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H&M shows some love

07/03/2009, Press Coverage

H&M shows some love

Rumors have been going around since last year that Swedish fast fashion retailer, Hennes & Mauritz (that’s H&M to you) will hit third world shores. I know I don’t keep track of the local retail scene that much but to my knowledge (and to this date), we still don’t have H&M in Manila.

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Natasha Poly and Fashion Bloggers at Vogue Russia March 2009

02/03/2009, Fashion and Style, Press Coverage, Vogue Russia

Vogue Russia March 2009

My gurl, the Russian stunner Natasha Poly, is on the March 2009 cover of Vogue Russia.

scan credit: Josef/achAT

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So it begins…

14/02/2009, Current Affairs, Press Coverage

So it begins…

Yes my lovely readers, it's *THAT* time of the year again — it's New York Fashion Week y'all! With so many labels out there closing shop, scaling back or canceling shows altogether, it's gonna be very interesting to see what everyone is doing this season. Heck, countless members of the fashion media are facing endless budget cuts or worse, some are losing their jobs. But, as my awesome friends at The Daily say, CHIC must go on.

If you're in NYC (oh how I wish I was there) right now, be sure to pick up a copy of today's issue at the tents in Bryant Park or wherever you can get them.

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Bryanboy at Cleo Magazine Indonesia February 2009

03/02/2009, Press Coverage

Cleo Magazine Indonesia February 2009

Calling my readers in Indonesia — if you haven't done so, be sure to get yourselves a copy of this month's (February 2009) Cleo Magazine! I made a cute little cameo appearance there!

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Key Players – Teen Vogue March 2009

30/01/2009, Fashion and Style, Press Coverage

Key Players – Teen Vogue March 2009

For their March 2009 issue, my favourite Teen magazine EVER, Teen Vogue, has an awesome article about teen fashion bloggers entitled “Key Players”.

PS. Holy speedy delivery batman! Special thanks to Trisha for the scans.

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Bryanboy at Akşam Gazetesi Turkey

28/01/2009, Press Coverage

Bryanboy at Akşam Gazetesi Turkey

Awww… special thank you to Ozlem Aydin and Aksam Gazetesi in Turkey. You guys rock! I think it would be awesome to visit Turkey in the future because I've been getting a lot of press there recently.

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Bryanboy at Trouw Newspaper Netherlands

24/01/2009, Press Coverage

Bryanboy at Trouw Newspaper Netherlands

Amsterdam Internatonal Fashion Week
kicks off tomorrow (visit their blog) and there's a great article about fashion bloggers that was published the other day at Dutch newspaper Trouw.

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Bryanboy at L’Officiel NL Netherlands

23/01/2009, Press Coverage

Bryanboy at L'Officiel Netherlands

Gosh, I really love them Dutch magazines… L'Officiel NL recently did a piece of fashion bloggers and guess who got a lovely mention? My friend Riane who runs True Vintage sent me a scanned copy.

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Bryanboy at Style: Magazine Singapore February 2009

22/01/2009, Press Coverage

Style: Magazine Singapore February 2009

Fadli from Singapore emailed me a scan of the Letters to the Editor page of the February 2009 issue of Style: Magazine Singapore in reference to my spread last December.

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Bryanboy at New Zealand Herald, Viva Magazine

21/01/2009, Press Coverage

Bryanboy at New Zealand Herald

There's a quick mention of me on today's New Zealand Herald. Check out their Viva supplement and you'll find an interesting article about teenagers, bloggers, teenage bloggers and blogging.

New Zealand Herald

Oh and what's up with the age inflation? I was gonna ask y'all to buy a copy but when I found out they mentioned I'm "in his twenties" versus my real age, which is 19, I decided that it's best to keep this to myself.

Ignore me. I'm such a venomous old hag. Hahaha! Thanks New Zealand Herald and Isaac for the inclusion, thank you Craig
for the scans and thank you to my super gurl Hannah in NZ for sending
me a copy by post. Yay!