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Rajo Laurel + Rajo Red Gala

07/09/2008, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style, Manila

Rajo Laurel

I had the opportunity to visit Filipino fashion designer Rajo Laurel’s beautiful office/atelier/showroom yesterday afternoon. Rajo is one of the Philippines’ most established designers. This man has dressed countless Filipino socialites, celebrities, etc… pretty much the who’s who of Manila.

One of the things I love most about my country is that you can practically visit any local designer and have something made (without buying off the rack) to your liking and your size. Think of it as having your own mini-”couture” experience (sketches, fittings and all) without the stratospheric price tags and thousands of hours of labour.

Bryanboy at House of Laurel
(btw the shirt is from Filippa K which I wore to go there…so ignore that. haha)

I wanted a few things made to match that sequined Marc by Marc Jacobs jacket I recently got. It’s funny how I’ve known him for a few years now and this is the first time he’s doing something for me. Here’s little video of Rajo in action. Ignore our voices please, especially mine. Baklang bakla talaga! LOL

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Engraved Business Cards

26/08/2008, Manila

Engraved Business Cards

I went to the stationers earlier this evening to pick up my business cards. I love them! I wish I went there far in advance (instead of last week). I wanted to add a little bag accent or a little sumthin sumthin but the shop asked for 2-3 weeks production time. Oh well.

Engraved Business Cards

Jay Cee Kay Stationers
Lot 18, Lower Level Alabang Town Center, Alabang, Muntinlupa (or)
2nd Floor, San Antonio Plaza Arcade, McKinley Rd, Forbes Park Makati

My new business cards are engraved, just the way I like it. The lady even gave me my special copper (??) plate. Wow!

I've had Diane Pernet's blog entry about Madame Stern (who is the best engraver in Paris) on my bookmarks for the longest time. She basically inspired me to get engraved business cards. I thought it was a GREAT idea because everyone these days seem to have glossy or waxed paper cards with some sort of digital printing on it. Be sure to read about the 'ritual'. Amazing!

Hopefully in the future when I visit Paris once again, I'll pay the great Madame Stern a visit.
(if she doesn't show me the door that is.)

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Philippine Airlines Redux

24/08/2008, Manila, Travel

Philippine Airlines Redux

Some of you might remember my little trip to Philippine Airlines last month. Well, I went to the ticket office yesterday afternoon. In the essence of saving time (which is probably unheard of by PAL), I’ll post photos and I’ll let you connect the dots to guess what exactly happened.

Last month I was #748… yesterday I was #718.

What do you think? Sounds good? Now go. Click click click click!


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The Price of Gas in the Philippines

13/08/2008, Manila

The Price of Gas

I know this isn't a fashion-related post but man, I spent the entire afternoon with my accountant going through my finances and christ almighty, I have a stack of receipts from various petrol stations — the amount of money I've spent on gas the past few months is absolutely insane! In these crazy times, it's even more expensive to load up the tank than getting a decent MEAL itself in the city.

How much are gas prices where you are? I pay US$1.32 per liter or US$5.28 per gallon.

Gas Prices Philippines

I'm not exactly disconnected from the "real" world. I know what's going on… I just don't like talking about it.

I guess it sucks living in a city of what — 14 (or is it 15) million people where there's a lack of government-owned and operated public transportation system. That's right. Most, if not all, "public" transport here in Manila are privately operated by businesses or individuals. A price hike on gas means a a bigger dent on their daily budget which means less money to spend on important necessities. I could only imagine the horrors of what your average commuter face on a day-to-day basis, especially those who earn minimum wage, which is what?? P382 or US$8.60 PER DAY. YOU READ THAT RIGHT. US$8.60 PER DAY! And tons of people here in the third world get paid less than that! Don't even get me started.

Anyhoo. Isn't funny how I get **SO** much flak from people for referring to the Philippines as "third world? You try your very best to uplift the image of where you're from but reality bites sometimes.

Oh well.

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Bench Blackout Denim & Underwear Show 2008 Pics

26/07/2008, Manila

Bench Blackout 2008

Whew what a night. I just got back from the Bench underwear and denim show at Araneta Coliseum which happens every two years. I know y’all Americans have the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show featuring top-notch models… well, here in the third world we have celebrities (in addition to models) ‘modeling’ for mega-brand Bench. I know virtually nothing about the local scene and I thought this is the right time to immerse myself in, well, you know, local “culture”. Natch! Haha! In all seriousness however, other than the usual celebrity suspects, I really had no clue who is who and who is what because Filipino showbiz does NOT interest me at all and I don’t watch TV.

Photo: CVS

Anyhoo, it was a big, big, BIG, HUGE production and I swear, ALL the gays were there! My friend and I were joking that if some terrorist organization bombed the coliseum, there would be no gays left in the Philippines.

Here’s something for the memories. I was like…. HUWATTTT? LOL

Are you ready for more hilarity? Click click click for photos!


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Serge Lutens, Adora Department Store Greenbelt 5

12/07/2008, Fashion and Style, Grooming, Manila

Serge Lutens, Adora Department Store

It’s been a REALLY busy (and productive) week over here at Camp Bryanboy. Thank GOD it’s Saturday. I went to four business meetings yesterday. Can you believe it? A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to pay her bills… and all the nice and nifty things she desires.

Adora, Greenbelt 5

In between meetings, I visited my favourite luxury emporium ADORA at Greenbelt 5.  Click click click!


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Terry’s Bistro + Terry’s Selection

09/07/2008, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, Manila

Terry’s Bistro + Terry’s Selection

My friend and I were craving for steak so we went to this cozy place at Podium mall called Terry’s Bistro after the salon.

Bryanboy eating rib eye steak at Terry's Bistro, Podium mall

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Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Miles

01/07/2008, Manila, Travel

Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Miles

It pains me whenever I publicly air my frustrations with huge corporations online (there goes the dream of free air travel haha) but after everything that has happened this year, last night was the final straw. If you know someone very important who works for Philippine Airlines, please be sure to forward this blog entry. I’m calling upon the powers of the Tsinoy (Filipino-Chinese) bajillionaire boys club mafia in the Philippines (trust me when I say they own EVERYTHING… these people are richer than air!!!) to get in contact with their hombre Lucio Tan. I know for a fact there’s a few of you ladies out there reading my humble blog.

Philippine Airlines, Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2

Now. I went to the ticket office at the international airport yesterday because John Galliano sent a private jet to pick me up and visit him in Paris to redeem my Philippine Airlines frequent flyer miles. Click click click!


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07/06/2008, Manila


I just got home from a KERRR-AZYY day out (lots of major stories to tell!). There are dozens of cars outside our house… our next-door neighbour died three hours ago because of lung cancer.


RIP Tito Manny.

PS. Spare me from your anti-smoking hoo haa because I don't wanna hear it. I'm gonna stop! In fact, I've been using tar filters religiously ever since I discovered them three days ago.

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Bryanboy Loves… Puey Quinones

25/04/2008, Manila

Bryanboy Loves… Puey Quinones

Check out this AlJazeera report featuring Filipino designer Puey Quinones.

This video is both amazing and inspiring!!! This is the sort of "prison" video that y’all should be watching and not that famous Thriller jail dancing clip. It’s always nice to see someone out there in the local fashion industry do something – anything – that makes a difference in the lives of other human beings, maximum security prison inmate or not.

I love Puey Quinones!