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Love-Hate ReLAtionship

02/06/2011, Current Affairs, Los Angeles

I’ve been to a handful of places around the world and no other city has the same effect on me like Los Angeles does.

Bryanboy in front of Marc by Marc Jacobs store in Los Angeles, California

Sometimes I love it, but most of the time, well, I don’t. I always cringe whenever I’m faced with the prospect of going but once I’m here, everything turns out to be OK. Part of the reason why I can’t stand the place is the fact that I don’t know how to drive.

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She Could Be A Farmer In Those Clothes

27/04/2011, Current Affairs, Los Angeles

It’s always nice to see something unexpected. I swooned over this pair of denim overalls at Urban Outfitters the other day. It was on sale so I had no choice but to buy it. It was less than fifty bucks! I know I’m the last person to wear something like this… but it’s so fun!

Denim overalls worn from Urban Outfitters
Bryanboy's denim overalls

Hat and overalls from Urban Outfitters, t-shirt from Theysken’s Theory, shoes from Acne, bag from Rebecca Minkoff

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Planet Urth

26/04/2011, Current Affairs, Los Angeles

Yes, we all need a Comme des Garcons wallet.

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Who Spends $200 On Shorts? Bobba and Kale

26/04/2011, Current Affairs, Los Angeles, Rumi Neely

Meet Bobba and Kale.

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In Desperate Need Of A Vacation

27/11/2010, Current Affairs, Los Angeles

In Desperate Need Of A Vacation

I'm exhausted. I deal with so many things every day. It's very good (and I'm extremely thankful) that I have lots of work and projects underway but I'm drained. Sometimes I wish I could turn my back and wish everything unnecessary pressure would go away but life is not that simple.


While organizing my calendar a few days ago, I discovered I made three commitments in three different cities around the world… all at the same bloody date! What a nightmare. It's a good thing only one had my flight tickets booked, otherwise it would be one very embarassing and very expensive disaster. It took a heck of a lot of last minute coaxing and apologizing.

I think it's a sign that I am in desperate need of a REAL week-long vacation (somewhere remote, somewhere sunny, somewhere isolated) to recharge and re-energize but I don't think it's gonna happen for quite awhile. :-(

I love my job, I love my job, I love my job.

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An Ode To Good Ol’ Celebrity Culture

16/11/2010, Current Affairs, Los Angeles

An Ode To Good  Ol' Celebrity Culture 

A trip to LA isn't complete without a visit to the legendary Robertson Blvd. I dunno about you but after years  of wasting precious brain cells from reading tabloids like Us Weekly, Star, People, etc., I thought it was appropriate if we paid homage to this so-called celebrity culture, in good ol' paparazzi style, right in front of the iconic Kitson boutique.

Bryanboy and Rumi in front of Kitson Store on Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles

Bryanboy and Rumi in front of Kitson Store on Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles

Paris and Nicole is dat chu?

photo credit: fashiontoast

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Saying Goodbye Is Never Fun

11/11/2010, Current Affairs, Los Angeles, Rumi Neely

Saying Goodbye Is Never Fun

In spite of constant, almost 'round the clock communication online, saying goodbye to good friends is never easy in real life. The internet plays a huge role in our social lives in this digital age but nothing, and I mean nothing could ever replace real-life, face-to-face human contact.

Seriously, where's our TV show?

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Forest Bump

06/11/2010, Current Affairs, Los Angeles

Forest Bump

Yes, I do wear flats from time to time. Sometimes. ;-)

I don't know how you people do it. I know it takes more than sheer willpower and miracles to wear bitch heels day in and day out and it's another thing to have flawless feet. I feel like my feet are so fucking ugly and rough due to my cray cray shoes… I wear socks indoors (and yes, when I'm having sex) to hide myself from embarassment.

I think I'm gonna have a pedicure tomorrow.

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Six Dollars Is A Cheap Price To Pay For Our Freedom

06/11/2010, Current Affairs, Los Angeles

Six Dollars Is A Cheap Price To Pay For Our Freedom

From Mariah Carey to Emma Bunton, the $64 million question is… why is everyone pregnant?

It’s funny how we went around the same block a billion times trying to find somewhere to park.

3:36 pm + Dsquared2 Launches Limited Edition Canine Accessories [photos]

05/11/2010, Celebrity Gossip, Current Affairs, Dsquared2, Events, Fashion and Style, For A Good Cause, Los Angeles, Paris Hilton, + Dsquared2 Launches Limited Edition Canine Accessories

The wonderful folks at & Dsquared2 recently invited me to Los Angeles for the launch of Dsquared2′s limited-edition canine accessories.

Bryanboy and Dan Caten

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