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10:01 pm

Louis Vuitton Omotesando Tokyo

10/11/2011, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style, Kim Jones, Louis Vuitton

I went downstairs to the VIP floor for the very exclusive ribbon-cutting ceremony after that quick pit-stop at Espace Louis Vuitton. Various LVMH and Conde Nast executives were there including the lovely Anna Wintour, my beloved Kim Jones, Ai Tominaga and more. Conde Nast International’s Jonathan Newhouse also introduced me to the CEO of Louis Vuitton Japan who, upon seeing my wrist cuffed to the monogram “Lockit” clutch bag, joked how I should never let go of the bag. Fun times all around!

Anna Wintour smiling with Bryanboy at Louis Vuitton Omotesando store in Tokyo

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1:50 pm

Kim Jones, Cole Mohr and… Bryanciaga!

22/08/2009, Cole Mohr, Fan Art, Fashion and Style, Kim Jones, Models

Kim Jones, Cole Mohr and… Bryanciaga!

KimMohr'a Bryanciaga is dat chu?

Two of my favourite men in fashion, my beloved Kim Jones and of course, male model superpower Cole Mohr, joined forces Friday night over a pair of some fierce Balenciaga shoes. This brought a major (and much-needed) smile to my face when I hauled my ass out of bed earlier this morning. Thank you :-)

Why am I not *THERE* to wear those Bryanciagas?

Hope to see you guys soon!

Meanwhile, I know I haven't updated recently because I've been on the road EVERY day for the past few days. In fact, twitter is my only connection to the online world! If you're not following me, do so now —

It's almost 2PM and I'm already late for 2 fittings. Will try to post moar when I get back.