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11:40 am

Big Hat for the Big Guy

05/11/2010, Current Affairs, Los Angeles

Big Hat for the Big Guy

It's been quite awhile since I posted images of me wearing something as basic as a black tank top. Or pretty much anything that shows imagery of my weight gain. If you haven't noticed, I only seem to post pictures of me wrapped in clothes or accessories. Yes, after months of constant traveling (not to mention eating), I must admit that I've gained quite a bit.


After looking at this photo, it doesn't look like my weight gain is a bad thing. Thin, of course, is the norm, and I certainly have to watch out what I ingest but sometimes it's nice to look different from what I am accustomed to. In any case, I like how I look. I'll work on toning myself, for sure. Otherwise, not bad eh?

With that being said, I'll still take appropriate steps in being fit…. AND staying fit.

Completely letting myself go is NOT, and WON'T be, an option.

11:09 pm

Parralel, Not Perpendicular

04/11/2010, Current Affairs, Los Angeles, Rumi Neely

Parralel, Not Perpendicular

Funny, the words coming out of our mouths: perpendicular, “preparation tour”, “upping perceived luxury levels”, “the start of the beginning”, secret breakfast etc.

Another night driving around Los Angeles…

1:01 pm

Planet Everyone Wants To Be A Stylist

04/11/2010, Current Affairs, Los Angeles

Planet Everyone Wants To Be A Stylist

Why does everyone want to be a stylist these days? I don’t. I mean, I *LOVE* playing with clothes and all but I don’t want to be a “stylist”.

That’s the $64 million question.

9:09 am

Meeting Paris Hilton @parishilton

04/11/2010, Celebrity Gossip, Current Affairs, Events, Fashion and Style, Los Angeles, Paris Hilton

Meeting Paris Hilton

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Well, I’ve met Paris Hilton for the first time last week at the Dsquared2 + Yoox event for Much Love Animal Rescue in Los Angeles.

Bryanboy and Paris Hilton

Click click click!


7:12 am

Level 1 Vacuuming Video

04/11/2010, Current Affairs, Los Angeles, Rumi Neely

Level 1 Vacuuming

I discovered the powers of the vacuum cleaner the other day. I made a mess at my friend’s spare apartment and I thought I’d clean it up. We had all our shit scattered all over the floor and I’m starting to run out of clothes, hence me in a white shirt. The said shirt belonged to my boyfriend but he gave it to me. It’s an old shirt from his days with the Swedish military.

Hysterical, isn’t it?

I don’t know what to angle for… tv show or Bryanboy for Dyson ad campaign? The choice is yours…

9:17 am

Patience, My Friends

02/11/2010, Current Affairs, Los Angeles

Patience, My Beloved Friends

Hello everyone! I apologize for the lack of recent posts. As you know, I'm here in Los Angeles, California.

I've been here since last week and I'm staying at a friend's spare apartment. She doesn't have internet service because she only goes here once or twice a month.

Bryanboy in Los Angeles

I've been working very hard so allow me to take this brief time off as post-fash month vacation. I'm off to my next destination later this week at which I'll update you with what I'm up to.

I love you all as always.

4:35 pm

How the Night Ended [video]

29/10/2010, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, Los Angeles, Rumi Neely

How the Night Ended

Here's a video of me at In-N-Out. For those of you who don't know, this place is a Los Angeles institution.


My gurl Toasty and I had lots of fun. I'm so glad she made the two and a half hour drive from San Diego to see me.

8:00 am

A Message to My Readers from Paris Hilton

29/10/2010, Celebrity Gossip, Current Affairs, Dsquared2, Los Angeles

A Message to My Readers from Paris Hilton

Hey guys! I'm here in Los Angeles.

I've met the amazing (and iconic) Paris Hilton at the Dsquared2/Yoox party at this gorgeous Beverly Hills home in LA. She's so lovely and charming!

It's my first time in LA and it's so surreal to be at her turf. Paris all the way!