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Bryanboy loves SINGAPORE!

26/07/2006, Press Coverage

Bryanboy loves SINGAPORE!

If you’re Singaporean and you know it, clap your hands!

Words cannot express how much I feel at the moment. I know I have a shitload of people out there reading my blog and it’s high time I dedicate an entire post to all my Singaporean readers. You all ain’t bad as what I thought. If anything, you’re all LUVERLY!!!!!!

It’s 6:03AM here on a Wednesday here in the third world and I’m trying to finish my article for a local magazine. It’s long overdue and I’m having a mental block — I can’t, for the life of god, get my mind off Singaaaaaaapooooooore!


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Protected: You can never be too rich or too thin.

26/07/2006, Press Coverage

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21/07/2006, Press Coverage


First it was Fendi, now it’s Apple who is using my INFAMOUS BRYANBOY POSE.

I’d like to thank my personal Santa Claus in San Francisco who saw Apple iPod’s latest ad campaign atop a building in front of Union Square in San Francisco, California and took a photo of it. Sadly it was taken while he was drunk. Hahaha! If any of you are in the SFO area and have spotted this ad, please take a photo of the billboard in BROAD DAYLIGHT!


I’m telling you… we’re definitely going places WORLDWIDE with my pose.

Fendi yesterday, Apple today, CHANEL tomorrow.

I wonder who will use my signature pose next?

For god’s sake just use me as your model if ever you’re gonna use my pose in your ad campaigns and put money in my pockets.



I love you all! Email or SMS +63.915.785.1492.


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PPSS. *SING AFTER ME* Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy… is such an evil thing!

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Am I narcissistic or what?

20/07/2006, Press Coverage

Am I narcissistic or what?

I love me and I know you love me too. ILOVEBRYANBOYDOTCOMBABOOSH!

Email me and tell me you love me. or SMS +63.915.785.1492.


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Food Poisoning and Filming

20/07/2006, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, Press Coverage, Random Cheesemax, Shilebrities

Food Poisoning and Filming

I don’t even know where to begin. A lot of things happened in the past few days. If I got a dollar every time I said ‘food poisoning’ over the past 72 hours I’d be one heck of a very wealthy faggot by now.

The good news is I lost some weight… and I’m VERY well on my way on losing some more.

That’s David Kempner (left), me and Fenton Bailey (right). Fenton has produced far too many award-winning documentaries, TV shows and films like The RuPaul Show, The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Party Monster, HBO Documentary Monica (Lewinsky) in Black and White, Inside Deep Throat and TransGeneration amongst many others. David, on the other hand… well, I found out early on Wednesday morning that he filmed Paris Hilton before. He also worked on Inside Deep Throat and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.


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The Queen of “LIKE, YOU KNOW”

14/07/2006, Bryanboy on TV, Current Affairs, Fan Art, Fans, Press Coverage

The Queen of "like, you know" is like, you know, back on TV!

I really need to work on like, you know, my English. I got interviewed on like, you know,, Mornings at ANC earlier this morning and like, you know, I had fun in spite of me saying like, you know,, the words "like, you know,", more than like, you know,, a thousand times. It’s sooo annoying! Where can I get like, you know, speech lessons in this town?


Coral necklaces from L’Obelisk, brown cardigan and black tank top from Zara, jeans from Acne, bag from Goyard, shoes from Dior Homme, sunglasses from Christian Dior.

It’s the fourth LIVE interview I did this year for the same media powerhouse so I guess they love me even if I stutter all the fucking time. Remember the mishap I did the last time I got interviewed? I still can’t get over the fact that I said "shit, I haven’t had sex in ages" on a friggin breakfast show for god’s sake… Ugh! I need speech lessons, voice lessons and a full-body massage… oh and a liposuction, rhinoplasty, buccal fat removal and chin implant too while we’re at it.

YouTube Video after the jump… Watch me get gangbanged by some of the hosts at ANC’s Morning News.


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Sonny I LOVE YOU!, Typepad Outage Outrage!, Terrific Tuesday

13/07/2006, Fashion, Health, Manila, Press Coverage

Typepad Outage Outrage!

[BREAKING NEWS: SONNY BABY, THANKS FOR LEAVING A COMMENT ON MY SITE. ALL THE PHOTOS YOU TOOK FOR HINTMAG/LANVIN/BALENCIAGA/AND ALL THE AUTUMN/WINTER 06/07 ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU’RE A FANTASTIC PHOTOGRAPHER! IF EVER YOU DROP BY HERE IN THE THIRD WORLD PLEASE TAKE A PHOTO OF ME AND MAKE ME LOOK PRETTY AND E-M-A-C-I-A-T-E-D. Photoshop if you must. LOL I’ll even give you blowjob if you take super super nice photos of me. Otherwise, keep those Bryanboy poses coming (shit, Fendi used it on their ad campaign those assholes hahaha) and "I LOVE BRYANBOY" sign pics. I’d die die die die die and I’ll forever be indebted if you can get either Werbowy, Stegner, Boscono, Zimmerman, Galliano, Lagerfeld, Elbaz or Ghesquire to hold a sign hahaha. *kidding*

Visit Sonny Vandevelde Fashion Photographer Extraordinare’s blog at Click here to see the work he did for Hintmag. Everything from Yves Saint Laurent to Rochas, Lanvin and Balenciaga. Names, names, names. He’s your man! He’s the reason why fugly mortals like me try hard to catch an eating disorder (I eat too much) and/or salivate over pictures of THE beautiful ones!!

I LOVE SONNY AND I LOVE HIS FRIENDS ALREADY!!!!!! Hahahaha! Here’s his friend Marc. Woohoo!


*fondles genitals*

Moving on…

OK. I have a TV interview tomorrow so it’s wise for me to just do my daily flush while it’s early and go straight to bed. Early to bed, early to rise, makes an ugly fat faggot pretty, skinny and wise!

(You gotta congratulate me. I just embarked on this popcorn diet and boy I got diarrhea today!!!!!!!! Remember what I said before? Diarrhea and dehydration is your best friend.


I’m fuming with anger! Typepad has a lot of explaining to do cause some of my new entries, drafts and comments got lost. It’s not just my blog that got affected but hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of other Typepad-hosted blogs.

I have no idea why Typepad crashed yesterday. According to BlueOregon, Typepad went down for six hours … I’m sure it’s longer than that cause I didn’t go to bed till around 7AM my time. I was patiently waiting for Typepad to be back up cause I wanted to post something about my latest obsession, Tyra Banks. I’ll talk about her later…


Sunglasses by Gucci, t-shirt from Topshop, jacket from Dries Van Noten, bag from Chanel, corduroy pants from Christian Dior, boots from Chanel

I went out this afternoon to do some errands. I LOOOOOVE THE WEATHER! Rainy season is the best time of the year here in the third world. It rained cats and dogs over the past few days… it’s sooo beautiful outside, gray skies and all.


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11/07/2006, Press Coverage


I owe y’all a podcast. It’s been months since my voice was last heard by thousands people worldwide but I’ve been extremely busy on things. I know many of you miss my hardcore nails-on-the-chalkboard drugfucked drag queen voice so here’s a couple of tracks I recorded ESPECIALLY FOR YOU. I’ve been wanting to go karaoke-ing but nobody I know wants to do so because of the fear of embarassing themselves.

The hell with it. Why bother going to a karaoke when you can do it at home!



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Hospital and Haircut: Pretty Faggot

05/07/2006,, Current Affairs, Health, Manila, Press Coverage, Shilebrities

Hospital and Haircut: Pretty Faggot

"The bad stuff is easier to believe. You ever notice that?"

I looooove Pretty Woman!!!!! Who the fucking hell knew that old fart with salt and pepper hair, Richard Gere, was fucking HOT back in the dark ages? Man, I wasn’t even born when this film was made. Ugh!!!! I can’t believe he’s sooo hot back then.


Yesterday afternoon was productive. I originally planned on having a massage but I ended up at the hospital (and the mall) instead.


Black t-shirt from Topshop, oversized sleeveless striped v-neck top from Zara, sunglasses from Gucci, bracelets from Hermès, Bill Amberg and Topshop, necklace from Mimi (Philippines), bag from Balenciaga, jeans from Acne Jeans (Sweden), super old sandals from Bragano by Cole Haan.


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Bryanboy is only 17…

20/06/2006, Press Coverage

Bryanboy is only 17…

Well, that’s the headline and the fabulous folks at the Manila Bulletin (the Philippines’ #3 newspaper)  dedicated half a page to my glory and my gospel.


Some asshole on Yahoo asked how old I was and some random wanker replied back, saying I’m in my 30s. What a cunt! I’m only 17 god dammit!!!!!


I have to admit I was kinda shocked on the photo that showed up on the paper. I asked the reporter what picture they’re going to use. I was originally gonna send them my PR picture: a photo of me wearing nothing but a fur coat, holding a bottle of clicquot and a shitload of powder on my nose. She said they’re gonna use a screenshot of my blog. I thought "hmm.. ok… not bad at all." so I didn’t send this photo.

They ended up using my “bryanboy trashed american preppy + channeling Tai from Clueless” photo.

Well, at least the Chanel interlocking CC is prominent on that thing.

Hahahahahaha! I’m kidding.

Annalyn you whore, thanks for featuring me! I love, love, love you you!

Click here to read the interview.

I love it when publications feature me… it’s a great way of keeping the faggotry alive.


Sunglasses by Linda Farrow Gallery, ruffled shirt from CK Calvin
Klein, blue and white pinstripe shorts from a little shop here in
Manila called "Details", belt from Hermès, shoes from Zara and this super super fabulous and chic snakeskin bag from Tesoro’s.

More weekend photos coming soon!

If you would like to interview me for a publication, email me: *AND* I don’t care whether you write for a university newspaper in Australia, a fashion magazine in Thailand (*hint hint*) or a newspaper in the heartlands of bible belt America. It’s a slow climb to worldwide domination but what the heck, I’d be more than happy to be interviewed. Though I have to admit, I really look forward to the day when Larry King of CNN wants to interview me over the phone with my website flashing on millions of TV screens worldwide. One can only dream eh? Hahahaha!

I’ll update later when I get up. I promise!! I have to go to the tailors later today to get a jacket altered, it’s 7:08AM and I haven’t even slept yet!!!! I’ve been up all night working!

I love you all! Email or SMS +63.915.785.1492.


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