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For The Voyeur In You

13/08/2011, Current Affairs, Fashion Bloggers, Food and Drink, København

Thought I’d satisfy the voyeur in you by sharing a little weekend treat — photos I took from my iPhone!

Bryanboy at Henrik Vibskov - iPhone photo

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Peter Jensen at DesignMuseum Danmark

13/08/2011, Events, Fashion and Style, København, Peter Jensen

I recently went to the opening of “Muses”, Peter Jensen’s new exhibit at the Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen. Consider me a fan; I love his sense of quirkiness and cheekiness. His whimsical pieces always reflect an element of fun. Some of the highlights from his ten-year retrospective include a black cardigan with hologram badges (my favourite), a printed jacket depicting an image of racial diversity, dresses from his spring/summer 2005 collection inspired by ice-skater Tonya Harding and more.

Peter Jensen and Bryanboy in Copenhagen, Denmark
Peter Jensen Muses Exhibit, Sissy

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10/08/2011, Fashion and Style, København, Vogue USA

What a delightful surprise to see Hamish Bowles at Copenhagen Fashion Week. It’s not every day you get to see familiar faces… and American Vogue lieutenants in this part of the world. Bravo!

Hamish Bowles at Soulland Spring Summer 2012
Hamish Bowles at Soulland Copenhagen
Hamish Bowles at Copenhagen Fashion Week
Hamish Bowles' Seat Assignment at Copenhagen Fashion Week

1:40 pm

Jean Paul Gaultier Baby, Not Ed Hardy

09/08/2011, Fashion and Style, Jean Paul Gaultier, København

There are very few people in the world who can flawlessly wear a sheer Jean Paul Gaultier top. Emil, the very slim and lithe Editor at S Magazine, is one of them. He paired it off with trousers from Danish designer Jean//Phillip. I love Emil’s energy and sense of humor — he was a good sport when I teased him “I love your Ed Hardy top” the whole time! Oh the memories! ;-)

Jean Paul Gaultier top by Emil Nissen
Emil S Nissen, S Magazine Denmark

12:56 pm

What Are Your Favourite iPhone Apps?

09/08/2011, Current Affairs, Gadgets, København

I think I’m the only iPhone user in the world with the least number of Apps on my phone. I bought my iPhone 4 in February and to date, the only apps I have are: Monopoly, Twitter, Fatbooth, Skype, Google+ and WhatsApp. Andy introduced me to the wonders of Incredibooth and Instagram over the weekend.

Andy Torres Stylescrapbook

What are your favourite iPhone Apps?

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Never, EVER, Underestimate The Power Of a Blond Wig

08/08/2011, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style, Jason Wu, København

It’s amazing what a cheeky wig can do. It’s a great conversation starter. Not only it brings joy to the wearer, it also sprinkles a little bit of fun and fairy dust to the people around him/her/shim. I thought it was interesting how people were more warm and receptive to me when I wore my blond afro out. People around Copenhagen, both tourists and locals alike, pointed, stared, smiled, laughed and at times, took a photo with me. While the long-legged Andy from StyleScrapBook took photos of moi in the middle of the street (I had the ‘DJ Turn It Up’ track playing in my head after watching the Louis Vuitton spring 2010 show on Youtube a hundred times while getting dressed at the hotel), an Italian couple stopped, discussed whether my crowning glory was my real hair or not for a good few minutes. The man eventually told his girlfriend “peluca” after much deliberation. Deep down inside I was thinking, damn, maybe I should wear wigs more often because more people come up and talk to me… as opposed to being a run-of-the-mill, brunette gaysian with robocop sunglasses and a smug face? I kid, I kid you. But on a serious note, it’s a great social experiment. There’s something voyeuristic (and fetishistic, if that’s a word) in watching people’s reactions. This is what I love about fashion the most: it gives anyone the ability to transform themselves to whatever character they want.

Bryanboy wearing a blond afro wig in Copenhagen.

The floral shirt and shorts are my design — sorry to sound so repetitive, but again, bought the fabric in India last month and went to a tailor there to get them made for me. I had a ton of clothes made so expect me to be wearing them over the next few weeks. I’m still trying to get used to this whole “where did you get this from” whatever and it feels weird saying “custom-made”. A bit awkward, but I don’t mind.

Sunglasses from Mykita x Rad Hourani, beige shirt from Kenzo, necklace from India, belt from H&M, bag from Jason Wu, socks from Solmate, sandals from Marc by Marc Jacobs

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Blondest Boy On The Block

07/08/2011, Current Affairs, København

You know how the old saying goes… once you go blonde, you never go black.

Blondest Boy on the Block

I designed this lightweight coat that’s made out of brocade on the front and cashmere on the back (and sleeves) when I visited India last month. Thought it was perfect to wear it on a cool, summer night in Copenhagen. My new platinum blond wig also kept me warm. I love Scandinavian summers!

7:14 am

The Great Dane

07/08/2011, Fashion and Style, København, Prada

So glad I caught up with Anders, the handsome and striking six-foot-five tall Senior Fashion Editor of LOVE magazine. They don’t call him the Great Dane for nothing. It’s funny because earlier in the week, I went out for a drink next door to my hotel and I saw this guy, wearing the ubiquitous spring/summer 2011 Prada stripe, sitting at the bar so I told my friend, oh look there’s a queen in Prada shining through this sea of Danishness. When the blond man turned his head around, it was Anders, who said he’s in Copenhagen for a vacation.

Anders solvsten Thomsen in Copenhagen

9:16 am

Lunch With Little Miss Wu

02/08/2011, Food and Drink, Handbags, Jason Wu, København

Tomorrow’s gonna be a very busy day meeting lots of people so I thought I’d enjoy a little bit of Copenhagen on my own. I had lunch a few hours earlier at this very cozy outdoor Italian restaurant near my hotel. Being alone ain’t so bad because I have my Little Miss Wu python bag to keep me company. The color is so striking and the bag itself is so pretty! I know I’m gonna get mileage out of this one. Thank you Jason!

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Velkommen til København

02/08/2011, København

KLM should consider renaming the long-haul flight 804 after me because it’s starting to feel like a commuter plane. Lord knows how many times I’ve taken that flight. After (the usual) twenty-hour traveling ordeal, I’m now in Copenhagen. It’s nice to be back. The last time I was here was during the winter of 2005. The weather today is fantastic and the sun is shining, too. I love Scandinavian summers!

Velkommen til Copenhagen
Velkommen til København
Copenhagen Museum
Med lov skal man land bygge.

It’s gonna be a very busy week for me. I’m here for Copenhagen Fashion Fairs and a few shows for Copenhagen Fashion Week. I’m also shooting a little project for Lancome in a few hours. I’m very excited!

Oh and I finally got my new camera, Canon’s 5D Mark II. Can’t wait to play with it!