

Interesting. I had no idea Ray-Ban makes oversized, bug-eye sunglasses. Who knew?

7:37 pm

American Apparel Beijing

09/01/2009, Beijing, Shopping

How funny. We all buy things in the USA that are made in China and here I am in Beijing, shopping at American Apparel. I bought a few neon-coloured briefs.



6:02 am

Maison Martin Margiela White Suit Jacket SALE

31/12/2008, Shopping

Maison Martin Margiela White Suit Jacket SALE

It's 5:49AM. I should be sleeping right now but here I am trolling the internet because of all the sales. I can't sleep at all. It's driving me insane! 

This white Maison Martin Margiela suit jacket is somehow calling my name. I don't know why.

photo credit: eluxury

10:14 pm

Net-a-Porter Year-End Sale: Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Jimmy Choo, Chloe and more…

30/12/2008, Shopping

Net-a-Porter Sale

The folks at online luxury superstore Net-a-Porter are having a huge sale. Enjoy bigger discounts on Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Jimmy Choo, Chloe and more.

Check it out. Click the graphic above to visit the sale.

10:12 pm

Spiked Bracelets at Firma Greenbelt 3

29/12/2008, Fashion and Style, Shopping

Spiked Bracelets at Firma

I went to Firma over the weekend and bought these spiked bracelets in different metallic colours.

10:36 pm

Shop Balmain Spring 2009 Dress Dresses Online

25/12/2008, Balmain, Fashion and Style, Shopping

Balmain’s Five-Figure Dresses

Recession? What recession? Perhaps you should ask Christophe Decarnin that question the next time you see him. The House of Balmain, as you know, is currently going through a resurgence, thanks to the blessing of the ultra chic Vogue Paris team.

Anyway, some of Christophe’s latest confections are now available for purchase online.

Strapless mini-dress (€15,574), tulle ankh gown (€15,574) and one-sleeved gathered and torn mini-dress (€15,314) all by Balmain.

I’d like to point out that never in the history of the internet I have seen CURRENT-SEASON dresses being sold at this price point on teh interwebs. I’ve seen other high-ticket items being sold online such as jewelry, watches, cars, etc but current season ready-to-wear?

Click click click!


12:38 pm

Rafe Totengco & Team Manila for Tapulanga Foundation

22/12/2008, Shopping

Rafe Totengco & Team Manila for Tapulanga Foundation

Christmas may be two days away but the spirit of giving should be celebrated all year round! My compatriot, renowned New York-based accessories designer Rafe Totengco, recently sent me a note about his collaboration with Team Manila. He designed two t-shirts where the proceeds will benefit the Tapulanga Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization that provides educational scholarships, health care and various assistance to communities in Negros Occidental here in the Philippines. Each tee is $35 and the foundation takes paypal payments online.

photo credit: marie claire magazine

9:19 pm

Globe-Trotter, Tumi & Filson Luggage & Suitcases

21/12/2008, Fashion and Style, Shopping, Travel

Globe-Trotter, Tumi & Filson Luggage

Gone are the days when one could easily charm their way out of paying excess baggage fees at the airport. I remember vividly how back in the day, all I had to do was plead, smile and wink to airline staff just to get away hauling my crap to the plane without paying a single cent. Fast forward to the present and all the airlines now are a bunch of penny-pinching, nickel-and-diming retards who would balk at you to pony up the greenbacks even if you’re a few kilos overweight. I was shocked when I got a copy of my report from my accountant earlier this week. I know I did a bit of traveling this year compared to previous years (which still isn’t a lot compared to other people), but holy Manolo Batman, I cannot believe how much I ended up paying to fly my garbage around!

You know you’re back home in the third world when everything that comes out on the luggage carousel are in boxes!

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Oki-ni’s Fall/Winter 2008 Sale 40% Off and FREE Shipping Promo Code

19/12/2008, Fashion and Style, Shopping

Oki-ni Fall/Winter 2008 Sale

Menswear superstore Oki-ni is having a crazy sale! Enjoy FREE worldwide shipping via DHL and 40% off on brands like Acne, Alexander McQueen, Alife x Penfield, DIE, Drakes, Electronic Poet, Evisu, Folk, Fred Perry, Jil Sander, Lacoste, Linda Farrow, Lost Souls, Maison Martin Margiela, Nom De Guerre, Puma, Raf Simons, Rick Owens, Satyenkumar, Shofolk, Silas, YMC and more.

photo credit: oki-ni