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The Inner Circle

06/01/2012, Current Affairs, Florence, Rumi Neely

After a billion hours of flight time, it’s so nice to be reunited with Rumi once again. We’re both here in Florence for the biannual Luisa via Roma Firenze4Ever event. As an added bonus, my beloved man is here with me; what else could be better than a European jaunt with your partner and one of your best friends? After our delicious breakfast at seven in the morning (yes, we are morning people), I must say I’m in heaven!

Rumi Neely and Bryanboy in Florence, Italy
Bryanboy and Rumi in Firenze, Italy
Firenze, Italia Duomo

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Tokyo Photo Diary

16/12/2011, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, Rumi Neely, Tokyo

This month’s Tokyo jaunt has got to be the longest time I’ve ever spent in the city that I found myself saying ‘I’m so Tokyo-ed out’ towards the end of the trip. And how can I not be Tokyo-ed out? I maximized my time with meetings, shopping (more like window-shopping because of the sick exchange rates) and of course, culinary indulgences. Tokyo is a city like no other. The energy and the pace here is simply not the same as, say, New York. I love it nonetheless and I look forward to coming back sooner than both you and I think.

Bryanboy in his big bird outfit outside the Prada Tokyo show venue

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Season’s Greetings From Tokyo

11/12/2011, Current Affairs, Rumi Neely, Tokyo

We love our readers. We really do. Given the fact that Rumi and I won’t celebrate Christmas together (she’s heading somewhere tropical, I’m heading somewhere cold), we thought it would be nice to treat you guys with a little holiday cheer from Tokyo. I bought the hat and the beard from superstore Loft and my sweater, “SHAME FACED” is from the “Church of Kawaii” also known as the iconic Shibuya 109.

Bryanboy and Rumi Neely in front of a Christmas Tree at the Cerulean Tower hotel, Tokyo Japan
Bryanboy in Santa Claus costume
Bryanboy and Rumi Neely's 2011 Christmas card
Bryanboy and Rumi Neely Holiday Greeting Card

We both wish you a festive, peaceful, loving and joyous holiday season.

Lots of love,
Bryan and Rumi

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Tokyo Track

04/11/2011, Current Affairs, Fashion Bloggers, Rumi Neely, Tokyo

I’m back in Tokyo! It’s been two years since I last went here and I’m very happy to be back, with my gurl Rumi, this time around. I love being here. I love the energy, the hustle and bustle and of course, the mysteriousness of the city.

Bryanboy standing at Shibuya crossing.

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Who Spends $200 On Shorts? Bobba and Kale

26/04/2011, Current Affairs, Los Angeles, Rumi Neely

Meet Bobba and Kale.

YouTube Preview Image
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Fish and Chips at The Four Seasons Hotel New York

29/11/2010, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, Hotels, New York City, Rumi Neely

Fish and Chips at The Four Seasons Hotel New York

Before afternoon tea at Bergdorf Goodman, Rumi and I had lunch at the Four Seasons. I had quite possibly the best ‘fish and chips’ I’ve ever had. The hotel is beautiful, yes. We were mostly surrounded by ‘corporate’ types but on the upside, we were the youngest people in the room.

Four Seasons Hotel New York

Four Seasons Hotel New York

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Late Afternoon Tea at Bergdorf Goodman

29/11/2010, Bergdorf Goodman, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, New York City, Rumi Neely

Late Afternoon Tea at Bergdorf Goodman

Before switching hotels from the Four Seasons to Soho Grand, I took my gurl Rumi to my beloved institution uptown, Bergdorf Goodman, for afternoon tea. I told her about the beautiful and chic ‘cocoon-like’ chairs but alas, they were all taken.

Bryanboy Bergdorf Goodman Afternoon Tea

Rumi Neely Bergdorf Goodman Afternoon Tea

Sincerest apologies for the quality but I forgot to bring my camera and used my mobile phone instead.

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Ugg Boots or Crocs?

21/11/2010, Current Affairs, Rumi Neely

Ugg Boots or Crocs?

What’s more comfortable? Ugg boots or crocs?

That’s the $64 million dollar question.

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How Magic is Made

21/11/2010, Current Affairs, Rumi Neely

How Magic is Made

Ever wonder what goes on behind certain blog posts? Watch this quick video of how magic is made.

While packing her bags, I interrupted Rumi and made her try my polar bear hat which I bought from a street vendor for US$25. I was staring at her for a long time and the color of her sweater matched my hat.   It's simple, spontaneous but precious moments like this that make us stop whatever it is that we are doing and reach for the camera really quick for a photo op.

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Fantasy Fur

20/11/2010, Current Affairs, Fashion Bloggers, H&M, Lanvin, Rumi Neely

Fantasy Fur

Rumi and I wore matching fantasy fur jackets from the Lanvin x H&M collaboration last night. We had dinner at the Waverly Inn.

Lanvin x H&M Faux Fur Jacket

What pieces from the Lanvin x H&M collection are you coveting?