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Shopping And Fitting

17/01/2012, Current Affairs, Hugo Boss, Sponsored Content

One of the things I love about Germany (and Germans!!) is that everything works here like clockwork. People are prompt and efficient. I accomplished so many things earlier today — had lunch with my lovely friend Graeme who’s visiting from London (haven’t seen him since Copenhagen last year), did a bit of shopping (more like window shopping — DUH) at The Corner and Quartier 206. My late afternoon however was spent at a small warehouse-like venue for my HUGO fitting. I had to pick three outfits for HUGO (by Hugo Boss) events later this week. We’ll see what I end up wearing. I’m excited! ;-)

Bryanboy at his HUGO by Hugo Boss fitting in Berlin

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Save the Date: HUGO Fashion Show Fall/Winter 2012

16/01/2012, Berlin, Fashion and Style, Hugo Boss, Sponsored Content

Berlin Fashion Week is coming right up and the fall/winter 2012 HUGO (by HUGO BOSS) fashion show is going to be livestreamed online at the Hugo Boss blog.

YouTube Preview Image


Save the date! Visit the Hugo Boss blog (click HERE and bookmark the link) on January 19, 2012 at 1:30PM Berlin Time (7:30AM USA Eastern Time) to watch the fashion show live, online. I’ll be in Berlin to attend the show and I’ll also guest-edit their blog.

See you guys soon. I love you all!

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Win the HUGO Sequined Jacket!

02/01/2012, Fashion and Style, Hugo Boss, Sponsored Content

Remember my amazing black sequined jacket by HUGO? Well, only 250 of these limited-edition HUGO sequined jackets exists and the amazing folks at HUGO BOSS are giving two jackets away. Jacket number 42 was given to me in New York a few weeks ago.

YouTube Preview Image


Bryanboy in HUGO sequined jacket with Chloe Sevigny

To win one of the jackets, click HERE. Deadline for entries is Tuesday, January 3, 2011.

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HUGO BOSS Shopping Experience With Chloe Sevigny

19/12/2011, Current Affairs, Hugo Boss, New York City, Sponsored Content

HUGO BOSS recently held a contest on Foursquare and the winner, Adele Fevrier, flew in from Paris to shop with Chloe Sevigny at HUGO BOSS’ Meatpacking District in New York. Here’s a quick video summary of last week’s experience.

YouTube Preview Image


I’ll post the photos as soon as I can.

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25/11/2011, Advertorials, Fashion and Style, Hugo Boss

How do you feel about fashion brands becoming messengers instead of being the message? HUGO BOSS just launched their online TV/video venture called HUGO BOSS TALK. The videos will feature international personalities from different creative and/or professional backgrounds like fashion, music or art.

YouTube Preview Image


Click HERE to visit HUGO BOSS TALK.

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Hugo Boss Stockholm

14/10/2011, Current Affairs, Events, Fashion and Style, Hugo Boss

After the super chic Bottega Veneta dinner at the Nobis Hotel last night, Elin and I popped by the Hugo Boss flagship store opening in Biblioteksgatan. I’ve been told Adrien Brody, Chloe Sevigny and Noomi Rapace were also there but you know me, I was busy swooning over hot Swedish guys (it’s that kid in the candy store feeling) over American celebs, just kidding. What fun!

Bryanboy and Elin Kling at Hugo Boss flagship store opening, Stockholm

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Boss Black/Hugo Boss Spring Summer 2011 Finale

10/07/2010, Berlin, Celebrity Gossip, Hugo Boss, Spring Summer 2011

Boss Black/Hugo Boss Spring Summer 2011

View from my seat at the BOSS Black/Hugo Boss spring/summer 2011 fashion show here in Berlin.

Some of the models I’ve spotted at the show: Rose Cordero, Jourdann Dunn, Jessica Stam and Iris Strubegger.

Also, the super cute German Actor, David Kross was one of my seatmates. See the video above. He sat beside me on my right. It’s funny because I didn’t recognize who he was until after the show when a frind told me he was one of the actors on that beautiful film The Reader, starring Kate Winslet. I saw that movie on the plane from Manila to Amsterdam not too long ago.

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Klaus Wowereit, Mayor of Berlin

10/07/2010, Berlin, Current Affairs, Hugo Boss

Klaus Wowereit, Mayor of Berlin

At the Boss Black/Hugo Boss show, I had the pleasure of meeting Klaus Wowereit who is the Mayor of Berlin. He’s one of the openly-gay, major European city Mayors — Bertrand Delanoe of Paris and Ole von Beust of Hamburg. 

Klaus Wowereit, Mayor of Berlin

According to Wikipedia, he coined the famous German phrase ‘Ich bin schwul, und dasist aucht gut so’ which means “I am gay, and that’s all right, too.”

I think it’s fantastic that one could be a politician regardless of their sexual orientation… I don’t think it’s gonna happen in backwater Philippines where the government is still, whether you like it or not, very homophobic.

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Jessica Alba in Paris and Berlin

10/07/2010, Celebrity Gossip, Chanel, Hugo Boss, Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba in Paris and Berlin

How funny. I saw Jessica "Don't Call Me Latina" Alba at Chanel Haute Couture in Paris just a few days ago…

Jessica Alba at Chanel Haute Couture

… and then she sat a few seats away from me at the Hugo Boss show here in Berlin.

Jessica Alba at Hugo Boss

Don't call her Latina…

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Bruno Pieters, Backstage at Hugo Hugo Boss Spring 2010 Menswear

06/07/2009, Bruno Pieters, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style, Hugo Boss

Bruno Pieters – Hugo Hugo Boss Spring 2010 Menswear

I love this shot that I took of Bruno Pieters backstage at the Hugo Hugo Boss spring/summer 2010 menswear show.

Bruno Pieters

Calm before the storm as they say…

Bryanboy and Bruno Pieters

Thanks Sonny for introducing me to Bruno!