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Frankmusik – Better Off As Two [VIDEO]

14/03/2009, Music

Frankmusik – Better Off As Two

Andres from Estonia (thanks babe) recently sent me this track, Better Off As Two by Frankmusik and I LOOOOVE IT! I guess some of my readers know my taste in music a wee bit too well. Check it out and listen to the lyrics. AMAZING, no? I have it on autoplay now as I’m typing this entry.

I’m sorry but did I never mention I’m better off with you.’Cuz now I think it’s time that you understood we’re better off as two.

Click HERE to download the MP3. I can’t wait for the album to be released so I’ll buy it on iTunes.

You’re welcome.

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The Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix) Lyrics, Video

03/03/2009, Music

The Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)

This remix is one of my fave tracks of all time. Pretty much sums up everything. For you-know-who-you-are.

So of course I miss you and miss you bad… but I also felt this way when I was still with you. Yes of course I miss you and miss you bad. But I also felt this way when I was still with you. This city’s no longer mine, there’s sadness written on every corner. Each lover was made to sign, now I hear them calling me over and over.

Click HERE to download the MP3.

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Ancient Relics

09/02/2009, Music

Ancient Relics

I have a few entries lined up today so let’s start with a bit of a video dump. I’ve been organizing my mp3 collection lately and came across some tunes from the dark ages. One tune let to another and for all you know, here I am dancing in my bedroom like a lunatic. I’m not gonna tell you when these songs came out… let’s just say it was such a golden period for me. If any of you recognize some of these tracks, please identify yourselves. I’d like to give you a warm welcome to the old hags club. Don’t deny it bitches or else I’ll cut your face. Hahaha. JK.

Click click click for some good ol’ classics. It’s blast from the past y’all, someone hand me glow sticks, quick!!


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Humans – The Killers (Ocelot Remix) Download Lyrics Video

18/01/2009, Music

Humans – The Killers (Ocelot Remix)

This, to me, is the best remix of Humans by The Killers. I had this track on autorepeat in my iPod when I was mincing down the huge streets of Beijing.

Cut the cord. Are we human or are we dancer? My sign is vital, my hands are cold. And I’m on my knees looking for the answer. Are we human or we dancer?

Is your heart still beating? Well, click HERE to downoad the track.

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Meet Sascha Babic

14/12/2008, Music

Meet Sascha Babic

So tell me my third world readers, how does Sascha Babic, from Germany, make you feel?

If you think that’s bone-chilling, wait till you watch this. Bikini mong itim ialay mo sakin? WTF. Takutan ba itech? Gurl tumambling lang naman ako with his mad pinoy karaoke skills! J’adore!!!!!!!


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Christian Dior Spring Summer 2009 Videos, Soundtrack & Playlist

05/10/2008, Christian Dior, Fashion and Style, Music

Christian Dior Spring Summer 2009

I finally found some time to watch the Spring/Summer 2009 Christian Dior show in its entirety and boy I love the soundtrack!

For those of you runway music lovers out there, here’s the complete track listing of the songs they used at Dior. It’s nice that big papa John gave Martin Solveig some good ol’ lovin and they used his song to open the show! I love Martin. I blogged about him back in August of last year. Hot stuff!

  • “Everybody” – Martin Solveig [here]
  • “She Wants to Move” – N.E.R.D. [here]
  • “Electric Feel” – MGMT [here]
  • “Your’e Missing” – Bruce Springsteen [here]


PS. Check out the 2nd video clip. Natasha Poly closed the show and she’s so FEROSH! She really worked that dress!!!

Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2009 final dress as worn by Natasha Poly.

Kudos to Maryna Linchuk (she surprised me!) and my fave Tanya Dziahileva as well.

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Sugar Daddy (Classical Remix) – Di Johnston

28/07/2008, Music

Sugar Daddy (Classical Remix) – Di Johnston

I finally found the song (used at Dior Couture Fall 2008) that’s been bugging me for weeks! It’s called “Sugar Daddy (Classical Remix)” by Di Johnston. Go go go and buy it on iTunes. I love it!

Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 2008 Alexandra Agoston, Sugar Daddy (Classical Remix) - Di Johnston

Sing after me: be my sugar daddy… no strings attached. If you’ll be my sugar daddy, you know… I’m okay with that. Be my sugar daddy… we’re just having fun. You can be my sugar daddy. You know, until the next one.

12:13 am

Christian Dior Autumn/Winter 2008-2009 Haute Couture

03/07/2008, Fashion and Style, Music

Christian Dior Autumn/Winter 2008-2009 Haute Couture

Y’all should get down on your knees and worship me because I just got hold of a copy of the fall/winter 2009-2009 Christian Dior haute couture soundtrack! Amazing amazing amazing! I just know I’m gonna play this on my ipod for weeks. Perfect for mincing!

Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall Winter 2008 2009, Musee Rodin, Paris

Click here (or right-click + save as) to download the file.

I still need to figure out the track titles. The first song they used was “Aquarius” by Dutch group Within Temptation and the last one was “Lights Go Down” by Basement Jaxx which I *love*. I’ll forever be indebted if you guys can name the 2nd to the last track though. To be quite honest, the good shit starts at 08:53 so fast forward and listen to that. 

Click click click!


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Amy Winehouse’s face

23/03/2008, Celebrity Gossip, Music

Amy Winehouse’s face

To be quite honest with you, I think this is more severe than a regular skin disease. She’s literally deteriorating right in front of our eyes!

Amy Winehouse face, skin disorder, disease, impetigo, aids, face

I’m not sure whether you remember the latest season of Project Runway but remember the HIV+ guy whose face blew up because he had staph infection and pus was leaking out everywhere? That’s what Daily News reported and I cannot help but wonder whether Amy Winehouse is suffering from the same thing.

Whatever it is, get well soon, Amy!

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Smell Yo’ Dick – Riskay The Drama Queen

26/11/2007, Music

Smell Yo’ Dick – Riskay The Drama Queen

Ladies!!!!! Holy guacamole! Riskay The Drama Queen is the HOTNESS! HOTNESS I tell you! I love, love, LOVE her track, "smell yo’ dick"! As vulgar as the lyrics are, the song is quite catchy and it makes perfect sense. You *MUST* download her track. I swear you won’t regret it. Go to her myspace and on the right-hand box of the page, there’s a link where you can download "Smell Yo’ Dick".

Riskay the Drama Queen, Smell Yo Dick

Sing after me: Why you comin home, 5 in the mo’nin? Something’s going on, can i smell yo’ dick? Don’t play me like a fool, coz that ain’t cool, So what you need to do is let me smell yo’ dick!

PS. So tell me, when was the last time you smelled your man’s dick? Smegma, anyone?