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American Apparel London Rummage Sale Riot [video]

02/04/2010, American Apparel, Fashion and Style, Shopping Guide

American Apparel Rummage Sale Riot

As you know, American Apparel (who I love) in London has been shut down by the police. Today is their big rummage sale and tons of people showed up.

How scary is that?

Fascinating how some people turn into rabid animals just to get a good deal.

American Apparel London Rummage Sale

I hope there’s no self-entitled pregnant lady who tried to cut the line (like they did at the Uniqlo and Hermès sample sale in NYC) in that sea of hipster scum.

Oh wait. Am I hipster scum?

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Shopbop’s MASSIVE Markdowns… up to 70% Off!

08/07/2009, Shopping Guide

Shopbop's MASSIVE Markdowns… up to 70% Off!

I'm gonna take a break from cropping photos and writing blog entry drafts to see if there's anything I like from Shopbop's sale.

Shopbop sale, free shipping, no promo code needed

Click HERE to shop. As always, free ground shipping to USA…

Gosh. How fast time flies eh? Everyone's having their end-of-season sale and I still haven't recovered from menswear fever. Oh, and there's couture to worry about, too.

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Lanvin Resort & Spring 2009 Tees at Luisa Via Roma

24/12/2008, Fashion and Style, Lanvin, Shopping Guide

Lanvin Resort & Spring 2009 Tees at Luisa Via Roma

ELECTRIFYING! It's 2AM and I'm dying here my dear readers. DYING! In the words of Rachel Zoe, I DIE. SHUT IT DOWN! The Resort and Spring/Summer 2009 collections are now available for pre-order at the Luisa Via Roma. The first thing I checked? LANVIN!

These are absolutely stunning. S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!

photo credits: luisa via roma

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Hello Singapore!

07/10/2008, Shopping Guide

Hello Singapore!

This is what greeted me at the arrivals area of Singapore's Changi Airport earlier. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

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Thank You!

15/03/2008, Shopping Guide

Thank you!

The weekend is finally here! Now we can all relax. I thought I’d do a little clickety click click click post before I hit the sack. If you have spare time, check out the following links below and buy something from my sponsors!


1) Mod Cloth (who, btw, is offering a 10% discount if you enter the promo code "blog" upon check-out).

2) Peek-a-Boo Strapz (this one is for the lovely ladies out there who constantly worry about their bra straps).

3) Yes Style (check them out for all these chica South Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Hong Kong designers).

A big big big thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks guys for sponsoring my little humble site and for keeping my faggotry flame alive! For advertising opportunities, click here to send me a note. I love you all!

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USB Fridge

15/12/2007, Shopping Guide

USB Fridge

I swear to god, from to 2Girls1Cup, I honestly thought I’ve seen it all online. Welcome to teh internets y’all! There’s this online forum I go to from time to time and they had a little secret santa thing going on and one of the people got all sorts of gifts from his secret santa. One of them is a bloody USB Fridge. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT.

USB Fridge

WHO IN GOD’S FUCKING NAME INVENTED SUCH THING? Are people so fucking lazy these days they can’t get off their fucking fat arses to go to the watercooler? Gawwwwd.

PS. Ignore me. It’s that time of the year when everyone gets really cool gifts except for me. Now y’all know why I try to "gift" myself throughout the entire year. NO ONE GIVES ME COOL PRESENTS. EVER! It sucks giving nice gifts to people and in return, what do I get? A box wrapped in what looks like super expensive, super fancy packaging only to reveal a $5 votive candle holder inside. I know I sound like a fucking ungrateful bitch (haha) but come fucking on! That’s why I don’t really give presents to people anymore. Everyone’s got everything already. I hate xmas!

9 more days till Christmas eve…

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Loving Lanvin!!!

08/12/2007, Shopping Guide

Loving Lanvin!!!

Oh my god have you seen these chic little quirky tops from Lanvin? Alber Elbaz sent out one of his best collections so far (Spring 2008) with all those gorgeous dresses but who knew Lanvin also made these tanks and tees? I LOVE!!!

Lanvin Spring Summer 2008 Tank Top, T-shirts

From €205 to €335 at Luisa Via Roma.

I love the first five tops with the print and fabric on it. Sooo chica, no?


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Martin Margiela L’Incognito Sunglasses

11/11/2007, Shopping Guide

Martin Margiela L’Incognito Sunglasses

Eye want! Eye love! Maison Martin Margiela launches L’INCOGNITO its first ever pair of sunglasses. It’s going to be available in February 2008 at all Margiela stores. These babies are gorgeous and quite possibly the most chica sunnies I’ve seen in the longest time.

Martin Margiela Sunglasses - L'Incognito, Black

Martin Margiela Sunglasses - L'Incognito, Transparent

Photo credits: V Magazine and Maison Martin Margiela

They come in black, brown, mirrored and transparent. We don’t have Margiela in the flips so I think  I’ll call the new Margiela boutique in Beverly Hills that opened a few months ago.

Click HERE to purchase them online.

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20ltd Limited Editions

07/11/2007, Shopping Guide

20ltd Limited Editions

Are you a limited edition fanatic? 20Ltd, an online shop based in London offers highly-edited limited edition pieces produced by select luxury brands.  They have all sorts of lovely goods, such as these Louboutin peeptoes at £550 per pair (limited to 35 pieces), Le Boite ostrich-stamped eel skin clutch (£550) by Asleef Vaza, black silk satin Tiziana pumps by Patrick Cox (£325) and a black alligator and silver Bill Amberg wallet (£850), limited to 20 pieces.

20 Ltd., Shoes by Christian Louboutin and Patrick Cox, clutch by Asleef Vaza, wallet by Bill Amberg

20Ltd ships via DHL to most countries in the world. Boo hoo for not having Philippines in there (unlike at Net-a-Porter). Anyway, check them out at


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28/08/2007, Shopping Guide

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