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Bryanboy in The Financial Times Germany

30/09/2008, Australia, Australian Fashion Week Spring 0809, Press Coverage

Financial Times Germany

Guten Tag! Wie gehts? I don't know how many of you speak German but have you seen the latest "How to Spend it" magazine supplement by Financial Times Germany? They have an amazing feature on this year's Rosemount Australian Fashion Week and I got a lovely mention there.

11:43 pm

New York Post Page Six Magazine – The Weird & Wonderful World of Marc Jacobs

08/09/2008, Marc Jacobs, Press Coverage

New York Post Page Six Magazine

From yesterday's Page Six Magazine:

Trend: The Weird & Wonderful World of Marc Jacobs
By Lynn Tran

Whether making out in the gossip columns or flexing his abs in photo shoots, Marc Jacobs surrounds himself with an intriguing mix of boldfacers and misfits. Meet the stars in his constellation of cool.

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Bryanboy at Milk Magazine Hong Kong – 09/04/2008

07/09/2008, Current Affairs, Marc Jacobs, Press Coverage

Milk Magazine Hong Kong

Get yourselves a copy of this week's Milk Magazine, out now!

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Bryanboy @ Distill Magazine

07/09/2008, Press Coverage

Bryanboy @ Distill Magazine

A big special thanks to Jon in Oxford who went through the effort of scanning my Distill Magazine (the Best of International Fashion & Style Press) appearance. Third world represent! Check out their essential online fashyonnnn reads. I can't believe I'm on the same page as The Coveted, Garancedore, Dazed Digital and!

3:28 am

East Touch Hong Kong

05/09/2008, Press Coverage

East Touch Hong Kong

If you guys are in Hong Kong, please get yourselves a copy of the latest East Touch (September 2, 2008). I have a three-page interview there.

East Touch

It's a good month, no? Thank you thank you thank you!

12:45 am

Jet Magazine Hong Kong – 6th Anniversary Issue

04/09/2008, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style, Press Coverage

Jet Magazine Hong Kong

I made a little cameo appearance on this month’s Jet Magazine (Hong Kong).

Jet Magazine Hong Kong

They interviewed four of their favourite bloggers, me, Jamie of Just Jr, Garancedore and Tommy of Jak and Jil. Click click click for an English translation of my answers.


3:56 pm

Apple Daily Newspaper Hong Kong

03/09/2008, Press Coverage

Apple Daily – September 3, 2008

Apple Daily is one of the biggest newspapers in Hong Kong. If it's not too late, get yourselves a copy cause I'm there. Otherwise, click here to read the article online.

Apple Daily Newspaper Hong Kong


Bryanboy at Apple Daily Newspaper Hong Kong

Thanks guys!

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South China Morning Post

31/08/2008, Press Coverage

South China Morning Post

Flamboyant??? ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?! *gasp* *wink*

And this, my friends, is why you SHOULD NEVAH sit beside (or get your photo right beside) the very stunning and absolutely beautiful Ms. Zhang Zilin (who is 6-foot-1) of China aka Miss World 2007. Just kidding. It was an honor to sit beside her, of course!!! Although……….. good god gracious, I have never felt so fugly in my entire life. I look like a fish! Zhang Zilin is SOOO gorgeous I swear.

But hey, what can I do eh? Maybe this is why I obsess about fashion so much. I just wanna cover myself in clothes.

And accessories. Tons of them! LOL.

Thank you Andrew!

PS. Click HERE to read Zhang Zilin's blog in English.

9:26 pm

Glamour Magazine Italia – September 2008

31/08/2008, Press Coverage

Glamour Magazine Italia – September 2008

Glamour Magazine Italy recently named their favourite fashion bloggers in their September 2008 issue.

Glamour Magazine Italy, September 2008

Thank you so much for the mention, Alessandra. Hugs and kisses from the Philippines!

PS. If any of you are in Italy right now, please do me a favour and send me a copy of this issue for my records. Email me for my mailing details and if necessary, I'd be more than happy to reimburse your costs via paypal. Thanks!

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My New Best Friends

31/08/2008, Current Affairs, Press Coverage

My New Best Friends

Meet my new best friends. Hahaha!

I had the honor and pleasure of speaking to various Chinese magazine editors (YanBing Zeng who is Vogue China's chic Managing Editor, Cosmopolitan China's Fashion Editor – Abby Bi, Miriam Zhang of Oggi in Shanghai, Sunny Zhu, Editor of Para Life and the lovely and super friendly Mocca Ling, the Assistant Fashion Editor of In Style China who I bumped into at the Marc by Marc Jacobs store in Landmark.

Now. Click click click!