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Bryanboy @ Fashion Week Daily: Hong Kong Edition

29/08/2008, Press Coverage

Fashion Week Daily: Hong Kong Edition

Third world represent! IMG's Fashion Week Daily (aka The Daily) goes luxe for Mastercard Luxury Week here in Hong Kong. As you know, FWD is one of my favourite online daily reads. The print version is THE ultimate publication during New York fashion week and is read by some of the world's biggest players in fashion — designers, editors, stylists, models and yes, even socialites (I love you Tinsley!).

fashion week daily luxe edition hong kong

Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you SO much for the lovely, lovely mention. It's soo odd seeing myself on the same spread as Jennifer Lopez, Mischa Barton (ok, ok, I know.. but still… it's Fashion Week Daily, y'all!!!) and all these glitzy and glamorous Chinese celebrities too fabulous to name!!! I swear to god…I love The Daily!!

PS. Big big kudos to IMG, the world's leading fashion, sport and entertainment company, for supporting bloggers!  It was nice to see my Aussie IMG acquaintances here in Hong Kong. Simon, Graham, Jodi… you guys rock!

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Viva! Moda Magazine – Poland

26/08/2008, Press Coverage

Viva! Moda Magazine – Poland

My new online friend Gosia emailed me this lovely scan of Viva! Moda magazine with a nice little mention about me. It's soo weird to be on the same page as top-notch photographer Steven Klein and Manish Arora, a great Indian fashion designer.

Viva! Moda Magazine Poland

Wow wow wow! Thanks Gosia and thank you Viva! Moda.

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Marc Jacobs by Ariel Levy – New Yorker Style Issue

26/08/2008, Press Coverage

Marc Jacobs by Ariel Levy – New Yorker Style Issue

The New Yorker's Style Issue (September 1, 2008) is out on newstands today. The oh-so-thoughtful and lovely Nicole alerted me just a few moments ago that I was referenced on Ariel Levy's profile on Marc Jacobs.

The New Yorker. The New Friggin Yorker! Thank YOU so much Nicole for the scan. I can't wait to read the full article.

New Yorker 2008 Style Issue: Marc Jacobs

This is probably the first (and last) time my third world bum will get referenced/mentioned there so oh em gee indeed.

It really is a shame that I'm not in New York. Perhaps not now but soon. Soon, my dear readers, soon. I don't want to rush things — I have a few tricks up my sleeve over the next few days weeks. I guess you just have to wait and find out. Who knows, perhaps one day I'll simply surprise you with a big Manhattan bang?

Or maybe someday in the future I'll manage to sneak in to a Marc Jacobs or Louis Vuitton show and while I'm sitting on the bleachers in my Marc outfit holding my Marc bag, watching all the models pass by, I'd be thinking to myself "wow. just wow."

Fingers crossed…

I really should go to bed. Clearly I'm hallucinating. It's 2:30AM. I have a long day later — photoshoot, etc. I need to be up in 4 hours. Help me god.

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Elle Indonesia September 2008

23/08/2008, Press Coverage

Elle Indonesia September 2008

Charlize Theron is on the cover of Elle Indonesia for September 2008.

Charlize Theron on the cover of Elle Indonesia, September 2008

Mr Freddy from lovely Indonesia also sent me a photo of the cute mention.

Elle Indonesia

Yay! Thank you thank you thank you! You guys are the best!

Now how can I get a physical copy of the magazine for my records. Hmmm…

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Bryanboy @ Numéro Tokyo

20/08/2008, Press Coverage

Bryanboy @ Numéro Tokyo

I love Numéro Tokyo! Can y'all imagine how crazy it would be if I knew how to speak/write Japanese? I'll be big in Japan like…. err…. like…. ok fine whatever… Tinsley Mortimer! LOL.

Thanks Martin for the lovely mention.

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Runway Reporter New Zealand, Jaeha, MR Hong Kong, Elle Indonesia

17/08/2008, Fashion and Style, Press Coverage

Runway Reporter NZ, Jaeha, MR Hong Kong, Elle Indonesia

Thought I'd do a quick shameless self-promotion post before I get down to business.

Runway Reporter, the online home of New Zealand's Fashion Quarterly magazine, recently named their top ten favourite fashion blogs. Who's on the list? The Sartorialist, Facehunter, Cobrasnake, Girl with a Satchel, Jezebel… and me. Eek! I have to admit it does feel kinda awkward to be on a list with major internet heavyweights out there.

Runway Reporter New Zealand

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm so honored! You know, I've never been to New Zealand. I hope to visit there someday. I know a few Kiwis and they're all super nice. I even met the Korean-born Jaeha (one of NZ's most promising young designers — check him out) in Sydney a few months ago. I love him. I think he's fabulous!

Jaeha-Alex Kim

Moving on… also a quick thanks to MR magazine in Hong Kong who published a cute little mention on me this month.

MR Magazine Hong Kong

For those of you my Indonesian readers, don't forget a copy of Elle Indonesia next month (September 2008) for a quick appearance. ;)

Oh dear. Geography is truly no boundary to my faggotry. LOL. Thanks everyone! Thank you thank you thank YOU!

More to follow!

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Hong Kong: Men’s Uno Magazine, Jet Magazine, East Week Magazine

13/08/2008, Press Coverage

Hong Kong Magazine Blitz

A very special thank you to Dawn and Roman for sending me these scans. Following the footsteps of Milk and Ming Pao Weekly comes Men's Uno Magazine (Hong Kong) who seems to have a crush on me. From their August 2008 issue:

Men's Uno Magazine Hong Kong


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Ming Pao Weekly Hong Kong

27/07/2008, Press Coverage

Ming Pao Weekly Hong Kong

Queenie from Hong Kong emailed me today saying she saw me at Ming Pao Weekly. According to my friend, Ming Pao Weekly is the glossy supplement of Ming Pao Daily which is one of the most (if not the most) well-read publications in Hong Kong. Eek!

Ming Pao Weekly, Hong Kong

I’m not sure what issue that is (I would assume that it’s recent) but if any of you my generous HK readers have a spare copy lying around, please send me one for my records. Thanks.

And thank you to Ming Pao Weekly. You guys rock!

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Bryanboy @ Bangkok Post

18/07/2008, Press Coverage

Bryanboy @ Bangkok Post

Calling the attention of my Thai readers (or anyone bound for/currently in Thailand), be sure to pick up today’s copy of Bangkok Post! I got a shout-out on page 1 (wow!) and there’s an article about me in their Guru supplement.

Bangkok Post

Thanks Jakthong for the lovely piece and also, thank you so much, Bangkok Post. You guys rock!

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Bryanboy @

12/07/2008, Press Coverage

Bryanboy @

Have you seen’s new list of favourite fashion blogs? They have quite an interesting mix. Facehunter is there… ditto with my fave Garancedore. Check it out! @

Bringing androgyny and attitude to the
blogosphere since 2004, Bryanboy’s reflections on fashion never fail to
entertain—even grabbing the attention of Marc Jacobs, after the
designer saw a tribute that this Philippine blogger posted about him
(when you see the new Marc by Marc ads for fall, 2008 featuring Cole
Mohr in drag, a nod to Bryanboys is hard to ignore)!

I’m so honored! I’m truly, truly, truly grateful! Thank you so much, Elle and!