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H&M Magazine Autumn 2009

17/08/2009, H&M, Press Coverage

H&M Magazine Autumn 2009

Can I just say I *love* H&M? I really do. It’s totally mind-blogging why we still don’t have H&M yet they’re opening Tory Burch (please don’t laugh) here in Manila.

Thanks to yet another reader from Germany, the lovely folks over at the world’s favorite Swedish retailer sure know how to show some love. Last season they named me as one of their favourite style bloggers… and now this. 

H&M Magazine Autumn 2009

They published their “Hottest IT Teens” List on their Autumn 2009 magazine. Guess who made the cut? Well, Jenny Humphrey, Cory Kennedy, Pixie Geldof, Jethro Cave, Jourdann Dunn, Sam Kilcoyne, Eleanor Hardwick, Frances Bean Cobain and yours truly.

Teens!!! Hah. CHEEKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

H&M Magazine Autumn 2009

In other news, I always get tickled every time I see “Philippines” in the fashion press. It’s nice to know there’s at least one person out there putting my ickle ‘ol country on the map. Just doing my job y’all.

H&M Magazine out now at all H&M stores worldwide.

Thank you so much H&M. You guys rock!

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Glamour Magazine Germany

15/08/2009, Germany, Press Coverage

Glamour Magazine Germany

The very handsome nottonightpls from twitter bought the September issue of Glamour magazine Germany and saw me (and the always lovely Bunny Bisous; bloggers represent!) made a quick cameo appearance amongst the sea of famouz namez. *giggles*

Glamour Magazine Germany

Thank you German Glamour!

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SonntagsZeitung Switzerland

12/07/2009, Press Coverage

SonntagsZeitung Switzerland

If you're in Switzerland, be sure to buy today's copy of SonntagsZeitung newspaper. My friend Rungang in Balmain and me, in Michael Angel, made a cameo appearance there. Ditto with Yvan of Facehunter.

Bryanboy in SonntagsZeitung Switzerland

Page 59 my minions…

That's all.

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The Daily Beast’s Fashion Blogger Power List

09/07/2009, Fashion Bloggers, Press Coverage

The Daily Beast's Fashion Blogger Power List

The lovely folks over at Tina Brown's The Daily Beast just published their "Fashion Blogger Power List". Your favourite online heavyweights are there: Fashion Toast, The Sartorialist, Style Bubble, and Tommy of Jak and Jil.

The Daily Beast Fashion Blogger Power List

Believe it or not, I often get bewildered every time media outlets, whether online or in print, publish wonderful things about me. I mean come on — I could barely put sentences together and my pictures are of mediocre quality to be a proper, proper 'blogger'. But you know what? For some strange reason, people seem to respond to my crazy formula of being fun, frivolous, spontaneous, carefree, post everything raw as it is, warts and all… it somehow works for me! I guess that's proof enough that the internet is so awesome. You can be a cuckoo kooky character living his dream (such as myself) and still have an audience. 

Oh and this is the nicest thing someone said about me, EVER.

Thank you, thank you so much The Daily Beast!

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Over-excitable Fashionese

14/06/2009, Current Affairs, Press Coverage

Over-excitable Fashionese

Vassup Simon Mills?

Portrait of a mother and her child

I found (one of my old entries) myself quoted in a hysterical article in the Daily Telegraph yesterday without proper attribution.

Then there’s the Japanese fashion journalist and consultant Yu Masui, who is so obsessed with the designer Balenciaga that he regularly purchases and wears items from the women-only collection – handbags included. Such audacious and spendthrift bravery has furnished Yu Masui with a heroic status among internet fashion groupies. “I’m totally jeliz,” comments one, in fluently over-excitable fashionese, under a picture of Yu Masui wearing a fetching (if slightly undersized) Balenciaga floral top. “He’s fierce and ferosh to the highest levels.” (“Ferosh”, in case you didn’t know, is the fashionese abbreviation for “ferocious”, ferocious being a good thing, in the same way that “fierce” is also compliment.)

In other news….

  • The Los Angeles Times published an article about fashion bloggers and me, Tavi and Rumi made the footnote.
  • Thank you Elle Germany for the lovely mention.
  • Tausend Dank Vogue Germany for the brief plug in your July 2009 issue.
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Dolce & Gabbana shows some love

29/05/2009, Dolce & Gabbana, Fashion Bloggers, Press Coverage

Dolce & Gabbana shows some love

Mama mia! The super sexy, swishy and swanky folks over at Dolce & Gabbana’s digital arm (SWIDE) celebrates their favourite bloggers. Earlier this week they’ve featured Kitsune Noir and Melanie Crété.

Today there’s ickle ol’ me.

Bryanboy at Dolce & Gabbana Swide

Wow wow wow! I had lots of fun answering their questions. Click HERE to read the full interview. Maybe you’ll learn a trick or two from this old pony. Haah! Enjoy! ;)

It truly is amazing how prestigious (and ginormous) fashion houses are supporting bloggers. Thank you thank you thank you, Dolce & Gabbana and Swide! I look forward to reading more profiles.


screenshot via

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Vogue Germany

08/04/2009, Press Coverage

Vogue Germany

Vogue Deutsch shows some love! Click here to read the full article and here to see the photo gallery.


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Fashion Bloggers at Ming Pao Weekly Hong Kong

03/04/2009, Fashion Bloggers, Press Coverage

Fashion Bloggers at Ming Pao Weekly Hong Kong

My friend Ashley fedexed me a copy of the March 21, 2009 issue (my birthday) of Ming Pao Weekly Hong Kong.

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Women’s Wear Daily March 31, 2009

01/04/2009, Press Coverage

Women's Wear Daily

Have you seen page 5 of today's Women's Wear Daily? There's a GREAT wrap-up of Japan Fashion Week, which I still need to blog about.

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FQ (Fashion Quarterly) Magazine Canada Spring 2009

19/03/2009, Press Coverage

FQ Magazine Canada -  Spring 2009

If you live in Canada, be sure to get yourselves a copy of the Spring 2009 issue of FQ (Fashion Quarterly) Magazine. Their cover story is "Cutting Edge Culture: Ten to Watch".

FQ Magazine Canada Spring 2009

Designer Mikhael Kale, society girls Ashleigh Dempster and Amanda
Blakely, artist Thrush Holmes, V Magazine's V A Model winner and rising model sensation Amanda Laine and filmmaker Charles Officer are in this issue,
and many, many more, including yours truly.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much to Editor-in-Chief Jeanne Beker, Gabrielle and FQ Magazine for the lovely mention. I'm truly honored!