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Bryanboy the muscle mary?

27/06/2007, Health

Bryanboy the muscle mary faerie?

Eeeew. This is horrid. I measured my upper arm with a tape measure and it’s 8.5 inches around the ‘muscle’ area when I ‘flex’ it. Must. lose. muscle. mass.

Me: what can I do to make the flesh behind my arms disappear? look at this photo and look at the horrid bingo wings. i swear i could fly with that crap. ugh. it’s soo gross.

StefStef: you can make that area seem less fat by working out the muscles there instead. there are a lot of exercises for that area but they are to increase muscle size and density so the best you can hope for is to make it a bit firmer but then you would have to gain some muscles and since you don’t want that, it would be hard.

Me: blah blah. what you’re trying to say is… i’m doomed for life?

Stef: pretty much.

PS. Time to get a fake tan. I hate being yellow!

Height: 5’9

5:55 am

Bruised knee

18/06/2007, Health

Bruised knee

Ouch. I saw this ginormous bruise on my knee yesterday afternoon and I honestly have no idea how I got it.

bruised knee

It’s starting to turn black. Also, it’s much mucho bigger and grosser in person, I think.


Poor me. Poor old me.

12:29 pm

Feedback Sought: Ballerina Anti-Obesity Pills

10/06/2007, Health

Feedback Sought: Ballerina Anti-Obesity Pills

You know how it goes on the net. One thing leads to another and another and another and another and another. That’s what happened to me. I was reading something about vintage shift dresses (don’t ask why) and my browser somewhat led me to diet pills. I know I quit my pill-popping habit a long time ago. In fact, the only thing I take these days are vitamin c. I also quit the infamous Anne Slowey diet a few months back because I don’t have the discipline. I don’t even take benzos or anti-anxiety pills of any kind considering last year, my daily nutritional intake primarily consisted of xanax, clonazepam and vodka tonic. Well… guess what I found earlier today: Ballerina Anti-Obesity diet pills. Yep, I found it on some online Filipino discussion forum and EVERYONE there was raving about it.

Ballerina diet pills

I brought this up over lunch just a few minutes ago with the familia de horreur and my sister told me it’s super effective. In fact, some of her friends even use it and they lost a lot of weight. One of our common friends went from 114 pounds (she’s 5’5) and she dropped to 90. Is that miraculous or what? My sister has a few packets left at her apartment and she’s gonna send some my way. She even lost 5 pounds in a week. OMG!

PS. I’m just curious, that’s all so don’t dig beyond the surface. Afterall, I’m supposed to be gaining weight…

3:37 pm

Gains and losses

30/05/2007, Health

Gains and losses

I think I might be able to resume pictionary soon. Things are going well with my new therapist and I think I gained 10-12 pounds recently — god knows the exact figure because I have a weighing scale phobia. Rest assured I gained weight because I can feel wobbly bits of flesh behind my arm rub against the sides of my torso. I honestly don’t know if I made the right decision (gain weight) so I may need a little hand-holding here and there but it’s been rough the past few months. Everyone around me thinks I’ve gone mad with the weight loss obsession and I’m sick and tired of people telling me this and that. Whatevs. Bottom-line is I hope I’m on the right track. People often ask me what my secret in staying/being slim and then laugh when I tell them to minimize their food intake and to smoke whenever they feel hungry. If you ask me, it’s as simple as that. Heck, it worked for me. I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work for anybody else.

Before everyone goes around skipping their meals and smoking like a chimney, let me just say that this whole diet/losing weight thing is ridiculous. It turned me into a whole new different person. Every minute I’m awake all I think about is weight loss or calories or whatever. It’s a crazy mental disorder y’all! I’m really glad to have taken the first steps to recovery because I want my life back. I look forward to gaining weight! I even had cake today. Half a slice of mango cheesecake. Soo delicious. Mmm mmm MMMMM!

Oh who are we kidding? "I look forward to gaining weight" my fat ass.

8:22 am

Is this true?

08/05/2007, Health

Is this true?

Is it true that tobacco use can make male species of the human kind impotent? What is this bollocking buggery they put on cigarette packs in Canada?

Allelujah praise the lord, thank god I’m a bottom boy. There is a god afterall.

2:44 am

Tan in a bottle

29/04/2007, Health

Tan in a bottle

It’s 2:39AM on a Sunday and I’m supposed to be working on something but I just spent the past 2-3 hours tanning myself. Yep. From a bottle. Here’s the result. I think I went overboard, no?

Click here for a larger photo. I’m soo fucking narcissistic I replaced Snejana and used it as my desktop background. LOL.

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The Anne Slowey Diet: Anorexia Much?

29/03/2007, Health, Shopping Guide

The Anne Slowey Diet: Anorexia Much?

Today’s Laundry List…

If you haven’t read this fantastic article entitled "The Fashion Week Food Diaries" from New York Magazine last month, do so NOW. It’s interesting how the female model ate soo much more compared to the Fashion Editor (Elle (US) Magazine’s Anne Slowey). I’m telling y’all — the fash pack LOOOOVES my new best friend, Emergen-C! It’s not just models who take em…. fashion editors do, too!


12:54 pm

Let’s play a game!

15/01/2007, Health

Let’s play a game!

I’ll finger your warm, wet orifice and give you an oreo cookie if you manage to guess which head belongs to the disgusting gross body below. Sooo nasty eh? Now you know why I’m having a nervous breakdown. 2468 come on gals let’s lose some weight!

(EDIT 1:00PM – Gotta remove the 2 nasty pics from my home page. I can’t stand seeing em, I swear!)

Click click click!


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03/01/2007, Health


Nothing tastes so great in 30 seconds as thin feels your whole life. the greasy fry, it does not lie. The truth is written on your thigh. The difference between want and need is SELF CONTROL. The thinner is the winner. Thin has a taste all its own. A pleasure to the lips add 10 pounds to the hips. You cannot taste perfection, you can feel it. If it tastes good, it’s only trying to kill you.

YOU want to be thin. WE want to be thin. I want to be thin. YOU want to be painfully thin because to be thin requires dedication, discipline and self-control. Thin is beautiful repeat after me, thin is very beautiful. YOU want to be as light as hair so i’ll fly in th air, all bones and skin because THIN IS BEAUTIFUL.

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Separated at birth?

24/11/2006, Health

Separated at birth?

Here’s something for shits and giggles. I can’t believe I’m sooo obsessed with my nose. I need to snap out of it. Repeat after me Bryanboy: you don’t need a nose job. You don’t need a nose job. You don’t need a nose job.

Ignore me. I’m just having a little moment. Hah!