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Amy Winehouse Mania: She used to be obese!

01/05/2007, Obsession du Jour

Amy Winehouse Mania: She used to be obese!

I. can’t. get. enough. of. Amy. Winehouse. She’s my new obsession du jour. I love her music, I love her voice, best of all, I love her body! Well I love her body now, but not back then. She used to be a big, very big lady alright. Hahahaha! Let’s do a little Amy Winehouse "in retrospect", shall we?

Click click click to see a timeline of her dramatic weight loss!


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Obsession du Jour: Edina Monsoon – Absolutely Fabulous

25/02/2007, Obsession du Jour

Obsession du Jour: Edina Monsoon

I’ve been watching several of my Ab Fab dvds (for the Nth time) the past few days so I thought, why not post a few photos of my long-lost mother, Edina Monsoon. I think she’s the Queen Bee of it all. Erm,  I think Patsy Stone is THE Queen Bee of it all but Edina’s right up there, too. Anyway, they’re both role models and I think everyone should aspire to be just like them. The lifestyle, the drugs, the clothes, all that fat, etc. Phenomenal womaaaaaaan!

You know what would be the coolest birthday gift ever? I’d totally donate to the North American Man-Boy Love Association (or the Boy Scouts if I must) if Edina called my 24 hour voicemail line in the USA and leave me a nice, nifty voicemail greeting wishing me a happy birthday. I mean, what are the chances of Uncle Karl or Marc Jacobs or Naomi Campbell calling my voicemail anyway? Probably slim to none. Now Ms. Edina Monsoon on the other hand… well… my birthday is coming up in a few weeks so there.