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The letter B stands for BRILLIANT.

18/04/2008, Press Coverage

The letter B stands for the word BRILLIANT.

The secret is out of the bag. Check out Conde Nast’s Portfolio magazine’s feature entitled "Blogs for Brilliant Minds", part of their Brilliant issue. The fierce team at Portfolio recently interviewed Marc Jacobs and to quote:

But the most surprising thing involved one of those bags. Days after
the show, the blogosphere was busily buzzing about it: The large,
ostrich leather tote with sunray designs spreading across one side was
called “BB”—and it turned out that the name came from Jacobs’ favorite
blog, BryanBoy,
a deliciously funny read obsessed with all things
fashion, especially the blogger’s favorite designer, Marc Jacobs. The
bag will retail this September for $1,295 in leather and $4,800 for the
ostrich version.

“Love your passion for fashion—after all, where would designers be
without enthusiasm like yours?” Jacobs is quoted on the 19-year-old
Manila-based blogger’s homepage.

As a powerhouse designer and one of the key figures on our Brilliant List,
Jacobs, who is notorious for running late (his shows rarely start on
time), would seem to have little time to read blogs. But as the
internet has taken on a greater role in fashion, from live video of the
runways to up-to-the-minute perspective and commentary on the latest
trends, it has become an essential source for designers. Besides BryanBoy, Jacobs also makes a point of reading the more serious On the Runway, the fashion industry blog from New York Times writer Cathy Horyn.

Isn’t it amazing? I’m truly, truly, truly, utterly blessed. Words cannot describe etc etc etc. Not bad for a blog that’s 4+ years old eh?

I have one thing to say to my mother.

Lap it up!

(Just kidding. Love you mom!)

PS. Marc, I love you. You know that.
PPSS. To the lovely Mr. Anton Huang, purveyor of luxury goods in the third world, do I get a 75% discount now? The ostrich bag is US$4,800… hahaha ;)

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Bryanboy Loves Marie Claire Italia

14/04/2008, Press Coverage

Bryanboy Loves Marie Claire…

Italy not Philippines, duh!

There are a few inaccuracies but it’s ok. I LOOOVE Marie Claire Italy. They’re hot and gorgeous like all the Italians I know.

Marie Claire Italia

I laughed so hard when I read this: (più di 20 e meno di 30: da vera diva non svela l’arcano). Rossella Martinelli you broke my heart. I’m 17. In Italian, diciassette anni. Never been kissed, never been touched. Like a virgin!

Just kidding :-) Thank you Lili in Italy for bringing this to my attention.

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Touch Magazine Hong Kong + Philippine News

23/03/2008, Current Affairs, Press Coverage

Touch Magazine Hong Kong

Isn’t it amazing how the Marc Jacobs BB bag is getting all these super
lovely media attention around the world? It’s the new IT-bag, y’all! One of my minions from Hong Kong just sent me a scan of Touch Magazine. My Chinese skills are NONEXISTENT so I have no idea what they said however, I’m happy I’m there! Y’all know me. Geography is no boundary to Bryanboy’s faggotry so thank you so much for the mention and the attention! For those of you Chinalicious folks out there, click the photo below for a full-sized version. I am SO gonna take up Mandarin/Cantonese/Shanghainese/Beijingnese/whatever lessons ASAP because China is the future.


Another reader emailed me a link to a blog with a newspaper scan. There’s a paper in the USA targeted to the Filipino-American community and I was front-page news. The headline could not be any more appropriate, it’s the first thing someone who doesn’t know me would ask: "WHO THE HELL IS BRYANBOY AND WHY THE HELL IS MARC JACOBS NAMING A BAG AFTER HIM?" I’m not joking!!!!

Click click click!


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Io Donna

01/03/2008, Current Affairs, Press Coverage

Io Donna

Eva Mendes, who recently just got out of rehab, is on the cover of Io Donna.

Eva Mendes, March 1, 2008 Io Donna

And guess who got a mention… OMG!

Bryanboy, Io Donna Italy Corriere della Serra

Yay!!! My next goal: 10-page spread at V Magazine or Vogue Paris! Hahahaha! Just kiddin.

Thanks to Milky from Italy for the scan!

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Coming Soon…

21/02/2008, Press Coverage

CorriereComing Soon…

Hey you guys! If you’re in Viva Vogue-a-rific Italia next Saturday, don’t forget to get hold of a copy of IO Donna, the weekly fashion supplement of Corriere della Serra, which is Italy’s largest-selling and most prestigious newspaper. I’m so honored! Do you know what this means? All the super fierce and fabulous Italian bitchissimas and bitchissimos are gonna see my ugly face! OMG. I’m nervous in a way but it’s exciting, no? Maybe someone will find me nice and shower me with all the Bottega, Fendi, Missoni and Etro that I want until I drown. Or perhaps that men’s Prada miniskirt that I want. Hahah ;)

I asked one of my Italian gurlfriends in Milan via facebook…

My next project? Bryanboy for Ballando Con Le Stelle. Just kidding. Hahaha! :-)

I love this. I really do. Geography is no boundary to Bryanboy’s faggotry and thanks for spreading the word about me. I love you all!

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Bryanboy @ IQONS Magazine

08/02/2008, Press Coverage

Bryanboy @ IQONS Magazine

Gazelle of Gazelland emailed me to let me know that I’m on page 122 (he’s on p.123) of IQONS* Magazine. Their pilot issue was launched a few days ago in New York during Fashion Week and copies are gonna be distributed in NYC, London, Milan and Paris.

IQONS Magazine

Diane Pernet is the Editor in Chief and Ruben & Isabel Toledo are the cover stars. Visit to learn more or to join the raddest fashion networking site ever!

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Hello Camera Men!

05/01/2008, Press Coverage

Hello Camera Men!

Those pesky paps won’t stop hounding me. I had 3 grown men behind me… miniscule compared to Britney’s 50. Oi vey!

Just kidding. Life on the D-list is fascinating, no? LOL

PS. Watch Daphne Osena-Paez’s Urban Zone tomorrow night, Sunday, at 11:45PM on ABS-CBN Channel 2. I’m sure you guys will have a laugh watching me stutter and make a complete and utter fool out of myself on national television — first one to count the number of times I said "you know" shall win a prize! It’s my dirty, dirty, dirty habit, I know.

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12 Gays of Christmas

22/12/2007, Press Coverage

12 Gays of Christmas

Did you buy a copy of the Philippine Daily Inquirer today? I was asked by the team at Super how I’m gonna make my Christmas a little more gay…

"To spice things up this year, I’m going to put my baking skills to the test and make cute sugar cookies! Be it a handbag, a fragrance bottle (Chanel No. 5, anyone) or something that rhymes with a sock, nifty confections, shaped, cut and decorated with colourful icing is a sure-fire way to celebrate your inner fag! Y’all know what they say — the only way to a man’s heart is through their stomach. I agree!"
- Bryanboy
Professional Online Entertainer

They were gonna put "Blog Queen" as my title but we all know I’m no blog queen so I suggested "Professional Online Attention Whore". And then I thought nah, that’s too much, so I told them to use "Professional Online Entertainer" instead. Don’t you just love it?

People: so what do you do for a living?
Me: oh, I’m a professional online attention whore.


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Yellow Rat Bastard/YRB Magazine

18/12/2007, Press Coverage

Yellow Rat Bastard/YRB Magazine

Darling, you have arrived! What do I have in common with Anna Wintour, Sharon Stone and Jennifer Lopez? Aside from the fact that all four of us are major hot chicks, we all have been targeted by those animal-loving PETArds. One of my readers from Seattle emailed me a scan of NYC-based Yellow Rat Bastard Magazine using my photo (without permission) on their Fall 2007′s Top 20 Faux Pas for the Modern Man list. #19 has something to do with animals. I guess they’re not happy
seeing me pose with those chimpanzees in Red Square, Moscow during the
dead of winter in my Hermes parka.

Bryanboy holding a monkey, Red Square, Moscow, YRB Magazine

I love it but god damn you could’ve at least given me credit if you’re gonna use my photo. Are there any lawyers out there in Nueva York who are willing to milk these bastards for what they’re worth? Just kidding.

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Fourth Place???

14/12/2007, Press Coverage

Fourth Place???

What, what, what? Well, it’s back to "normal" for me now. No more Gay Bloggies hoo haa from me.  Apparently I got the least number of votes — or should I say the MOST number of thumbs down because I’m a mean gurl — they won’t tell. Hahahaha! It’s alright. Losing ain’t bad… there’s always next year!

I don’t know what tricks those girls are up to but to the rest of the contestants, may the best man win!