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Lanvin Fall Winter 2009 2010 Fashion Show Video

07/03/2009, Fashion and Style, Lanvin

Lanvin Fall 2009 Fashion Show Video

INCREDIBLE!!!!! I had goosebumps listening to Suzy Menkes’ words on her Lanvin report for the IHT/NYT.

I wonder why Alber showed early this season, even before Chanel. Usually it’s Lanvin and Vuitton that close Paris Fashion Week. While most fashion houses downsized their guestlists this season, Alber did quite the opposite and kept things the way they are. He recently told WWD:

“Now, everybody said, ‘Let’s do a small show.’ Intimate, I believe in, but a small show – if you invite only the editors in chief – all the writers, the assistants lose the dream. This is the time to invite the people who dream.”

I hope I get to see a Lanvin show sometime in the future.

In any case, I can’t wait to see the full show on YouTube in a few weeks. I’ve seen photos of Alber’s latest collection for Lanvin and I’m in LOVE. I’ll post my favourite looks in a bit.

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Lanvin Toute L’année!!!

01/02/2009, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style, Lanvin

Lanvin Toute L'année!!!

Oh hello.

And oh Alber, why are you doing this to me? Why do you inspire so many people to dream?

I finally got the chance to wear the Lanvin Bette Davis t-shirt from Luisa Via Roma. What do you think?

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Lanvin T-Shirt Spring Summer 2009 – Bette Davis

30/01/2009, Fashion and Style, Lanvin, Shopping, Unboxing

Lanvin Bette Davis T-Shirt

The oh-so-familiar navy blue box from luxury retailer Luisa Via Roma never fails to bring cheer at times of depression. As always, one can rely on their impeccable and superb service.

Lanvin T-shirt at Luisa Via Roma

I can’t for the life of god remember where I read it but someone somewhere said that unboxing, as in opening a box, is the new porn! Techno
geeks and gadget freaks make a big deal out of opening a box — some
even create videos etc. I’m not joking when I say there are people out
there who seriously get off with this sort of thing. Well, I don’t know about you but I’d be more than happy to share a bit of fashion ‘unboxing’ on my blog and share some good vibes all around to fashion junkies out there. Let’s begin the unboxing rites, shall we? Click click click!

(before you continue, I suggest that you open this vid using another browser window and listen to the song for some dramatic effect)


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Lanvin Resort & Spring 2009 Tees at Luisa Via Roma

24/12/2008, Fashion and Style, Lanvin, Shopping Guide

Lanvin Resort & Spring 2009 Tees at Luisa Via Roma

ELECTRIFYING! It's 2AM and I'm dying here my dear readers. DYING! In the words of Rachel Zoe, I DIE. SHUT IT DOWN! The Resort and Spring/Summer 2009 collections are now available for pre-order at the Luisa Via Roma. The first thing I checked? LANVIN!

These are absolutely stunning. S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!

photo credits: luisa via roma

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Navy Blue is the Colour of Love

11/12/2008, Lanvin, Shopping

Navy Blue is the Colour of Love

Just a quick post because I’m running late on my afternoon appointment. My package from Luisa Via Roma arrived today via FedEx. I placed the order over the weekend. Boy are they quick or what… and to think, Monday was a holiday in Italy. It went out on Tuesday, I got it today, Thursday. Nothing beats a little luxury delivered right to your doorstep… fast!

PS. Male fans of Pierre Hardy rejoice…

That’s all!

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Lanvin Sale at Luisa Via Roma

06/12/2008, Fashion and Style, Lanvin, Shopping

Luisa Via Roma Weekend Sale

There's a big sale over at Florence-based Luisa Via Roma. A lot of their fall/winter 2008 offerings are marked 30% down. Some of their older stock are 40-50% off. My eyes are on this Lanvin t-shirt which is currently priced, 30% off, at US$283. Not bad eh considering the SAME top is being sold by Kirna Zabete in NYC, 50% off, at $317. Isn't it funny how I'm penny-pinching? Oh how we all wish we were part of the minted class but gilded I am not. So… in these crazy economic times (in other words, WHO HAS MONEY TO SHOP?), every dollar saved counts!

PS. Boys, the Lanvin *men's* shirts are also on sale. GO!

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Lanvin Boutique – IFC Mall, Hong Kong

30/08/2008, Fashion and Style, Lanvin, Shopping

Lanvin IFC Mall

Connected right beside the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong is the glitzy & glamorous IFC Mall which houses the ultra chic Lanvin womenswear and menswear stores.

Lanvin store Hong Kong IFC Mall

Click click click!


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Lovingly Lanvin

20/08/2008, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style, Lanvin

Lovingly Lanvin

A few of you have been asking photos of me wearing the new Lanvin top I got so here are a few photos. They're actually a week and a half old and they were (spontaneously) taken at the last minute. I would've worn them with black boots/shoes of some sort instead of the gold but then again, I'm not really somebody who is a big fan of "head-to-toe everything must match" looks. Anyway, the gloves are these $10 tranny beauty pageant gloves I got from a sewing supply store and the bracelet is Valentino. The baggy trousers are old men's Gucci that I've had for ages. It's been sitting in my closet for years and I never had the chance to alter let alone wear them. Now that I've gained weight… well, whatevs.

I *love* the Lanvin tee! I really do. From the moment I saw it online I thought "it's soo me!" I'm sure you'll agree with me, yes? What do you think? Click click click!