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Hugging Amma

11/07/2012, New York City, OMGOMGOMG

Once again, let me ask you my favourite question — when was the last time you did something for the first time?

Mata Amritanandamayi Devi also known as AMMA
Eat Pray Love at Amma event in NYC

My beloved Kelly introduced me to her friend, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi also known as “Amma”, last night. She’s an Indian spiritual leader and guru who’s known for her charity work and of course, she’s known to embrace and hug (over 30+ million and growing) people. I went to her event and I, like many others, got to hug her last night.

YouTube Preview Image

Come to think of it, I’m probably the least spiritual person in the world. Ever. When I first entered the Javits Center, I thought I was entering some sort of a cult congregation of white people who found their ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ moment. But after four hours of observation and contemplation, I realized that a little bit of divine intervention from time to time doesn’t hurt.

Hugging her was quite an experience. It was intense. And magical. She looks like what you envision a saint would be. She doesn’t judge. When you approach her, she’ll smile at you and embraces you. Your head goes to her chest. Then you put your arms around her. She’ll chant something for about ten to fifteen seconds and then she grabs your hand and give you either a piece of chocolate or fruit. Then her people tell you to do this whole ‘post-darshan’ thing where you sit on chairs around her to observe her hug other people after you.

It really was crazy — in a good way. I’m so happy I got to see her.

To learn more about Amma, click HERE.

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That’s A Whole Lotta Plaid

21/12/2011, Current Affairs, New York City, Sonia Rykiel

What is it with the fashion’s love affair with all things plaid? It was one of the biggest trends during fall/winter 2008 and here we are, a third of a century later, it seems everyone in America is wearing something checkered. All the downtown tramps are wearing some sort of a flannel/plaid shirt with a white tank or tee underneath and a leather jacket on top. It’s not just a trend; it’s an epidemic. And this has been going on for years. I jokingly said on Twitter a few days ago, if god (that’s me) sent laser beams from the sky to exterminate anyone wearing plaid, half of New York City would be a goner by now.

Bryanboy wearing a plaid suit in New York
Bryanboy in a plaid suit
Sonia Rykiel orange fox fur scarf

Instead of wearing a flannel shirt (which, btw, is not gonna happen even if you point a gun to my head), I took my checked suit (which I bought in Tokyo) out for a spin over the weekend. I think this is the first time, at least on this blog, that I wore a full suit. I like it. No. I LOVE IT. This is a breakthrough for me. It’s like wearing a second skin. To be honest, I think I’m gonna start wearing suits more often. They have to be cute suits though not the snoozefest suits that make me look like a bloody waiter — hello, I’m Asian! 2010 was all about heels, 2011 was all about mixing and matching and playing so I’m gonna try to make 2012 all about suits. I’m kind of hating this new love affair because it means I’m gonna have to put a cease and desist on everything in my closet and start accumulating. It’s not a cheap vice to have.

Oversized fox fur scarf from Sonia Rykiel

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HUGO BOSS Shopping Experience With Chloe Sevigny

19/12/2011, Current Affairs, Hugo Boss, New York City, Sponsored Content

HUGO BOSS recently held a contest on Foursquare and the winner, Adele Fevrier, flew in from Paris to shop with Chloe Sevigny at HUGO BOSS’ Meatpacking District in New York. Here’s a quick video summary of last week’s experience.

YouTube Preview Image


I’ll post the photos as soon as I can.

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On The Brink Of Winter

18/12/2011, Current Affairs, Fur, New York City, Sonia Rykiel

Oh Mr. Weather Man will you please explain why the powers that be is taking its time to bring us to winter wonderland? This year’s descent from autumn to winter is taking far too long. Except for that lone freakshow (or should I saw freak-snow) of an incident in October, I’m surprised it hasn’t snowed in New York… and Christmas is one week away! I need my dose of frosty flakes ASAP.

Bryanboy in Sonia Rykiel fall/winter 2011 in New York

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Bumble and Bumble Salon

26/11/2011, Beauty, Current Affairs, New York City

Bryanboy inside Bumble and Bumble salon, Meatpacking District New York City

The Bumble and Bumble salon in NYC’s Meatpacking District redefined my hair salon experience. It was very, very spacious and the waiting area offered breathtaking views… a far cry from what I’m accustomed to: cramped spaces with prying salon gays who serve two customers at a time, not to mention nosy matronic patrons listening to every word you say. Bumble and Bumble was different. Talk about a major upgrade. I think it’s the first time I got a haircut as in salon haircut in Manhattan. They were quick, efficient and friendly. It’s a shame I was pressed for time (I sandwiched my trim in between meetings) otherwise I’d get my hair color done as well.

Oh and my hair stylist, the very tall and very hunky Rogan definitely made my our day. Rumi and I left the salon with a new adjective…

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The Dream Downtown

13/11/2011, Current Affairs, Hotels, New York City

The Dream Downtown Hotel New York South Tower
Bryanboy at the Dream Downtown Hotel New York City
Bryanboy at the balcony of Dream Downtown Hotel New York

A few comments about the new-ish Dream Hotel Downtown in New York:

1) Great boutique hotel.
2) Terrific continental breakfast. I’m not a big fan of bread or carbs but the pastries here are DIVINE.
3) Do not get a room on the 2nd floor of one of the North Tower. Avoid at all costs unless you’re a night owl. Rooms are directly above one of the clubs and the noise level is INSANE.
4) The bathrooms are spacious but the sinks are VERY poorly-designed. I had to wash my face using the shower and brushed my teeth/spit in the toilet bowl.
5. Room service food is awesome.

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You Know We’re Superstars, We Are Who We Are

10/11/2011, Current Affairs, H&M, New York City, Versace

I went to this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night for the first time. I never thought I’d have fun in what seemed to be an over-stylized underwear show but I did. I really did. Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z and Maroon 5 performed. You know me — I don’t really keep track of celebrities or pop culture but I think I have a newfound crush with Adam Levine. Yeah, me and the rest of the world. Boo.

Bryanboy holding star balloons from the 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Sunglasses from Prada, jacket, shirt, trousers from Versace x H&M collaboration, belt from South Africa, shoes from Versace

It’s such a shame that no one was allowed to bring cameras therefore I wasn’t able to capture special moments. Before the show, I had a chat with the fierce Kate Lanphear, exchanged kisses with the stunning Giovanna Battaglia. Carine Roitfeld also went there — with Alexander Wang. The odd fash people aside, I have never seen so many, errm, mature men in suits and tuxedos in the audience. Yep. A lot of bow ties.

Anyhoo, I had lots of fun. It was not your ordinary show.

For a blogger, photographic evidence carry a lot of weight. No photos, no care. Since we weren’t able to take photos at the show, Rumi and I took home these gold and silver star balloons from the show. The first thing that came to my mind when they fell from the Armory ceiling was…. oh my god, blog props!

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Prince Andrew

20/09/2011, New York City

It’s always nice seeing my Aussie friend Andrew in New York. Just hours before rushing to JFK airport for my flight to Milan, we did a quick round of our favorite spots uptown. Had our usual lunch at Fred’s in Barney’s (I love the lobster bisque and the grilled seafood salad), strolled around Central Park, had a strawberry mille-feuille at Lady M’s and finally, after him coaxing me to look at real jew-we-ry, we went down to Harry Winston and fawned over bajillion dollar jewels I (I don’t know about him) can’t afford. What a great way to end the twice a year madness known as New York Fashion Week.

Prince Andrew

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Hold My Hand

11/09/2011, Current Affairs, New York City

Being separated from family, friends and loved ones isn’t easy. Especially when you and the other people involved have similar insane, hectic and continent-hopping lifestyles. No amount of emails, phone calls or skype/webcam conversations can ever replace face-to-face time or physical contact. It’s interesting how I’ve only been here in New York a few days and I’m starting to miss my family; haven’t spoken to my parents in a week. A phone call is definitely overdue.

Bryanboy and Rumi Neely in New York
Bryanboy and Rumi Neely in New York City
Rumi Neely and Bryanboy holding hands.

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Michael Angel’s Summer Social

18/07/2011, Announcements, Events, Michael Angel, New York City

If you’re in New York City this week, be sure to pop by my friend Michael Angel’s Summer Social on Thursday, July 21. Details below.

Michael Angel's Summer Social invitation