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When Models Had Personality

11/06/2013, Fashion and Style, Models, Naomi Campbell

Naomi, Linda, Kristen and Cindy! This video of Naomi Campbell hanging out with her fellow supermodel mates in a hotel room is pure gold. Watch!

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Naomi Campbell at Dolce & Gabbana SS2011 Milan

01/10/2010, Dolce & Gabbana, Fashion and Style, Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell at Dolce & Gabbana SS2011 Milan

Naomi needs little introduction. Naomi is NAOMI.

Naomi and I reunited once again at the Dolce & Gabbana spring/summer 2011 show in Milan.

Naomi Campbell

Some of you might remember the first time I met her was November of last year when I visited the Vogue Russia offices in Moscow.

It's a pleasure to have chatted to her. To be at her presence, to stare at her eyes, to look at her iconic face… unbelievable. She's absolutely beautiful and a nice person inside and out!

Oh, Mama Nay Nay also introduced me (via mobile phone) to another inspiring individual who I admire for years — Edward Enninful!


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Naomi Campbell in Moscow

28/11/2009, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style, Naomi Campbell, Vogue UK

Naomi Campbell

Day 2 in Moscow and I was summoned to go to THE office once more where I met my new best friend. SUPER POWER FEROSHA WONDER TWINS ACTIVATE!

OK I know I look fat because of my cashmere sweater and all the layering goin on underneath but whatevs. NAOMI YOU BETTER WERQ!

Bryanboy and Naomi Campbell in Moscow

No diva attitude here. She's very sweet and kind!

How funny. There I was thinking about Vladislav Doronin before I left Manila then I decided to forget him… lo and behold the fiancee, the iconic werqing supermodel Naomi Campbell is here!!!! HELLO!

Can you imagine how magical the Vogue Russia office is? One of the world's iconic supermodels (and I'm not using the term loosely) casually pops by just like that, you know, just another day at the office… haha!

Ooof. I think I hear fashion fags say 'leave Nay Nay alone'! Haha ;-)