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H&M’s Your Art Here

09/05/2011, Art, Contests, Fashion and Style, H&M

Ever wondered what it’s like to have your work printed on a t-shirt and sold by one of the biggest fast-fashion retailers in the world? My beloved H&M has a contest for budding artists in the USA and I’m thrilled to be part of the jury.

Winners will receive a $500 H&M gift card, a $2,000 check and have their artwork printed on a t-shirt that’s going to be sold at H&M stores throughout the United States.

Deadline for submissions is May 25, 2011.
Contest is open to legal residents of United States only.
Click HERE to read the official rules of the contest or visit for more information.

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Color Me Block Little Miss Sunshine!

28/03/2011, Current Affairs, H&M, Rag & Bone, Tod's

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I can’t wait for warmer temperatures. I’m tired of having dry hands, dry feet, dry lips, everything. It’s supposed to be spring but it snowed again last night!

Bryanboy's Color Blocking Story. March 2011.
I found this super bright yellow cardigan at H&M the other day and I thought it would be nice to wear it with my red Rag & Bone jeans that I got from Barney’s last month. Pair it off with the Tod’s shoes and my green vintage hat voila, you’ve got a colour blocking story right there.

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Unable To Tie The Tod’s Knot

28/03/2011, Diesel, Fashion and Style, H&M, Rag & Bone, Shoes, Tod's

Remember the crazy shoes I wore last season? I’m taking a break from them all. Last season was all about elevating my height. This season is all about being flat and petite. In other words, natural, as they say. My gurls are deeply bothered with my newfound obsession with men’s shoes because they all tower over me in their skyscrapers. Maybe they should ask the handsome Thakoon Panichgul how he feels…

Blue suede Tod's Gommini loafers
Anyhoo. I bought a pair of blue suede Gommini loafers from Tod’s during Milan fashion week. Yay for press discount. Yay for VAT-back! In any case, they’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve owned in my entire life. I tried to tie the knot on my right shoe the other day and guess what? I failed!! Quite challenging to do it in -3 degree celsius weather…

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Trickle-down Effect

15/03/2011, Fashion and Style, H&M, Prada

Have you seen these men’s socks at H&M? I’ve been buying them wherever there’s an H&M store for weeks now. It’s cheaper to buy new socks and underwear than send them to the cleaners. Stripes aside, doesn’t the colour scheme remind you of Miuccia Prada’s blockbuster spring/summer 2011 collection?

H&M socks
Gotta love fast-fashion.

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Best Boyfriend In The Whole World

24/11/2010, Fashion and Style, H&M, Lanvin

Best Boyfriend In The Whole World

What can I say… I’m so in love and so in Lanvin.

Best Boyfriend in the whole world.

Lanvin? Easy there, delusional Debbie.

Ok, fine, whatever, who the fuck are we kidding. Lanvin x H&M.

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Going All Out With My Faux Fur

23/11/2010, Current Affairs, H&M, Lanvin, New York City

Going All Out With My Faux Fur

I have to express my sincerest gratitude to the wonderful folks at H&M for giving me first dibs into the Lanvin x H&M collection two days before America got theirs and five days before the rest of the world. Although I bought a few pieces (we were limited to seven items!!!) at the private shopping event, I consider myself incredibly lucky. I contemplated queueing when the collection was launched in the US over the weekend but the concept of being in line for hours, many hours, along with rabid shoppers is not really my cup of tea. Some of them were out for blood…

Bryanboy in Lanvin x H&M

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Fallon Speed of Light Ring

23/11/2010, H&M, Jewelry, Lanvin, Shopping

Fallon Speed of Light Ring

I got myself a gorgeous little treat from Fallon jewelry sometime last week in the form of this spikes n' crystal stunner. It's a piece from their Resort 2011 collection.

Fallon jewelry ring

Fallon jewelry ring

NYC-based Dana Lorenz (of Fenton/Fallon) makes some of the chicest and edgiest jewelry out there. Her collaboration with J.Crew earlier this year brought her to my radar and I've been tracking her baubles since then.

Fallon jewelry is available at Shopbop.

11:25 am

Lanvin versus Lanvin x H&M T-shirts and Necklaces

21/11/2010, Fashion and Style, H&M, Lanvin

Lanvin versus Lanvin x H&M T-shirts and Necklaces

Let's compare Lanvin versus Lanvin x H&M. I apologize for the creases in my clothes as I've switched hotels yesterday and had to pack everything in a hurry. Can you guess which one is which?

Lanvin t-shirt and Lanvin necklace

Lanvin x H&M t-shirt and necklace

Both are just as whimsical as each other eh?

11:25 am

Honey, I’m Home!

21/11/2010, Fashion and Style, H&M, Lanvin

Honey, I'm Home!

I bought a new camera today. It's my first DSLR camera: Canon EOS Rebel T2i. I also got some 18-55mm lens. It's time to upgrade, especially after using point and shoot craperas, I mean cameras, for over six years. I know many of you style bloggers have multi-bajillion dollar Canons and Nikons but I'm not a photographer by nature so this entry-level baby is perfect for me.

Bryanboy's Closet

Thought I'd take a shot of my humble closet at the Soho Grand Hotel as I organize my things…

5:23 pm

Lanvin x H&M on eBay Already?

20/11/2010, Fashion and Style, H&M, Lanvin

Lanvin x H&M on eBay Already?

THIS is alarming.

Everyone is queueing up in sleeping bags and tents around H&M stores in North America for today's Lanvin x H&M launch.

Lanvin x H&M eBay

Me at the Lanvin x H&M fashion show and private sale event the other day.

What boggles me is how there are a LOT of listings on eBay right now selling Lanvin x H&M goods.

Most of them are photos from lookbooks… it makes me wonder whether these people on the queue are eBay sellers trying to profit from the collaboration rather than genuine Lanvin/H&M fans.

Hmmm. I'd be very wary of buying them to be honest.

But then again, would you queue for hours? It's 4:23AM and in NYC and people have queued since last night!!