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Stockholm Beat Connection

05/08/2007, Music

Obsession du Jour: Stockholm Beat Connection

This is why I truly truly love love love love teh internets — thanks to Flamboyant in Sexy Sweden, I discovered this amazing, amazing website called Stockholm Beat Connection where I spent an hour or two downloading and listening to loads of lovely tracks and remixes.

Stockholm Beat Connection

If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to find this gorgeous remix (Ocelot remix) of Young Love – Discotech. Aren’t Finnish people the coolest people ever???? Just kidding. Click click click to download, listen to it in its entirety and tell me what you think. I know it’s old but I fucking love it!!! I finally have a new track to use the next time I go mincing down the street!! Pout those lips, sway your hips and WORK IT LIKE YOU OWN IT!

PS. Get down, get down, meet me at the disco!
PPSS. The only thing I hate about Stockholm Beat Connection is that they support those nasty PETArds. I **HATE** **HATE** **HATE****HATE** PETA but that’s ok, I’m willing to "agree to disagree" on this one because a) Swedes are hot and b) I love music.

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Grace Jones – La Vie En Rose

12/05/2007, Music

Grace Jones – La Vie En Rose

Is she not the fiercest woman on Earth? Ladies and gentlemen… Miss Grace Jones.

When he takes me in his arms and whispers love to me, everything’s lovely. It’s him for me and me for him, all our lives and it’s so real, what I feel, this is whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Ooooooooooooahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh La vieeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeee
La vie en rose, la vie en rose, la vie en rose, la vie en rose, la vie en rose, la vie en rose, la vie en rose, la vie en rose.

Grace Jones forever!!!!!!!

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Fergie – Glamorous: Oh the flossy flossy!

23/02/2007, Music

Fergie – Glamorous: Oh the flossy, flossy!

I LOOOVE THIS SONG! Sing after me: Flying first class, up in the sky, poppin’ champagne, livin’ the life. I won’t change for the glamorous, oh the flossy flossy! The glamorous, the glamorous glamorous, for the glamorous, oh the flossy flossy!

I’m not clean, I’m not pristine, I’m no queen, I’m no machine, I still go to Taco Bell, Drive through, raw as hell, I don’t care, I’m still real, No matter how many records I sell, After the show or after the Grammies, I like to go cool out with the family, Sippin’, reminiscing on days when I had a Mustang…

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Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland – Promiscuous

14/02/2007, Music

I love this song. I really do. I’d love to hear Paris Hilton sing it though.

Oh and Nelly Furtado is v. v. hot.

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13/02/2007, Celebrity Gossip, Music, Television

Does anyone know whether or not Anna Wintour went to the Grammys? With all these bitches in metallics, it would take wayyyy more than her trusty pair of Chanel sunglasses **AND** Andre Leon Talley (enough said) to protect someone’s eyes from this ludicrous and revolting display of SHINE, SHINE AND SHINE!!!!!!!!

#1 culprit? It’s no other than Ms. Vanessa Minnillo. Classic case of
"when bad things happen to good people". Her little silver sequined
number looks like a dress made out of those foldable reflecting sun shields for your car.


Photo credit: Wireimage

Click click click!


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2007 Grammy Awards

12/02/2007, Celebrity Gossip, Music, Television

2007 Grammy Awards

Bloody hell.

Boy do I have a lot in store for you. All these photos from the Grammys are pouring in! I’ll be online for a few hours and I made a little "Celebrity Gossip" section on my site where you can read all my billion dollar thoughts on the beautiful ones.

Be sure to add this link on your bookmarks and/or keep refreshing it every once in a while. I’ll post all my Grammy-related entries there. Just give me some time to get my act together. There’s gonna be a lot and I don’t want to clutter my BEAUTIFUL homepage with photos of badly-dressed, overpaid larks who can sing do re mi fa so la ti do do do better than me.


I love you all!

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Malcolm McLaren: Madam Butterfly

24/01/2007, Music

Malcolm McLaren: Madam Butterfly

I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG!!!! I haven’t seen the original Christian Dior Haute Couture S/S07 video yet but I have a feeling they used "Madam Butterfly" by Puccini; Malcolm McLaren (1984). You guys know how MUUCHHHHH I fucking love Malcolm McLaren.

Sing after me: Calling Butterfly, Madam Butterfly… that’s the name he used to give me… he’s my man till the day I die… Oh sweet Butterfly, so sweet Butterfly… She’s waiting… He’ll be back, I have faith in this love track.

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The Similou – All This Love

01/01/2007, Music

The Similou – All This Love

Reason # 450,103,578 why I love Sweden: All This Love!!!!!!! I downloaded this track ages ago and I found it again earlier while taking a poop. Anyway, I know it’s already 2007 and I’m a little too late in purging but what the heck, this song goes out to the man who gave me the biggest head fuck last year. What can I say… I’m a masochist. Whatevs. I love it!

(BTW, my lips are sealed. I know my life is made public via this blog and I did a damn good job separating "Bryanboy" and Bryan but there are things I still keep to myself, like my love life. Yes, it’s none of your fucking business and no, I haven’t said a single word yet about him on this blog until now.)

This track is PERFECT for MINCING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy!

City rooftop, summer night. In your tank top, rainbow styling. Last night, girl, like a dream. Never felt so good, sleepy smiling.

ALLLLLLLL THIIIIIIIIIIIIISS LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE SAVED UP FOR NOTHING, I never felt so blue. And all this love, rainbow styling. All this love saved up for nothing. And this will do me no good. And all this love, rainbow stylinggggggggggg!!!

Bryanboy loves it!

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Paris Hilton – Nothing in this world

25/09/2006, Music

Paris Hilton – Nothing in this world

Take note of the jeans and red shoes she wore at the end of this video — they’re the same ones she wore when she got busted for DUI.

Anyway, this song goes out to you know who. This is OUR song… I mean, MY song, to you.

(Oh for god’s sake, no more games. Just fuck the shit out of me the next time we see each other. We both suck at playing hard to get.)

Come on bitches sing with me… do you know… what it’s like… when it’s wrong… but it feels so right? Nothing in this world can stop us tonight. I can do what she can do so much better. Nothing in this world can turn out the light, I’m gonna make you feel alright tonight.


PS. Discuss this blog post on my Online Discussion Forum.

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The song every trannie should sing to a straight man.

10/09/2006, Music

Nothing in this world

I have the best song EVAR!!!! I have this track on autoplay and I must have heard it like 3,613 times now.

This is THE song every fuckin trannie (or faggot) should sing to a straight man when they’re both drunk so he can get inside his pants.