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The Woman Who Never Left Me Alone

15/07/2011, Current Affairs, New Delhi

I’m going through some of my India photos and this photo set is too strange NOT to be shared. My partner and I went to the India Gate in New Delhi one hazy afternoon and this woman followed me for quite some time. All I wanted was one shot with the glorious arch as the backdrop but no, she kept interrupting my frame. Dozens of people passed over time and she refused to leave me alone unless we give her more money. We finally gave up after ten or so minutes and left with my bf quipping, “can’t you just have someone photoshop her out?”

Fashion blogger Bryanboy in front of India Gate in New Delhi, India

Here we are a week later. Upon further thought, I realized that in spite of our numerous efforts brushing her off, she really was meant to be in all of the photographs. Take our her out of the images and these shots are just gonna be me with another arch; nothing remarkable there. On the other hand, her ubiquitous presence solidified that I am indeed at India Gate. Her existence, and constant heckling, made this memory unforgettable for life.

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6:15 pm

Made in India

07/07/2011, Current Affairs, New Delhi

It’s hard not to be inspired here in India. Talk about major sensory overload wherever you go. Too many colors, too many prints, too much visual stimulation. I bought all these fabrics yesterday and brought them to a local tailor and today was my first fitting. A few minor changes here and there voila, a trouser of my “own” design. Or not.

Bryanboy's tailored trousers
Sunglasses from Kenzo, bracelets from everywhere, custom-made trousers, sandals from Marc by Marc Jacobs

I asked my Twitter followers a few hours ago this question — let’s say I bought the fabric, brought them to a tailor to sew and stitch a garment based on my own size, my own specifications, detail, etc. Who should get credit for the design? What should one say when someone asks “who made it? who is it by?” Using terms like “bespoke” or “private label” or is pretentious and definitely out of the question…

The tailor expressed doubt yesterday when I asked to make trousers out of the fabric I gave him. It was thick, printed cotton, about $7 a meter, a far cry from the $35 a meter (and upwards) wools he had in the shop. You should have seen his face When I went out of the dressing room during my fitting earlier. “Wow, they look like designer trousers,” he said.

Total cost for the whole thing: about $39. Spent $21 for the fabric (gave him 3 meters because the length was short) and about $18 for the labor.

In any case, let me just say that you won’t see me come out with a clothing line anytime soon. I’m just making the most out of my trip. I love this whole buy cloth and bring it to a tailor sort of thing. Afterall, fabrics are quite affordable here, there’s so much to choose from and from what I’ve experienced so far, access to a great, inexpensive tailor is easier than trying to find beef!

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Colour Me Bad

06/07/2011, Fashion and Style, New Delhi

Went to Chandni Chowk market earlier this afternoon and boy I went cray cray. There’s so many things to see there — everything from fabrics and artificial jewelry to toys and what have you. I bought more fabric earlier today and dropped by the tailor to have more things made. I paid like 600 rupees, roughly around $15 or so, for them to stitch me a pair of trousers using my own fabric. Amazingness! If I do this with a local “designer” back home I’m sure they’d charge me an arm and a leg.

Printed Indian cotton fabric in green, orange and yellow
Printed Indian cotton fabric in turquoise, purple, yellow
two types of printed Indian cotton fabric

6:16 pm

Incredible India! A Photo Diary (60+ Pictures Inside!)

04/07/2011, Agra, Current Affairs, Jaipur, New Delhi

Remember my Marrakesh photo diary? I must say this new post will top that blog entry. After a week of traveling India’s Golden Triangle, here’s a selection of the photos I took in New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. India is such an amazing country. I am obsessed with all the colours, the textures, the sights, the sounds, the scents, the spices, everything! It’s hard NOT to be inspired here. I’ve been wanting to visit India for years and I’m so glad I did. I’ll definitely cherish this trip for life.

Taj Mahal reflection on Bryanboy's Miu Miu sunglasses

I took over 5,000 photos during my trip so far. I’m back here in New Delhi and my holiday isn’t over yet. Perhaps I’ll do a part two? We’ll see…

So tell me my dearest readers, what’s your favourite photograph?

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Roadside Assistance

03/07/2011, Accessories, Current Affairs, Handbags, Jaipur, New Delhi

When it comes to road rules, in India, there are no rules. As our driver said, you need three things: a good horn, a good break and lastly, the most important of all, good luck. During the road trip from New Delhi to Agra, I saw four accidents over the span of five hours. Traffic lights are very rare here. Also, everyone honks like mad. They use their horns to communicate to one another. Even trucks have signs “Blow Horn Please” painted on the back. I’ve been using the ear plugs I got from the plane whenever I’m inside the car and let me tell you, they’re a godsend!

Bryanboy in the grassfields during his roadtrip from Jaipur to New Delhi

Three necklaces (one used as a headband) from New Delhi, sunglasses from Miu Miu, black top from Uniqlo, belt from Kenzo, trousers from a market in Jaipur, bracelets from Hermes and Morocco, shoes from Morocco, bag from Mark Cross

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India’s Golden Triangle: New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur

02/07/2011, Agra, Current Affairs, Jaipur, New Delhi

In the past week or so, I’ve been to New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, also known as India’s “Golden Triangle”. I started from New Delhi, drove to Sikandra to see the tomb of the Mughal Emperor Akbar, went to Agra to see the Agra Fort and of course, the crown jewel of India, the Taj Mahal, made a pitstop to see Fatehpur Sikri (where one of the imams told me my outfit was immodest so he made me put on this white cap AND fuschia pink wrap that was sooo Lanvinesque) and finally, went here in Jaipur to visit the Amber Palace, City Palace and Hawa Mahal.

India Golden Triangle Tour - Hawa Mahal in Jaipur

Here are some quick snaps over the past few days. I’m holding out on all the other amazing pictures for my other posts. Stay tuned. :-)

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Minimal Me and Hotel Lobbies

27/06/2011, Current Affairs, Hotels, New Delhi

During the menswear shows in Milan, a few editors have come up and took notice of my ever-evolving style. Some pointed out how I’ve drastically toned down (with the exception of the see through Missoni trousers that I wore ‘for old times sake’ on the second-to-the-last day of the shows) and some were absolutely upfront about me wearing flats. In fact, when I went to the Giorgio Armani show, I wore nothing but a plain white button-down, short-sleeved shirt, beige Elizabeth & James shorts and shoes from Church’s. A far cry from the usual more is more, “pile it on like a Christmas Tree extravaganza” that I usually do. I don’t know what it is but I feel like it’s more challenging (and interesting) to keep things to a bare minimum. And I like a good challenge from time to time. I don’t think the change has something to do with my tastes evolving… maybe it’s because I’ve been living out of a suitcase and I am forced to make do with what I have as in reuse, redo, recyle, hence I need to be more practical with what I pack?

Bryanboy at the hotel lobby of the Claridges Hotel, New Delhi, India

I had an epiphany earlier this afternoon. After four days in New Delhi, I think I found myself a new hobby — eat at hotel restaurants and then take pictures at the lobby! I love hotel lobbies. It’s like going to a rich person’s massive living room. They make stellar backdrops for photos and most hotels allow, if not encourage, picture-taking. Perfect for attention hogs like me! I travel so much yet I haven’t thought of this before… photo opportunity much?

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His Three-Oh

27/06/2011, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, New Delhi

When it comes to relationships, it’s always a case of ‘different strokes for different folks’. My partner and I agreed that we’ll do our best in spending special occasions together. In the past year that we’ve gone out, we’ve celebrated Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, my birthday and now, his. He finally hit the BIG three zero last night. I was gonna tease him that he’s an old fart now by asking him how it feels to go out with a tiny, gaysian boy like me but then stopped myself short because I’m gonna turn thirty myself in such a matter of time. Ooops.

Bryanboy at Sevilla Restaurant, Claridges Hotel New Delhi, India

We celebrated his birthday by popping by over at the Claridges Hotel here in New Delhi. We went to Sevilla, their restaurant. We asked for a table outside but they gave us a little cabana. Sweet. I had soft shell crabs to start, chicken tagine for main and a bottle of rose. I thought it was creepy that we didn’t fight last night. It’s almost obligatory for us to argue halfway through our meals at special occasions and we always, always look back to our fight (over the silliest, pettiest things) at that very expensive dinner during New Year’s at Boston. Anyway, to cut it short, we had a lovely time last night. One for the memories.

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6:34 pm

Expensive Hooker

26/06/2011, Current Affairs, New Delhi

Took this shot for posterity’s sake after a trip to the ATM. The tour operator we chose for our eight-day road trip wants to get cash payment tomorrow for the driver, guide, lodging, etc. Why not take a photo on the bed to see how those ‘ladies of the night’ feel?

Expensive hooker in New Delhi, India

9:35 am

Monsoon Season

26/06/2011, Current Affairs, New Delhi

It’s my bf’s 30th birthday today. We’re both paralyzed in our hotel because it’s misty, drizzling and at times, raining, out. Still not sure what we’re gonna do on his special day. Big three-oh everyone, big three-oh. I don’t want to know what I’m gonna do when I reach mine. Oh dear.

Bryanboy at The Manor hotel, New Delhi, India

Sunglasses from Miu Miu, raincoat from Valentino RED, bracelet from Hermes, tank top from Michael Angel, shorts from Elizabeth and James, bag from Mark Cross

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