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Keeping The Dream And Fantasy Alive

01/05/2011, Musings, Prada

I went to Prada earlier this afternoon and bought this cheeky banana-print shirt I’ve been lusting for months as a special gift to myself.

Prada spring summer 2011 banana print shirt

In life, it’s important to create opportunities for oneself instead of waiting for opportunities to land on your lap. You just have to get out there and chase your dreams and fantasies. Especially if you came from nothing and you have nothing to lose. Today is a magical, surreal day. I can’t, and I won’t, elaborate but let me tell you something… sometimes, all it takes is a short, heartfelt note for dreams to come true in a New York City minute.

Monday could be another very, very magical night. One for the memories. I’m not promising anything but please cross your fingers (and your legs) for me.

In other news, are you excited for the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum? Monday is the opening night gala aka the grand Met Ball.

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Watch This: Struggling to Stitch

05/04/2011, Fashion and Style, Musings

Watch this moving clip about what’s going on these days in New York’s Garment District. I don’t think I’ll forget this video the next time I buy something with a “Made in New York” label on.

I feel sorry for the unfortunate garment workers who don’t get the compensation they deserve.

Especially now when a lot of things are made in far-flung places while retail price tags remain the same, or, even higher than what was being charged before.

This is nothing new in the fashion industry. Many brands have come under fire for various labor issues (unfair compensations, inhumane working conditions, etc) elsewhere around the world.

Ideally, I want to buy smarter, buy less and of course, love what I already have, which means wearing the things I own many, many times until I get sick of it.

Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done.

The temptation to buy affordable, fast fashion is inescapable. After all, not everyone has deep pockets.

When I did the laundry at my boyfriend’s apartment two weeks ago, I felt disgusted at myself for having amassed all these socks over three months of traveling. Thirty six pairs to be exact. When you hop from one city to another, it’s more cost-efficient to buy new, fresh pairs of socks (I buy H&M or Uniqlo socks… for what, $5 a pair, maybe less?) instead of sending them to the hotel cleaners, paying triple or quadruple the amount you originally paid for just to wash them. It’s impractical to pay $15 (plus tax, plus service charge, plus plus whatever) to clean a $3.99 pair of coloured socks! Same applies to underwear. Try living out of a suitcase and tell me what my best option is.

And when the mood to splurge hits… what do you get? An “investment” piece, usually a very expensive classic, that you can use time and time again or do you splurge on something unique, bold and extraordinary that you can only use a handful of times? After all, you want value for what you are paying for….

Our lifestyles and resources (or lack thereof) dictate the choices that we make.

I’ve always disliked the idea of waste or wastefulness. My parents raised me and my siblings to finish everything that’s served on our plates. Growing up, I’ve heard the old line “there are starving children in Africa” countless of times.

Today, more than ever, I’ll do my best to be more conscious.

7:40 pm

Buckle Up

25/11/2010, Current Affairs, Musings

Buckle Up

As soon as you settle into your seat, a flight attendant makes you choose between sparkling wine or orange juice. You take a sip here, you take a sip there, you take off your shoes, you look at the window and stare. This scene is all too familiar to me:

Delta Airlines Business Class

Delta Airlines Business Class

Delta Airlines Business Class

This week has been cray cray for me. I've been dealing with far too many contractual offers and legalese. Big words such as representation, management, multi-media development, direct-to-retail, co-branding, rebranding, brand identity, cookie-cutter, remuneration, etc.

I've had my blog for over six years… six not-so-easy years of building something from scratch. My site is my baby and it's obvious that I want to push it (and myself, of course)  to another level but I don't want to lose control. It's like giving up my child and sending him to "boarding school" in exchange for something.

It's not easy, no, but sometimes, the only option left is to buckle up and let others do their job in order for you and me to takeoff…

Enough about me. What about you?

Where do you want life to take you tomorrow?