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Bryanboy @ Milk Magazine, Hong Kong

12/07/2008, Press Coverage

Bryanboy @ Milk Magazine, Hong Kong

I guess it pays to have friends (in this case, friend of a friend) in various places. At least I didn’t have to buy a plane ticket to Hongkie Kong!

Milk Magazine

Milk looks nice in my little press album, no?

Unfortunately, I could only put magazines pages here and not newspapers
– unless I crop them out. How do people keep their newspaper clippings
anyway? I need to organize my life! I spent weeks looking for a huge photo album and this is the biggest I could find. It’s cheap, it’s made out of fake leather, and it’s less than $20 (at National Bookstore). Everything else is butt-ugly baptism or wedding-whatever… yuck! When I have the money I’m gonna upgrade and have someone make me custom-made ostrich or crocodile leather-bound albums but I don’t think that’s gonna happen in this lifetime so I’ll settle for this leatherette crap. It does the job anyway. Haha.

Io Donna

Thank you to CVS and Michelle Coo of Theodore’s for my copy of Milk
Magazine. You guys are so generous! Thank you thank you thank you so

PS. Is there anyone in Japan right now? I just remembered that I was mentioned in Fashion News Japan magazine (“Perfect” edition) that came out on June 28. I totally forgot to ask my friend Mrs. T to buy me a copy when she went to Tokyo last week (ugh)!

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Milk Magazine, Hong Kong

07/07/2008, Press Coverage

Milk Magazine, Hong Kong

Yippee! Vicky from Hong Kong sent me these scans of the latest issue of Milk Magazine in Hongkong. I find it hilarious how they changed the word “gay” to “glam” because a) we all know I’m far from glam and b) the word “glam” is reserved for people like Ruffa Gutierrez or Hong Kong star Mira Yeh, etc. Truly glamorous people if you know what I mean. Haha! *wink*

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Hello Turkey!

05/07/2008, Current Affairs, Press Coverage

Hello Turkey!

Turkiye’den herkese büyük bir merhaba ve sevgilerimi iletmek isterim! Hepiniz çok sıcak ve muhteşemsiniz! Umarım websitemi beğenirsiniz, İngilizce yazılmış olsa bile. Merhaba demekten çekinmeyin!

Kocaman öpücükler!

PS. Damn my Turkish is good. Right, Yilmaz? haha! Thanks Armagan!! *kiss*

Just like last Saturday, I got featured by Sabah (Turkey) newspaper again. Here’s the full-interview: PART 1, PART 2, PART 3. Note: they translated the interview in Turkish so I’ll leave it up to you to read it.

I love you all as always! :-)

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Sabah Newspaper (Turkey)

29/06/2008, Press Coverage

Sabah Newspaper (Turkey)

Yay! Aside from my recent press mentions in Women’s Wear Daily, Teen Vogue and the Dutch newspaper “Dag”, Sabah, one of Turkey’s popular newspapers, gave me a shout out today yesterday.If you can understand Turkish (I don’t), click here to read the article online.

Sabah newspaper, Turkey

They also interviewed me and it should come out next Saturday so to all my readers in Turkey (paging the Sabanci family), be sure to buy Sabah next week.

PS. Thanks Audrey in Singapore for sending me the Straits Times. You’re sweet!

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Thailand Tatler: Bags for Bloggers

23/05/2008, Press Coverage

Thailand Tatler: Bags for Bloggers

Did Philippine Tatler Editor in Chief Anton San Diego have a hand on this? Back in February right after the Marc Jacobs show, I wrote about Grace Kelly, Jane Birkin AND Jessica Stam getting their own bags named after them. Then comes this little ickle mention at Thailand Tatler (May ’08) magazine.

Thailand Tatler

Bags for Bloggers – Jacobs 2.0
Immortalising actresses through bags started with the Hermes Kelly bag in 1956 and followed with the Birkin bag in 1981. Now celebrities have handbags named after them, too. Fashion designer Marc Jacobs recently named two of his most popular handbags after celebs: the Stam bag in honour of supermodel Jessica Stam and the Rihanna in honour of the Umbrella singer. In a drastic move in early spring, Jacobs named his autumn 2008 ostrich bag “The BB” after a fashion blogger. No one is doubting the importance of bloggers in today’s world – it was Matt Drudge’s blog that told the world that Prince Harry was serving in Afghanistan – but with handbags now named after them, these netizens really have arrived.

I think you know who that blogger is. How cute! Thanks Thai Tatler!

PS. Thanks Don for the scan!

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China Rocks!

16/05/2008, Press Coverage

China Rocks!

My sister's friend in China finally sent us a photo of the newspaper where she saw me. To all my new Chinese readers, this message is for you!





I see what they did there with my age… but what I don't understand is… why am I seeing the number "35" on that article? Haha! *wink*

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Kiss from Anna

14/05/2008, Press Coverage

Kiss from Anna

Mammamia amici miei! Them Italians must love me! Following the footsteps of Corriere de la Sera's (Italy's biggest newspaper) fashion supplement Io Donna and Marie Claire, Anna from Rimini, Italy bought this teen magazine called "Kiss Me" today and guess who got a mention…

Kiss Me, Italia

"Per te che sei una fashionista: Bryanboy   Se impazzisci per la mo a e gli accessori più in  el momento, non puoi non visitare il blog  i Bryanboy il ragazzo americano folle,kitsch,eccessivo e shopaholico a cui Marc Jacobs ha  e icato una borsa  ella sua nuova collezione: la BB"

Kiss Me, Italia

Wow! Next up… Teen Vogue! Hahaha I wish!

I love it when my readers tell me I get mentioned here and there, otherwise I wouldn't know! For instance, I was on a Chinese newspaper last week and if it weren't for my sister's former classmate who's now living in Shanghai, I wouldn't be able to find out about it.

Thanks Anna and thanks Kiss Me! Grazie grazie grazie!

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Meedja Whore

08/05/2008, Australian Fashion Week Spring 0809, Current Affairs, Press Coverage

Meedja Whore

One of the things that surprised me the most during Rosemount Australian Fashion Week is how the organizers (IMG) AND traditional media gave much-needed credence (and a very warm welcome) to bloggers. I’ve always considered myself as a fashion outsider/voyeur/spectator so for me to actually fly my arse out of the third world on my own dime to experience and witness fashion in action for the very first time was mind-blowing. I was nervous and scared at first. I’m no journo who often goes to sponsored junkets and international events backed by big media corporations. In the words of Clueless Tai, I’m a virgin… who can’t drive. 

But yeah… never in my life I’ve been proud to say “I’m a blogger”. Being the one-man circus that I am, I confess that it was somewhat intimidating to be milling around the tents, the “media” room and the front-row surrounded by hardworking journalists of impressive resumes and backgrounds: people who truly worked their way to where they are to deliver information to the public. I highly doubt (I said doubt… correct me if I’m wrong) Australia is the same as the Philippines
where anyone with the “right” last name can get a position in the media with a snap of a finger. In any case, everyone in RAFW was super, super nice and I learned so much from everyone just by interacting with them.

And then there’s ickle ol’ me. The online freak who lives in front of the computer blogging about himself and his unhealthy obsession with all things fashion all-night long. Isn’t it amazing? I don’t know about you but it’s a bit weird waking up to Australia’s leading newspapers with my fug fug fugly mug on it. But yes… I’m extremely glad they are promoting blogs, bloggers and blogging. I even made it on Australian television! ROFLMAO!

We live in interesting times indeed. I know I have lots to learn. Every day is a new day and I try to absorb as much as I can with every experience, good or bad. I was telling a friend on my way to the airport how I want to take up further education (journalism, english classes, etc.) to improve my craft and expand my vocabulary. I have a little laundry list that I want to fulfill. We’ll see. Here’s a toast to evolution… cin cin!

PS. Thanks to The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age (Melbourne) and Sun Herald.

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Bryanboy at

05/05/2008, Current Affairs, Press Coverage

Bryanboy at

Have you seen me at recently?

I’m truly, truly honored! Thanks Nancy and Jason!

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Y Weekend Beijing

25/04/2008, Press Coverage

Y Weekend Beijing

Are you in Beijing, China? Get yourselves a copy of the latest issue of “Y Weekend“, a weekly publication for Chinese youth. I love, love, love Y Weekend! There’s an article about me… click HERE to read it.

Anyhoo, set it in stone bitches, I’m gonna learn Chinese (Mandarin) someday. I have to! BRICs for the win!

When I was younger I wanted to learn foreign languages but in this day and age of the internet… and when everyone in the Western World speaks English, I think it’s irrelevant (not to mention a bit pretentious) to learn a European language.

China, on the other hand, is the future and we all need to embrace her power. I have Chinese friends and I think they’re a fabulous lot. They really keep their word.