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The Advocate – December 2009/January 2010

02/12/2009, Current Affairs, Press Coverage

The Advocate – December 2009/January 2010

As you know, the very handsome Tom Ford is on the cover of the latest issue of The Advocate.

Tom Ford cover of The Advocate magazine

The Advocate is basically the gay equivalent of Time magazine. It's a highly-regarded magazine in the USA and has a much more serious tone in its articles + much more political compared to your usual gay rag.

Bryanboy at The Advocate

I made a cameo appearance there and they named me a style icon. Click HERE to download the PDF file. Although I'm super flattered with the very generous compliments, I think it's too early (and I'm too young haha!!! *wink*) to be put up on a pedestal and receive 'icon' status. :-P

But yes, oh my lord, I'm truly honored. Thank you so so much for the kind words, Alex!

The Advocate, out now on newsstands…

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El País Newspaper Spain

22/11/2009, Current Affairs, Press Coverage, Spain

El País


My gurl and my fellow blogger Monica aka the fabulous Miss at la Playa, saw me on today’s issue of El País, Spain’s largest newspaper. Oh my lord Jesus Maria Joseph and Santo Niño, no wonder I’ve been getting a ton of facebook requests today from gorgeous Spaniards…

El Pais Newspaper Spain

Muchas gracias… and hello to my new Spanish friends!

scan via miss at la playa

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Vogue Russia + Daily

20/11/2009, Press Coverage, Russia, Vogue Russia

Vogue Russia + Daily

Made a little cameo appearance on the website of my favourite international edition of Vogue.

Bryanboy at Vogue Russia


Thank you so much for the lovely mention and I hope to see you guys at one point in the future. :-)


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International Herald Tribune

17/11/2009, Current Affairs, Press Coverage, Social Media

International Herald Tribune

Be sure to buy today’s copy of the International Herald Tribune, just in time for the Techno Luxury Conference in Berlin. There’s a great article written by Jessica Michault (who recently interviewed me) about fashion and social media. Domenico Dolce said something on point — “the web, for luxury brands, is not the future but the present.”

International Herald Tribune

From Couture to Conversation

Thank GOD for Press Display where you can buy the latest digital versions of most newspapers worldwide. They don’t sell the IHT and international newspapers (other than USA Today) at the newstands here in Manila and you can only get them, if you’re lucky, at hotels.

Now I’m gonna ask a friend or two to send me the hard copy by post…

Thank you so much Jessica and the IHT for the mention.

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Financial Times (UK) + FT Weekend Life & Arts

14/11/2009, Fashion and Style, Fashion Bloggers, Press Coverage

Financial Times (UK) + FT Weekend Life & Arts


There's a lovely article on today's issue of the Financial Times about fashion bloggers and I'm on the front cover of the Life & Arts section with that historical not to mention soon-to-be-iconic photo on the masthead of my blog. The headline? "Editors in drug-crazed front row romp shock with fash fag blog slag." 

I'm kidding! 

Financial Times FT Weekend Life & Arts

"I'm in the front row with Anna!" The famously formidable editor of US Vogue sharing the front row with a laptop-wielding blogger called Bryanboy? What in the fashion world is happening?

It's the Financial Times y'all, not the Sun or News of the World LOL!

Financial Times FT Weekend Life & Arts

It seems as if the amazing and talented Tavi aka Stylerookie is my partner when it comes to newspapers. Remember the Wall Street Journal piece not too long ago?

Thank you so much FT, Nicola and of course, my friend in London Michael for waking up so early to buy the paper. Can't wait to get it in the mail!

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SVT1 Sweden

14/11/2009, Marc Jacobs, New York City, Press Coverage, Spring Summer 2010

SVT1 Sweden

The lovely folks at SVT, the biggest television network in Sweden, has a show called “Fashion” hosted by Karin Withers and my reader Erich emailed me the bit where I made little cameo appearance.

Click HERE to watch their their Spring 2010 New York Fashion Week report.

Excuse my hoarsy voice. This was the time when all that traveling took toll in my system.

Bryanboy at Marc by Marc Jacobs

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Fashion’s Use of Social Media and the Internet + Bryanboy at France24

29/10/2009, Alexander McQueen, Fashion and Style, Fashion Bloggers, Press Coverage, Social Media

Fashion’s Use of Social Media and the Internet at France24

Jessica Michault, the online Style Editor of the International Herald Tribune shared the highlights of the Spring 2010 fashion season at France24 earlier today. I spoke to her on the phone a few days ago where she picked my brain (brain? what brain?) and interviewed me about my thoughts in this whole fashion + social media phenomenon.

Keep an eye out at the video screen behind her. Guess who made a cameo appearance on France24… go bloggers!

Thank you so much Jessica.

PS. I always get chills running down my spine every time I see clips from the gorgeous McQueen show.

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Daily Telegraph UK’s 20 Best Fashion Blogs

19/10/2009, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style, Fashion Bloggers, Press Coverage

Daily Telegraph UK's 20 Best Fashion Blogs

Thank you so much to the massive Daily Telegraph up there in Britain for including me in their "20 Best Fashion Blogs" list. It's an honor to be part of your favourite online fashion clicks. A few friends made the list as well. Congrats to everyone!

Fashion Bloggers Susie Bubble and Bryanboy

Just to clarify a thing or two (I know, I know): although there are several occasions where I've been fortunate enough to be flown in several cities as a "guest", nobody has flown me to the Spring 2010 shows in New York, Milan and Paris and all expenses were paid for by my humble pocket. While some of my traditional media counterparts flew first or business class, billeted at ultra fabu hotels indulging with 100-euro breakfasts (recession what recession), I for one had to rely on short-let apartments on craigslist and whatnot. I even flew coach from New York to Milan with model Kasia Struss! In Paris, I paid something like 800 euros for 10 nights at a modest but lovely apartment! LOL Let me tell you one thing though — I'm glad I went for broke and joined the fashion circus this season. I think my investment paid off, otherwise I wouldn't have that gorgeous new banner graphic (which silenced and stunned too many to mention) on top of my website. Hah!

Perhaps next season I'll have a lovely benefactor…. please pretty please?

Now as for me being Christopher Bailey's so-called BFF…… where did that come from?


Thanks again Daily Telegraph!

photo credit: styleclicker

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Wall Street Journal

16/09/2009, Press Coverage

Wall Street Journal

Imagine waking up to find yourself at the Wall Street Journal.

Wall Street Journal

Insane. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the lovely mention!

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In Style USA

12/09/2009, Fashion Bloggers, In Style, Press Coverage

In Style USA

British In Style may have called me "small time" last month but whatevs. In Style USA gave me and my gurls Susie and Rumi a lovely shout out yesterday.

In Style USA

Woohoo! Click HERE to read it online.

More updates to follow. I know, I know… I have so much overdue work that needs to be done but what can I do?

screenshot via In Style