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The Cult of Beckii Cruel

12/08/2010, OMGOMGOMG

The Cult of Beckii Cruel

While the Filipino online community is going through a ‘bekimon‘ phenomenon, a fourteen-year old British teenage girl who goes by the pseudonym of Beckii Cruel is making waves in Japan. Meet Rebecca Flint from Isle of Man aka  Beckii Cruel.

One thing I’ll never, ever get is this insane Asian obsession with all things “cute” or “girly”.

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How Ridiculous is This?

10/08/2010, OMGOMGOMG

How Ridiculous is This?

Here’s something for hygiene freaks out there. Please tell me this is a pisstake.

What say you?

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Dunhill Nanocut. What Kind of Fuckery is This?

09/08/2010, OMGOMGOMG

Dunhill Nanocut Cigarettes

Check out this pack of Dunhill Nanocut cigarettes I bought in Taipei and compare it to my usual Marlboro Lights cancer sticks that I got in Manila.

Dunhill Nanocut Cigarettes

Those teeny tiny, size 00 pro-ana tobacco sticks greeted me when I opened the pack.

What kind of fuckery is that?

I don't understand this whole concept of 'diet smoking'.

In any case, I want to quit smoking though. I'm giving myself two years, tops.

9:30 am

Nazi Buddha Taipei, Taiwan

09/08/2010, OMGOMGOMG, Taipei

Nazi Buddha – Taipei, Taiwan

I'm too lazy to search this on google but I must say that this Buddhist temple with the swastika symbol is the first (and last) striking thing that I saw on the journey to and from Taipei airport.

Swastika on Buddhist Temple, Taipei Taiwan

Swastika on Buddhist Temple, Taipei Taiwan

It's cray cray isn't it? I'm sure it means something different. I think I've read many years ago about all these kids wearing swastika signs on clothing in China.

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Domestic Daddy is the Gay Bree Van De Kamp!!! @domesticdaddy

05/08/2010, OMGOMGOMG

Domestic Daddy is the Gay Bree Van De Kamp!!!

Oh daddy.

I don't know about you but it's no secret that my biggest fear in life is to end up alone when I get old. I'm sure if you go to your local gay club you'll see what I mean. I don't want to be like one of them crusty and musky men in their late thirties or early forties, still hanging out at bars and nightclubs, eyeing everyone up. Let's face it — men,  by nature whether gay or straight, are promiscuous perverts who can't keep their pants closed.

My new favourite blogger Christopher (aka Domestic Daddy) proves that not every mature, manhunt-hopping gay man ends up in a leather harness, getting fist-fucked in a sling while high on crystal meth.

Yes, gay men too can happily live together forever with their adopted daughter (Chris has a cute girl named Julia), have three homes (San Francisco, New York City and the Hampons) and make Moroccan chickpea salad, Pisco Sour, Elder Collins and Caipirinha.

Christopher aka Domestic Daddy

If you haven't seen it, check out

He's like the gay version of Martha Stewart and Bree Van De Kamp combined! I'm warning you… his website is all rainbows and sunshine and unicorns. Truly aspirational.

Chris is also on twitter. How can you not smile when you see tweets like "daddy made gazpacho today" or "daddy served halibut with romesco sauce last night"? Follow HIM.

There's hope, young gays, there's hope.

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Be-Weave in Homosexual Hairdos and Real Synthetic Hair

02/08/2010, OMGOMGOMG

Be-Weave in Homosexual Hairdos and Real Synthetic Hair

I have no words. No words! Sometimes, all you gotta do is be-weave. Be-weave!!!

Don’t you be-weave that Jesus is your saviour?

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How come nobody told me about the greatness of a male cheerleader?

20/07/2010, OMGOMGOMG

How come nobody told me about the greatness of a male cheerleader?

You gotta give mad props to this flamboyant guy for being more enthusiastic about cheerleading than I am about anything in my life at the moment. OK, that’s not true. But still. I may put my masculinity on hold by sporting fabulous wedges but this guy deserves an award for having the spirit.

What say you?

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That Doesn’t Make You A Model – Punchrobert [watch or i'll cut your face]

16/07/2010, OMGOMGOMG

That Doesn’t Make You A Model

I found my future husband.

“Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful.”


Glitter Text Maker

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27/05/2010, OMGOMGOMG


I have seen so many cringe-worthy things online over the years but this, oh my good lord, nothing beats this.

What the fuck were they thinking?

What say you?

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Jonnie Jenkins aka PhatGayKid

14/05/2010, OMGOMGOMG

Jonnie Jenkins aka PhatGayKid

I’m in shock. I have no words. Watch this. I need to know what kind of happy pills that guy’s been taking.

“I bet none of you guys can do high notes like that.”


Right. What say you?

Yet another reason why people should practice safe sex.

Just saying.