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Bryanboy and Peaches Geldof @ No Magazine New Zealand Issue 4

03/12/2008, Current Affairs, New Zealand, Press Coverage

Bryanboy @ NO Magazine New Zealand Issue 4

Remember the spontaneous, last-minute morning shoot I did in Auckland a few months back? Well, the latest NO Magazine (issue four) is out now. Brit naughty IT-girl Peaches Geldof is on the cover.

Peaches Geldof on the cover of NO Magazine New Zealand

And here’s me in Jaeha who I love and adore. Too bad they didn’t show the red hooker heels which I LOVED.

Bryanboy in NO Magazine New Zealand

In spite of that busted face after a week’s worth of late nights out, I guess you may now add “International Part-Time Supermodel” in my resume. Hahaha! ;-)

Click click click for outtakes!


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A Question for Jimmy D.

27/09/2008, New Zealand, New Zealand Fashion Week

A Question for Jimmy D.

Hey sexy Jimmy D, WHO DAT man sitting right beside you? Just curious…

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World of Featherettes

22/09/2008, Current Affairs, New Zealand, New Zealand Fashion Week

World of Featherettes

I visited WORLD New Zealand's secret atelier this morning. Look at what I found.

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Bryanboy for NO Magazine

20/09/2008, Current Affairs, New Zealand

Bryanboy for NO Magazine

Speaking of Jaeha, I had a photoshoot early today for NO Magazine. I was SO worried I wasn’t gonna be able to make the shoot because I got back to my room at round 6 or 6:30AM. Don’t ask why because it’s a LOOONG story. Anyway, I got up at 10 and I managed to sleep for 2-3 hours… not bad I guess. It would be interesting to see how the photos would look like considering a) I went to the studio all haggard (my skin is shitty and I didn’t put make-up on)and b) it was a super quick shoot – no make-up or hair people at all so it was raw. I could only wish for the photo chop gods to do their magic. Haha!

Now. This is me in Jaeha.

Bryanboy in Jaeha for NO Magazine

Click click click!


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Jaeha Fall/Winter 2009 [VIDEO]

20/09/2008, Fashion and Style, New Zealand, New Zealand Fashion Week

Jaeha Fall/Winter 2009 [VIDEO]

Jaeha is definitely one of my fave Kiwi designers and I’m so glad (and honored) to be able to attend his show. Designer Alex Kim held his show off-site in this gorgeous church smack right in the middle of Auckland. It’s hysterical how everyone was drinking champagne at 9:30AM inside a church. I love it!

I *LOVE* his new collection! He made all these amazing androgynous tops and jackets with zips. The styling is also superb. So gorgeous! I have TONS of photos for y’all but you’re gonna have to wait until I have quality online time.

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Front Row at AG Research, Verge Breakthrough

20/09/2008, Current Affairs, New Zealand, New Zealand Fashion Week

AG Research & Verge Breakthrough

Look at all those raging queens on the front row at AG Research. From left to right: Imogen (the blonde one), Ryan in a feathered "Bryanboy Originals" neckpiece and Rick Owens top, Me and Jolyon from Grazia.

7:30 am

World of Wonder

19/09/2008, Current Affairs, New Zealand, New Zealand Fashion Week

Caption This

This ginormous paper bag was made for World's runway show.

So tell me, how does this make you feel?

World, New Zealand

Thats all.

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18/09/2008, New Zealand, New Zealand Fashion Week

Bloggers unite! Here's a quick snapshot of Isaac ( and his lovely partner Jordan. I love these two. They took me out to McDonald's the other day at 1AM. Tsk. I know, I know but what can I do? I love junk food…

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Kirrily Johnston

18/09/2008, Australia, Fashion and Style, New Zealand, New Zealand Fashion Week

Kirrily Johnston

Kirrily is one of my favourite Australian designers. She’s the only Aussie showing here in Auckland.

I love the gold striped dress towards the end of the video!

11:58 pm

World – Fall/Winter 2009

16/09/2008, New Zealand, New Zealand Fashion Week

World – Fall/Winter 2009

World is one of New Zealand’s most established fashion labels. I first heard of them from Patty a few months back. It’s their first time to show after four years and it was World who opened Fashion Week.