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SVT1 Sweden

14/11/2009, Marc Jacobs, New York City, Press Coverage, Spring Summer 2010

SVT1 Sweden

The lovely folks at SVT, the biggest television network in Sweden, has a show called “Fashion” hosted by Karin Withers and my reader Erich emailed me the bit where I made little cameo appearance.

Click HERE to watch their their Spring 2010 New York Fashion Week report.

Excuse my hoarsy voice. This was the time when all that traveling took toll in my system.

Bryanboy at Marc by Marc Jacobs

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Roman Abramovich’s $47,221 Lunch Tab at Nello’s

04/11/2009, New York City, OMGOMGOMG

Roman Abramovich's $47,221 Lunch at Nello's, NY

This is what Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich's lunch tab looks like.

Roman Abramovich's $47,221 Lunch Tab at Nello's

Apparently there were 6 people in the said lunch though some said there were 10.

Roman also paid an additional $5,000 tip on top of the 20% automatic gratuity…

Fascinating, how the billionaires eat and live.

Sometimes I feel like I'm in the wrong line of work. I want to save money to go to the shows again next season. Perhaps I should consider waitressing?

Not in the third world, I guess. 

luch tab via tmz

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2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Invite

03/11/2009, Fashion and Style, New York City, Victoria's Secret

2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Invite

Look at what magically landed on my desk today. It’s the 2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show invitation.

2009 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Invitation

The angels are back in the big apple! Save the date y’all: November 19, 2009. Black Eyed Peas will make a special guest appearance!

For your time…. remember VS 2006? This is definitely one of my fave runway moments in the history of all shows. Natasha Poly WERQ!!!!

I always get chills running down my spine whenever I watch that video. And Karolina… go!

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New York High Line at Night

19/10/2009, Current Affairs, New York City

New York High Line at Night

Blue is the colour of the night.

New York High Line photo

There is only one man in the world who can make me walk for miles and miles and miles (without me whining) and it’s my friend P. I remember on my last day in NYC back in February, we walked the city for 10 hours non-stop. We first met earlier this year and it’s nice seeing him again last month and this time around.

New York High Line photo

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Peter Som Spring Summer 2010

23/09/2009, Anna Wintour, Fashion and Style, New York City, Peter Som, Spring Summer 2010

Peter Som Spring Summer 2010

Peter Som, surprisingly, is one of my favourite collections in New York. I’ve been to a few presentations at Milk Studios during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and I really enjoyed his. It was a beautiful presentation with the models interacting, some even smiling, when you point your camera to them. And the clothes? There’s the element of fun and youth to them and the looks were very, very well-put together. I thought the styling itself was inspirational. Spectacular! These are easy to wear, well-made garments in some of the most amazing fabrics. I wanted to touch them. Also, some of the sweaters were to die for — you know me, I have a MAJOR weakness for anything striped! There’s a quirky feel to the looks, yes, however, one thing thing remain distinct: the finishing was so exquisite it gave the whole collection a sophisticated polish.

Peter Som Spring Summer 2010 presentation

Peter Som Spring Summer 2010 collection

Don’t even get me started with some of the accessories. I, along with several people I met throughout the presentation were swooning with the gorgeous necklaces and bracelets.

Click click click for more photos.


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Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2010 [video]

21/09/2009, Fashion and Style, Marc Jacobs, New York City

Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2010

Beautiful show from Marc as always. Took this video of the final walkthrough. Ruffles! Flats! Sequins! I’d like to hear your thoughts on the new Marc Jacobs collection.

Meanwhile, I made a little cameo appearance here…

I’ll tell you what happened backstage in a bit.

Moar pictures to follow!

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Madame Paulette New York Dry Cleaners

24/05/2009, Celebrity Gossip, Fashion and Style, New York City

Madame Paulette New York Dry Cleaners

Earlier this year before my grandmother passed away, I fought tooth and nail with a local dry cleaner who ruined one of my garments. They managed to rectify the damage they have done however, some of it is still visible. In the end, I got compensated half of what I asked for. Although it wasn’t the solution I wanted, it was better than nothing. A few friends told me I was lucky. Some dry cleaners won’t shell out a single penny; the most they’ll give you is a smile or a half-baked apology.

Anyway, I came across Madame Paulette’s website earlier this morning. They are based in New York and specialize in cleaning high-end clothes. Remember Melania Knauss in that ginormous, 50-pound Christian Dior haute couture wedding gown from the Empress Sisi/Fall-Winter 2004 collection?

Melania Knauss Christian Dior Wedding Gown Vogue

Well, she commissioned Madame Paulette to restore her wedding gown. Watch this video. This is how they clean haute couture.

Isn’t it amazing how technologically-advanced dry cleaners are overseas? Madame Paulette had me on the blacklights! How I wish local dry cleaners are sophisticated like that.

photo credit: vogue

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After the Party by Jeremy Kost

03/03/2009, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style, New York City

After the Party by Jeremy Kost

Calling all my folks in NYC — be sure to pop by and support my friend Jeremy Kost's event TONIGHT at The Dactyl Foundation. I love Jeremy. I really do. He's soo hot alright but yeah, I'm a super big fan of his work and it was an honor to have my polaroid taken when I went there two weeks ago.

Bryanboy by Jeremy Kost backstage at Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2009

From his press release: set to open March 3rd, Dactyl Foundation presents "After the Party,"
an exhibition featuring the art and photography of Jeremy Kost. The
show is curated by Tim Goossens of P.S. 1. Known on the New York
circuit as “the Polaroid artist,” Kost creates art with his tried and
true Polaroid camera. His Polaroids are about power and desire; whether
it is obtained or not, the works presented lend to the notions of
instant gratification, restraint and the overall fulfillment of

Jeremy Kost After the Party

The results of the photo sessions take the form of one-of-a-kind
Polaroid grids and collages. The Polaroid images allow for instant
gratification thanks to their quick development, but at the same time
the observer is left with a certain craving. Certain of the artist’s
feelings, they are perfectly conveyed in the essence of the Polaroids: 
he is at once self-involved and far-removed. The offhand
whirr-whirr-whirr of Polaroids – push, click, eject; push, click, eject
- ideally suits them to be parts of greater photographic wholes:
rectangular tessellations in many-eyed mosaics.

polaroids by Jeremy Kost

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Dirty Girl

25/02/2009, Current Affairs, New York City

Dirty Girl

Sometimes it's nice to let go and let your wild side take control. HAAAAAAAAA.

photo credit: coacd

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Douglas Perrett

24/02/2009, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style, New York City

Douglas Perrett

I'm SO happy meeting COACD's Douglas Perrett. As you know, COACD aka Confessions of a Casting Director is one of the very few blogs I religiously follow over the past few years. Douglas has great eye when it comes to some of the world's freshest faces and future fashion heavyweights aplenty have appeared on his blog before their stars shine bright, no wonder industry insiders, models and modelizers keep track of his website. I honestly thought April Fools came early when he included the non-model me on his top faces of 2008 — I mean COME ON!!!! — but yes, I'm super honored with the very kind gesture on his part.