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Menswear on Hold

25/12/2009, Current Affairs, Paris

Menswear on Hold

It's Christmas Day here in Manila and believe it or not, I've spent the entire night working on administrative tasks: answering emails, reworking on my site, wrapping up my year-end accounting, etc.

Some of you wanted to know whether or not I'm going to Milan and Paris for the upcoming fall/winter 2010-2011 menswear shows next month.

The answer, unfortunately, is no. Unless I win the lottery tomorrow or a miracle happens within the next two weeks, it's a "no can do" from my part. I can't afford it. I wanna save money for womenswear because it's much more exciting. I don't even know if I can do the trifecta (NY-Milan-Paris) like last season. I guess we'll see. 

Eiffel Tower Paris

Oh Paris, I miss you so much. I took this really awful shot of the Eiffel Tower after the AF Vandevorst show in October.

Meanwhile, I only opened 8 presents this year. I think it's my karma not to get a lot of material presents this Christmas Day. I mean hello… 2009 has been incredible to me. With all the amazing and mind-blowing experiences that I've had, every day felt like Christmas!

If you were to make me choose between getting 5 designer handbags (or designer something something) as presents OR experiencing everything that has happened to me the past 12 months, what do you think will I pick? Well, it's a no brainer innit? Bleugh.

A big thank you to all my readers, supporters and friends who truly made 2009 the most memorable year of my life…. so far! HAHA. ;)

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Marc Jacobs Advertising + Juergen Teller Book Signing

21/10/2009, Books, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style, Marc Jacobs, Mich Dulce, Paris

Marc Jacobs Advertising + Juergen Teller Book Signing

I’m a big fan of Juergen Teller’s work. When I was younger, I bought his spectacular model casting book “Go Sees”. So when the lovely folks at Marc Jacobs invited me to his book signing event at the Palais Royal Paris store, this time, it’s for the enormous coffee table Marc Jacobs Advertising book, I had to come visit and see him in flesh.

photo of Juergen Teller and Bryanboy at Marc Jacobs Advertising Book signing event at Marc Jacobs Palais Royal Paris

Marc Jacobs Advertising Book 1998-2009 by Juergen Teller

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Cour Carrée Musée du Louvre Paris

09/10/2009, Current Affairs, Louis Vuitton, Paris, Rad Hourani

Cour Carrée Musée du Louvre Paris

The lovely Fred of Easy Fashion, one of my favourite French streetstyle blogs, took this wonderful photo of me at the Cour Carrée Musée du Louvre where the Louis Vuitton show took place yesterday.

Cour Carrée Musée du Louvre Paris

Jacket, leather pants and shoes from Rad Hourani, Chanel bag, Marc Jacobs sunglasses, Topshop t-shirt.

Between you and me, I'm shocked that I look nice (ok, presentable, but I could've WERQED the LOOQUE harder) in this photo. I was all sweaty, coughing, huffing and puffing when I got to the show venue because I sprinted (in five inch heels) from the wrong metro station. Not good.

But the result, well, voila, pas mal…

Thank you Fred!

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After the Fendi Party en Route to Maxim’s

08/10/2009, Current Affairs, Paris

After the Fendi Party en Route to Maxim's

It's interesting how I have thousands of photos of other people (and things) here in Paris but I barely have pictures of myself. I went to the Fendi Party with Hugo, Karen, Michelle and Dean who took these blurry yet absolutely hilarious photos of me prancing the streets to go back to Maxim's where Club Sandwich is held.

Thanks Dean!

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Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2010 Video – Final Walkthrough

08/10/2009, Fashion and Style, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Paris, Spring Summer 2010

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2010 Video – Final Walkthrough 

So here’s the view from my seat.

Amazing! Halfway throughout the show, my feet were thumping along the music and I wanted to dance. I’m sure the Japanese guy beside me must have been giving me looks. Who knows? It’s a good thing that it was dark. Hah!

Oh and btw, I’m gonna save money from this point on so when the next season comes, I’ll have a super fabu camera that will take decent videos. Add that to my Christmas wish list. I know most indie bloggers (like myself) put material out there that’s “raw” etc. but there are times when I really want to capture moments clearly and precisely so when I present it to you, you can see it the way I’m seeing it.. know what I mean? I hope so.

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Monsieur Bryan Boy

08/10/2009, Current Affairs, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Paris

Monsieur Bryan Boy

Every fashion-obsessed child's dream is to own a Louis Vuitton bag. Well, after all these years of loving Louis Vuitton, the time has arrived. It's an honor to be invited to the delightfully colourful Louis Vuitton womenswear show earlier this afternoon. My first ever LV show, can you believe it? Yes, here in Paris in the center of it all (not in Hong Kong, Singapore or worse, Manila), at the Louvre!!!!!

photo of Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2010 womenswear fashion show invitation

Thank you so much for having me there and hope to see the show next season!

Pictures and videos to follow. The hair, the bags, the fox fur tails, the shoes, my god, I don't even know where to begin!

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self service + giovanna battaglia

08/10/2009, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style, Paris, Self Service

self service

Yesterday afternoon before the extraordinary Alexander McQueen show and the super fun Fendi party, I popped by the self service magazine offices for an impromptu shoot. They shot me and the ultra chic and ultra beautiful Giovanna Battaglia. If you’re a streetstyle blog fan (ie thesartorialist, jak and jil and many, many others) I’m sure you’ll know who she is.

Me waiting for my turn to get my make-up done..


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Rad Hourani

03/10/2009, Current Affairs, Paris, Rad Hourani

Rad Hourani

Rad Hourani is one of the breakout stars coming out of New York fashion week. I'm a big fan of his work and his aesthetic and I'm so happy I got to wear Rad here in Paris.

Bryanboy in Rad Hourani

Meanwhile, I've been getting lots of compliments in Milan and Paris because of these ultra chic yet ultra cheap $5 Marc by Marc Jacobs rings (first two rings on the left) I bought in New York. Five dolla, five dolla!

photo credit:

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Daphne Guinness at Gareth Pugh

02/10/2009, Current Affairs, Daphne Guinness, Fashion and Style, Paris

Daphne Guinness at Gareth Pugh

Ask me who I think is the most ferocious and best dressed woman of our time and the answer I'll give you is no other than Daphne Guinness, hands-down. She went to the Gareth Pugh show early like the rest of us and she was just there, waiting by her chic self, occasionally chatting to random fashion pundits.My friend Rene tried to take pics of Rihanna when she got there but I had my eyes glued on Daphne. When Riri left, I grabbed Rene and asked him to come with me because I need to meet Daphne Guinness.

daphne guinness

Well, what do you know… Daphne is not only very approachable, she's also very gracious and very kind. We chatted for a few minutes and she even joined us on the queue… I politely told her "but you're Daphne Guinness, you should walk right through!!!" and she cheekily said something how them English folk like to fall in line LOL. I adore her. I love her. LOVE as in LOVE. I even touched her plastic coat!

I was this close to telling her "OH EM GE DAPHNE CAN I SPEND A DAY OR TWO IN YOUR HOUSE AND ALLOW ME TO RANSACK YOUR WARDROBE SO WE CAN PLAY DRESS UP IN YOUR COUTURE?" but alas, I've only just met her so I need to behave.

But… can you imagine how much fun we'll have if that happened?

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Ciao Milano, Bonsoir Paris!

30/09/2009, Kate Moss, Paris, Vogue Paris

Ciao Milano, Bonsoir Paris!

I finally made it. I'm here at the epicenter of fashion.

It's very cold and I wish I didn't leave the pets my furs at home. Oh well.

Tomorrow I'm gonna pick up my mail. I'm excited to see what invites I get. So far I have Bruno Pieters, Chloe and Louis Vuitton in the bag, Gareth Pugh's afterparty tomorrow and Juergen Teller's book signing early next week.

To all of you guys, my cell phone number here in Paris is: +33 6 9907 3849.

Bonne nuit!