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Chanel Spring Summer Backstage – Hair, Make-up and Model Overload!

25/10/2010, Backstage, Beauty, Chanel, Fashion and Style, Kasia Struss, Models, Spring Summer 2011

Chanel Spring Summer Backstage – Hair, Make-up and Model Overload!

Here’s the scene backstage (hair & make-up) at Chanel spring summer 2011. The majority of the girls had a super straight, super sleek pony tail. As for make-up, a bit of dark eyeshadow and eyeliner to emphasize the eyes, a little bit of blush and nothing else.

Chanel make-up

Chanel backstage spring summer 2011 Emily DiDonato

Emily DiDonato is so gorgeous, no?

Click click click!


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Kasia Struss in Milan

22/09/2009, Fashion and Style, Kasia Struss, Models

Kasia Struss in Milan

Finally arrived in Milan. I sat a few seats behind Kasia Struss on the flight from NYC and I took this shot outside the airport. I keep on seeing this gorgeous lady!! First at the V Magazine party and now this!!!

Kasia Struss

She's with this rather, um, mature, gay gent who reminded me of Andy Warhol but Andy he is not. The guy she's with was hysterical! He went on and on and on how Air France flight attendants are dominatrix sadists. His voice was so loud you'll have to be deaf in order for you not to understand what he was saying.

The adventure continues…

Meanwhile…. guess who's getting a first class seating upgrade at the Dolce & Gabbana + D&G shows this week? *wink*

PS. Can I just say I love Kasia's legs? OMG I swear to god I could wrap my hand around them. I want legs like hers!!!!

PPSS. I don't know if it's me or not but I just paid 100 euros for a cab ride from the airport to the city center….. is that normal? eeeeek!!!!