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BROdarte versus Acne

18/07/2010, Acne, Rodarte, Shopping

BROdarte versus Acne

It’s Sunday 4:55AM and I’m window-shopping around teh interwebs. I saw this interesting knit sweater by Swedish brand Acne. At US$234, I thought the price point ain’t that bad. 

Acne Sweater

Compare it to this Rodarte piece from last season. Or was it last, last season? Fashion moves so fast these days I have no sense of time whatsoever.

Rodarte Sweater

In spite of the massive online coverage received by BROdarte a few months back, why am I surprised Opening Ceremony is still selling that piece? Oh yes, the $2,800 price tag. DUH! Ooops, my bad.

Meanwhile, I’ve been told that Rodarte pieces, especially the knits, are hand-made. So…

Point to ponder.

photo credits: farfetch, opening ceremony

9:37 am

Mohair Mania + Brodarte on the cheap!

18/01/2010, Fashion and Style, Menswear, Rodarte, Shopping

Mohair Mania + Brodarte on the cheap!

I’m sure you’ve heard of Rodarte’s new menswear line (dubbed “BROdarte”) that’s currently being sold at Opening Ceremony. I’m a big fan of Kate and Laura Mulleavy’s brilliant work but alas, the price points are, to put it quite simply, way too out of my reach. Unless I win the lottery, Rodarte’s beautiful, hand-crafted sweaters at three thousand dollars apiece shall remain a fantasy to me.

Brodarte, Rodarte for men, Mohair Sweaters, Sex Pistols

Now here’s something a little bit more real. If you want to give that knitted mohair sweater look a try, as previously sported by members of the Sex Pistols, today is your lucky day. I was browsing eBay and found these affordable mohair knits in different colour combinations. Each of these sweaters are forty five dollars a pop.

Mohair Sweaters

Mohair Sweaters

  • [here] Yellow, black and white
  • [here] Black and camel
  • [here] Red, white and black
  • [here] Green, red and white

As for me, THIS is what I just bought. Not bad for $45 + shipping eh?

Can’t wait to get it in the mail.

You’re very, very welcome.

photo credits: google images, opening ceremony, ebay

12:58 pm

I need those Nina Ricci and Rodarte Fall 2009 shoes NOW. I am begging you.

09/08/2009, Fashion and Style, Nina Ricci, Rodarte, Shoes

Nina Ricci and Rodarte Fall 2009 Shoes

The glorious folks over at New York magazine sent “real” women to test-drive some of the finest fall/winter 2009 footwear down the streets of Manhattan. Watch this video.

I’m begging you — I need, need, need, desperately need, those Nina Ricci and Rodarte shoes NOW! Is there any stylist out there who can hook me up with those? Please? Please, pretty please, with sugar sprinkles on top? I’m a size 40 — model size — just for your information.

Thank you.