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Dental Mouth Trays

07/01/2009, Health

Dental Mouth Trays

Stained teeth are inevitable when you drink coffee by the gallon or, like me, have a very dangerous (pack to pack and a half) smoking habit. It's been three years I think since I last had a whitening session and now I wanna do it again. Bad enough that I have busted teeth let alone not-so-white busted teeth. I swear to god, Americans are the luckiest bastards out there. They ALL have perfect, straight, Hollywood-white smiles. To be honest with you, I've never met a yank with awful teeth. I think it's the water. Yes, it must be the water. Anyway, I recently went to the dentist to get some mouth trays done. Here's a shot of me biting into that plaster whatever thing that creates an accurate mold of your teeth.

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Your Prayers Are Needed

11/09/2008, Health

PS. I'll share you more details about Francis Magalona's fundraising drive when they are available.

PPSS. My first contribution to Diane Pernet's A Shaded View on Fashion is now up. Click HERE!

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13/07/2008, Health


In other news, it’s 11PM and my mom + siblings brought my dad to the hospital just now. I’m calling upon the collective powers of my readers to pray for my dad.

Thank you very much.

PS. I’m so scared. I hope this isn’t related to this.

PPSS. Since this is a fashion/pop culture/”me me me” blog, I’d like to remind you that “regular programming” will go on… until there’s a major update. Thank you SO much for your well-wishes and your prayers. I’ll forever be indebted.

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Sad day.

25/05/2008, Health

Lung Cancer StagesSad day.

My mother told me a few hours ago that one of our childhood neighbors (as in the guy beside our house) was diagnosed with Stage 3 lung cancer. I don't have the specifics but what I do know is that the man is in his 50s and he's a father of four. Like everyone in my family, I'm shocked. It's too close to home and cancer is no laughing matter. I hate hearing news like this.

What annoys me the most however is that my mom is using this "revelation" as ammunition to make me stop smoking… she's now on a higher horse more than ever. I know she's right… let's face it, I've been smoking for at least 10 years. Look the term "chain smoker" on the dictionary and you'll see my fugly mug on it.

I want to stop… and I will!

Oh help me god.

PS. Big request to my readers in Singapore! I know it's late now but will someone please take a photo (or a scan) of today's Straits Times (Sunday Times). I got an amazing mention on their article about Asian Bloggers called "Asia's Blog Stars". I have the digital copy here but it's not the same as taking a photo of it. I need it for my portfolio so when I turn 75, I'll show it to my adopted children's children and tell them "holy shit y'all when I was young, I was thin and at one point I was fucking famous". Hahah! Just kidding. If you're generous enough (hah), send it to me by post. Bryanboy, MCPO Box 2044, Makati City, MM 1250 Philippines. Thanks guys and I love you all!

Asia's Blog Stars

PPSS. The photo looks absolutely familiar… maybe they "borrowed" from ROFLMAO Hmm. Y'all should've contacted me for a better photo. Hahaha! Thanks again for the lovely mention!

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28/04/2008, Health


I have NOT weighed myself in years because of my fear of weight but guess what? I went to the department store yesterday afternoon to buy some socks and I saw the Xenical booth where you step on a scale (barefoot) and they:

1) tell you how much you weigh and
2) tell you your body fat percentage.

Yes… I have a huge gut, flabby arms and stretch marks (this is why I don’t wear tank tops
anymore) but at this point, I have nothing to lose. I might as well face
the music and know the truth and nothing but the truth because the
truth shall set me free. I’m super pissed because I also went to my
designer friend Mich… for the first time, I couldn’t fit her
sample-sized jackets — AND I TRIED FOUR JACKETS!!!

Enough dilly dally and let’s cut the story short. The scale said I weigh 54 kilos or 119 pounds!!! I was actually expecting to be in the 130s range so I was happy.

And then came the not-so-good part:

A mind-blowing 27% body fat!!!!

According to Wikipedia, which is not really a reliable reference but it’s still a good reference nevertheless, the recommended body fat for males is 8-14% and if you’re over 25% body fat, you are obese!! I know I whinge and moan about being "obese" but come on!!! How can I be at 27% body fat?

The lady said my frame is very tiny hence the crazy body fat percentage figure but whatevs. I think that Xenical body fat percentage hoo haa is a sham and a fraud. How accurate are those things anyway?

Ugh. Definitely ruined my day. The funnies thing is that bitch got the nerve to hand me a flyer to consider taking Xenical. ROLFMAO. Oh well.

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Wisdom Tooth Removal

09/04/2008, Health

Wisdom Tooth Removal

I missed my appointment yesterday because of all these errands (UGH!) so I went to the hospital this afternoon. My lovely dentist told me it wasn’t my left molar that’s been giving me problems lately (no need for a root canal afterall) and it’s my upper left wisdom tooth instead. I got the little fucker extracted. WITHOUT ANY PAINKILLERS!!! You know how it feels when a huge fat cock is fucking your ass and it hurts around the hole sooo bad but when it hits yer prostate it feels soo good to the point where you feel like peeing? It was like that. Times 10,000. God I’m such a masochist. Took almost three AGONIZING hours… but more on that later.

I was gonna do a little faggotry in motion video and then I realized I don’t have ANY movie editor software in this computer. I HATE IT!!!

More updates in a bit. Pictionary time!

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08/04/2008, Health


After 200 long years, I finally have access to some of my old hard drive’s contents. Woo hoo software! I still need to get a copy of the latest photo chop but I’ll do that tomorrow. In any case, it’s nice to be back on a desktop because working on a bloody laptop was such a bitch. I was offline for the most part of the weekend. Regular blogging (and pictionary…. long OVERDUE!!!!) resumes tomorrow. I’m gonna try to sleep early tonight and haul my fat arse to the dentist tomorrow. Enough procrastinating.

Dentist's chair

Have you ever had a root canal? I’m scared!

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01/02/2008, Health


Oh my god. I died.

God I love them Brits!

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OK. I’m sweating like a whore in church.

20/11/2007, Health

OK. I’m sweating like a whore in church.

I just did the unthinkable.

It’s 7:18AM and I just got back. I walked (as in a real fast walk/mincing not run/jog) about 1.5 kilometers in 13 minutes time. Does anyone know how many calories I burned and how many pounds I lost?

I think I could do this walking thing every day. Y’all know I loathe walking. I may have to go to the doctors too because the part right above my ears (and the back of my head) hurts whenever I walk.

The question is…. can I lose like 10 pounds in less than a month by walking 1.5 kilometers every day?

I need to do this for my health. I need to shape up and burn those calories.

Don’t even dare tell me to go to the gym. Working out with those gym freaks is NOT an option.

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Rodney and his story

29/10/2007, Health

What does a person dying from AIDS look like?

[This is a long post so please exercise some caution.]

The following videos you are about to see is what I think THE most
effective HIV/AIDS-awareness videos ever. Year after year, a lot of
money is being spent in order to raise awareness but nothing has
changed — every day, thousands of people around the world are still
being infected. I think we need to stop "glamorizing" the image of
HIV/AIDS with all these celebrity hoolabaloo nonsense who probably
don’t know jack shit and the whole "AIDS is no longer a death sentence"
mentality but instead, let’s show everyone the REAL pain and suffering
behind it.

Rodney, AIDS Victim

Have you ever wondered what someone DYING from AIDS looks like? Have
you ever seen someone in their early 40s, deteriorate away because of a
disease? Have you ever wondered what they are going through, what’s
inside their head, how they feel and what their message to the world
is? Ladies, meet Rodney, a New Zealander who suffered from HIV for 16
years before he passed away last year.

After the jump, watch the videos Rodney and his partner took during the last year of his life. Keep an eye on how he stopped himself from vomiting while he gave a message about the importance of safe sex. Listen to him stutter as he shared that doctors can’t do anything any more. Watch him as he moved from his house to the hospital. See with your own eyes how he transformed, over time, into a decaying bag of bones in a vegetative state, waiting for the axe to fall.

Click click click click!