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It’s Time

28/11/2011, OMGOMGOMG

You MUST watch this touching video.

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Judge Paxton

12/11/2011, OMGOMGOMG

Have you ever been judged by a random stranger based on your convenience store purchases? That’s what happened to me last night. I went to the nearby 7-11 to buy cigarettes and also picked up a few essentials — butterfinger candy, mineral water, toothbrush and fat burning pills.  I was doing my business at the check-out counter and this guy came up beside me, looked at me and somehow found entertainment value in my selections. Only in America when random people feel the need to talk to you as if you’re long-lost friends. There’s no time for chit chat because Rumi was waiting inside the car.

Bryanboy's purchases at 7-11
Paxton showing Rumi Neely and Bryanboy his purchases from 7-11

After telling her what just happened, I thought that it would be fun to turn the tables. I asked Rumi to  open the car window. We screamed at the guy as he exited the store to come to us and lo and behold, we played a little show-and-tell. He got a huge ass can of beer, some starbucks drink-in-a-can, coconut water and chewing gum.

He introduced himself as Paxton, asked what our names are and that was the end of it. Didn’t exchange contact details, nada. When he left, I couldn’t help but ask Rumi what the chances are of us bumping into him. He seemed like a cool person. She said she probably lives around the area but we’ll probably never see him again.


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To See Is To Believe

21/10/2011, Moscow, OMGOMGOMG

I felt a bit peckish last night so I browsed the room service menu. A regular burger costs US$65 if you include the service fee, delivery fee, all these fees… I couldn’t help but laugh at the prices because they’re akin to robbery in broad daylight so when I told my bf about them, he said, “I hope that’s the first AND last time you’ll look at that menu.”

If you think a sixty dollar room service burger is too much, this small jar of wasabi peanuts from my mini-bar will set you back 970 rubles or US$31. Thirty one dollars for a jar of peanuts! I can’t. I. Just. Can’t. Deal.

Expensive wasabi peanuts in Moscow

This is how they roll in Moscow. Sad but true.

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The 26 Inch Nail Lady

17/07/2011, OMGOMGOMG

Meet Jazz Ison Sinkfield. Her fingernails are 26 inches long.

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Empire Avenue

29/05/2011, OMGOMGOMG

Talk about major productivity killer. An acquaintance of mine (who is so hooked in this social media phenomenon) pointed me to this amazing website called “Empire Avenue“. It’s an online strategy game of some sort where you can buy virtual stocks/shares of people or companies on your favourite social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. The concept of the game is quite simple and it’s great for rookie investors. The end goal, of course, is to make lots of (virtual) money and to get your share prices up. It’s fun! All you need is a Facebook account to participate.

Empire Avenue

Click HERE for more information.
Don’t forget to buy shares of my stock haha! ;-)

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Rarer Than A Unicorn

13/05/2011, OMGOMGOMG, Stockholm

Look who I spotted at Humlegården yesterday afternoon. Perhaps she borrowed a book from the nearby Royal Library?

Humlegården, Stockholm
Real life Marge Simpson<br />
at Humlegården, Stockholm

How often do you get a Marge Simpson sighting in real life?

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The Power of Flowers

26/03/2011, OMGOMGOMG

I’m turning into a housewife more and more each day. Like clockwork, I telephoned the BF yesterday afternoon to ask him where he’s at. He told me he left work a few minutes late and he’ll be with me shortly. When I opened the door, he gave me three gargantuan red roses about the size of my fist — the first time he bought me flowers (shock horror!) after almost nine months of being in a relationship together. Biological females probably have it lucky for getting flowers sooner but alas, that’s how the gays roll.

Red Roses
I thought it was a very sweet and kind gesture. We had a pretty messy fight the other night.

I guess that’s the thing about relationships. Both parties have to put in some effort. Both have to do whatever it takes not to give up on each other.

There are times when I want to pinch myself, wondering whether what I have is real or not because it’s too good to be true. But it is.

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27/11/2010, OMGOMGOMG


Those Italians eh? Remember…. you saw this here first.

Thank you for the laughs.

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Wait a sec, wouldn’t it be like AHHHMAYYZING if I had a sewing machine?

15/11/2010, OMGOMGOMG

Wait a sec, wouldn't it be like AHHHMAYYZING if I had a sewing machine?

Meet Cecilia Cassini.

Cecilia apparently is the "youngest fashion designer in America."

Mothers, lock your children up! In the words of Patsy Stone, "abort, abort, abort!"

What say you?

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Can You Hypnotize a Chicken?

14/10/2010, Fashion Bloggers, OMGOMGOMG

Can You Hypnotize a Chicken?

When I went to Stockholm in August, my friend Elin told me she hypnotized a chicken on Swedish TV a few years ago.

We found the video last night during dinner and I thought it was amazing.