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Tom Ford Penis Necklace

19/12/2014, Accessories, Balenciaga, Current Affairs, Jewelry, Proenza Schouler, Tom Ford

Sometime last week, I saw a line item on my Twitter feed that Tom Ford came out with as penis necklace. After clicking a link or two, I immediately called the Tom Ford boutique to inquire about it. I guess it was my lucky day because they had the large one available (don’t hate on size queens, please) so I placed an order and received it via messenger the same afternoon. It felt like I won the lottery of something. I can’t remember the last time I felt so genuinely happy over some fashion item. Kind of like when he came out with the amazing printed canvas and leather condom holder as part of his Spring/Summer 1999 collection for Gucci back in the day. Remember that collection? The hippie-inspired lewks with the red and blue psychedelic prints? That was MAJOR.

I didn’t even question the price tag. I absolutely despise it whenever I try to reason with myself when faced with a trivial problem like whether I should buy something or not. How many of you QUESTION yourself and ANSWER the same bloody questions in your head like an insane person? Can I see a show of hands?

This item was made for especially for me, no doubt about that.

It’s shiny.
It’s gold. (ok, fine, if you want to be technical, it’s gold-plated brass)
It’s a piece of jewelry.
It’s a penis.
It’s Tom Ford.

Best Christmas present to self EVER!!!

Large Tom Ford Penis Necklace worn by fashion blogger Bryanboy
Fashion blogger Bryanboy wears a Tom Ford penis pendant necklace
Tom Ford Penis necklace
Tom Ford Penis necklace and white Proenza Schouler sweater

Large Tom Ford penis necklace (click HERE)
White cashmere sweater by Proenza Schouler (click HERE)
Sunglasses by Balenciaga (click HERE)
Leather trousers by Acne Studios

Shot in Financial District, New York City
Photos via Jeff Thibodeau

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Alpha by Solange Azagury-Partridge

16/09/2014, Fashion and Style, Jewelry, London

My business meeting at the Connaught Hotel yesterday afternoon finished early and right across the hotel is Solange Azagury-Partridge’s flagship boutique. I first heard of Solange from reading LoveGold’s London Shopping Guide. As much as I love fashion and all its trappings, I’m not getting any younger. Most of my clothes usually have a shelf life of six months, probably a year tops. Which is why I started to look (I said look, not buy, ok!!!) into fine jewelry lately — they last forever! There comes a certain point in life when you elevate yourself with certain, finer things.

To the uninitiated, Solange Azagury-Partridge is a self-taught jewelry designer. In 2001, Tom Ford (formerly of PPR), hired her to serve as the Creative Director of Boucheron. She held the position for several years before focusing on her own brand.

She recently launched her first men’s jewelry collection named “Alpha” based on classic themes such love, lust, strength and beauty. All of her men’s pieces are made with 18ct yellow gold but sandblasted and blackened with rhodium. The blackening intentionally wears away, over time, to slowly reveal the yellow gold underneath. I thought it was genius.

I had the pleasure of trying several things on. Perhaps my favorite piece from the entire “Alpha” collection is the “Heart of Darkness” pendant. My heart never raced so fast I couldn’t stop myself from sweating in my three-piece suit when I held it. The pendant had a great weight as well. DIVINE. ABSOLUTELY DIVINE.

Solange Azagury-Partridge Heart of Darkness 18ct Gold Pendant
Solange Azagury-Partridge London Store
Solange Azagury-Partridge London Stairs
Solange Azagury-Partridge London Carpets

The “Lionheart” ring features two small diamonds and a ruby.

Solange Azagury-Partridge Lionheart Ring

This is the “Bareknuckle” pendant. I like how it signifies strength, like a fist ready to punch someone.

Solange Azagury-Partridge Bareknuckle Pendant

I also love the “WMD” (Weapons of Mass Destruction) pendant. I had a good chuckle when I saw this cheeky piece.

Solange Azagury-Partridge WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction Pendant

Solange Azagury-Partridge Snake bangle

The “Tied Up” bangle is adjustable.

Solange Azagury-Partridge Tied Up bangle

One of Solange’s personal favorites is the “Samson” bracelet. It’s a made to measure piece customized with a lock of your loved one’s (or your) hair.

Solange Azagury-Partridge Samson bracelet

Check out this short film they they released earlier this year starring Mark Ruffalo.

YouTube Preview Image

Solange Azagury-Partridge is located at 5 Carlos Place, Mayfair, London W1K 3AP. Be sure to ask for Cynthia, Darren or Daniel. You may also email or call +44-207-792-0197. Solange also has boutique on Madison Avenue in New York City.

For more information about Solange and her other collections, visit

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Aristocrazy Headquarters Madrid

01/05/2014, Aristocrazy, Current Affairs, Givenchy, Jewelry, Madrid

The very wise Anna Dello Russo once proclaimed, “gold, gold, gold, gold, it’s all about gold, excess! Nothing succeeds like excess!” And she’s right. I know I’ve been obsessing over white garments and accessories lately but we all know my roots are firmly planted in the land of all things shiny and excessive. I love a good bling! I visited the Aristocrazy headquarters in Madrid not too long ago and played with several pieces from their latest collection.

Bryanboy visits the Aristocrazy Headquarters in Madrid
Bryanboy in fall winter 2013 Bambi Givenchy sweater
Bryanboy wearing a bug ring and necklace from Aristocrazy Madrid

Sweater by Givenchy (click HERE)

Photos via: Noel Quintela

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Adventures in Chile

31/12/2013, Accessories, Aristocrazy, Chile, Jewelry, Sponsored Content

As y’all know, I recently went to Santiago and Valparaiso, Chile for Spanish jewelry brand Aristocrazy. Check out the video we made on our trip. Fun times all around!

YouTube Preview Image

Visit to learn more about Aristocrazy.

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Janis Savitt Gold Bracelet

03/12/2013, Fashion and Style, Jewelry, Lovegold

Currently obsessed with this gorgeous gold bracelet from jewelry designer Janis Savitt. I love the hook and latch closure and that touch of diamond. Soo effortless, so chic.

Gold Janis Savitt bracelet

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Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelry Baselworld 2013

27/04/2013, Accessories, Basel, Calvin Klein, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style, Jewelry, Watches

Greetings from Basel! Calvin Klein flew me to Switzerland as one of their guests for this year’s BaselWorld exhibition. To those of you who are not familiar of BaselWorld, it’s the biggest watch and jewelry fair in the world. It’s my first time to attend the fair. Don’t be misled by the word ‘fair’ though. BaselWorld 2013 was set up to resemble a giant shopping mall with some of the biggest watch and jewelry brands setting up conceptualized “booths” that looked like their actual retail stores. It was a no-expense-barred event and it was fascinating to see what everyone came up with.

It was lovely reuniting with familiar and friendly faces in addition to the Calvin Klein team and Executives: my ultra chic friend Lily Kwong flew in from Gabon, Laura Burdese, Calvin Klein tumblr contributor Hanneli Mustaparta and Ulrich Grimm who is the Creative Director of both Men’s & Women’s Shoes and Accessories. Rita Ora performed at the celebratory party in the evening and my beloved DJ Mike Nouveau spinned at the festivities.

The new Calvin Klein watches and jewelry collection features clean lines and characteristic curved metal surfaces. Some of the highlights from the 2013 line include the ck dress watch, the unisex ck eager timepiece, the ck classic watch that has been newly redesigned for 2013 and ck undulate, a key jewelry offering for the season including two pendant necklaces, rings and delicate earrings that showcase sleek and rounded shapes. Overall, the new collection can be described as sleek, elegant and ultra functional. Totally in synch with the brand’s modern and minimalist DNA. Very Calvin Klein.

On me: Jacket, top, shorts all by Calvin Klein spring/summer 2013 menswear

Calvin Klein watches and jewelry Baselworld 2013
Bryanboy, Lily Kwong and Laura Burdese at Baselworld 2013

Click click click for more images!


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Friendship Tokens

25/02/2013, Cartier, Current Affairs, Jewelry, Los Angeles

Like the old Nike saying goes, Just do it! Rumi and I popped by Cartier in Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon to look at some jewels. We walked out empty-handed after thirty minutes of browsing and continued our journey, hopping from one store to the next on Rodeo Drive all the way down to Barney’s. I’m not gonna lie, thinking about the obscene amount of money we spend on clothes, shoes and accessories on a regular basis (as an important part of our job), only to end up in the back of our closets, made me sick to my stomach. Do we really need another pair of shoes? Do we really need another bag? Do we really need that gorgeous Celine white leather biker jacket? The honest answer — no, not really. The REAL honest answer, ok, let’s not kid ourselves, YES! The point I’m trying to make here is, I do feel somewhat guilty spending so much money on clothes that ultimately loose their value after a season or two. After four hours of wandering around stores (and leaving with Proenza Schouler and Balenciaga tops… don’t judge!!!), we found ourselves back at Cartier and ended up walking out with something of REAL value that would, hopefully, withstand the test of time. Don’t worry, it’s nothing ultra extravagant; just an every day piece that we’ll have to wear for years and years to bring down the cost-per-wear ratio down… all the way to the ground. LOL!!!

Rumi Neely and Bryanboy outside Cartier, Beverly Hills
Cartier Packaging

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Dreaming of the Beach

30/01/2013, Current Affairs, Jewelry, Tel-Aviv

It’s 5AM here in New York City and I couldn’t sleep. I can’t decide whether it’s the jet lag from my recent trip to Seoul or the fact that I’m trying to get caught up with all my work deliverables. I find it amusing how I constantly talk about “work” blah blah blah… yet at the same time, a huge bulk of it isn’t visible on a computer screen. Ah well. I guess what happens behind-the-scenes is for my personal pleasure only.

I always think of the beach whenever I get stressed. What about you? I think I need a proper beach holiday. The idea of spending a week in a remote island with blue skies, crystal-clear waters, gorgeous sand, no internet access or cellphone signal sounds sooo heavenly right now.

Bryanboy wearing jewelry from Noritamy
Noritamy jewelry worn by Bryanboy
Tel Aviv Israel Beach

Bracelet and ring by Noritamy (click HERE)

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Angelina Jolie’s Engagement Ring

16/04/2012, Celebrity Gossip, Jewelry

Behold Angelina Jolie’s engagement ring. The ring was designed by Robert Procop in collaboration with Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie's engagement ring by Robert Procop and Brad Pitt

The $64 million question is… when am I getting mine?
Congrats Brangelina!

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19/12/2011, Accessories, Dannijo, Fashion and Style, Jewelry

I love these gorgeous exotic cuff bracelets from Dannijo’s spring/summer 2012 collection. I salivated over the two-tone stingray cuffs (photo below) in terrific colors when I went to their showroom last week. Although we haven’t seen the long, cold bitter days of winter yet, it’s never too early to start shopping for spring!

Stingray cuff bracelets by Dannijo spring/summer 2012
Ostrich cuff bracelets by Dannijo spring/summer 2012

[click here] Dannijo is available at Shopbop