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Nifty Gifty

18/12/2011, Accessories, Fashion and Style, Handbags, Marc Jacobs

Behold one of the coolest backpacks I’ve seen in a long time. Can’t take my mind off it. The bag is made out of faux leather but the badass edgy python-scale details make up for it. Love the super friendly price point as well — this backpack has serious ‘everyday bag’ potential.

Marc by Marc Jacobs black nifty gifty backpack

[click here] Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack, $280 at SSENSE.

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Reed Krakoff Flagship Tokyo

22/11/2011, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style, Handbags, Reed Krakoff, Tokyo

If you’re bound for Tokyo one of these days, you MUST visit Reed Krakoff flagship store in Aoyama. It’s H-U-G-E! I’m surprised by the amount of space the store occupied. I’m also surprised when I found out that it’s the brand’s first standalone store — they opened in Tokyo first before New York. Anyhoo, they have a rather generous selection of chic handbags in various colours and materials. My personal favourite? The black Boxer bag in ponyskin but alas, the price tag was a bit outside my range so I settled for my Kit bag.

Bryanboy his agent from CAA entering the Reed Krakoff Aoyama store in Tokyo

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Reed Krakoff Kit Bag

14/11/2011, Accessories, Current Affairs, Handbags, Reed Krakoff

Slightly larger than my python Jason Wu Little Miss Wu bag, my new Reed Krakoff “Kit” bag packs quite a punch. I love the long shoulder strap and the handy handle (too bad you can’t see it in the photo). It fits all my essentials… and then some. It’s my new every day bag!

Reed Krakoff Kit bag available at Net-a-Porter. Click HERE to see it in black.

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Louis Vuitton Bags Spring Summer 2012

05/10/2011, Accessories, Fashion and Style, Handbags, Louis Vuitton, Spring Summer 2012

I thought I’d share photos of the bags from this morning’s spring/summer 2012 Louis Vuitton show. I love the exotic leather pieces — chic to the extreme!

Louis Vuitton bag from spring/summer 2012

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DKNY x Bagsnob Clutch

24/09/2011, Current Affairs, DKNY, Handbags

I can’t stop using my new bag from my friend Tina’s (aka Bagsnob) collaboration with New York powerhouse DKNY. I love the leopard-print pony skin front panel that is oh so titillating to touch. The clutch comes with removable straps; it can also be worn as a shoulder a belt bag. It’s quite roomy enough to fit a pack of Marlboros, two cellphones and all the little essentials we need to make our lives a tad easier.

DKNY x Bagsnob bag
DKNY x Bagsnob Collaboration

The DKNY x Bagsnob collaboration is gonna be available at Net-a-Porter next month!

Blog post brought to you by Range Rover.

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16/09/2011, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style, Handbags, Jason Wu, Vogue USA

My beloved Jason Wu python bag made it on the home page of American Vogue’s website, (or for those of you outside the USA). Wore it with a cashmere cardigan from Uniqlo, some beaded bracelets I picked up from a recent trip to South Africa earlier this month (Thakoon took a pic of them when I visited his studio later that day) and the printed shorts were custom-made in India (I bought the fabric from a local market). Yay!

Bryanboy's Jason Wu bag featured at

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Lunch With Little Miss Wu

02/08/2011, Food and Drink, Handbags, Jason Wu, København

Tomorrow’s gonna be a very busy day meeting lots of people so I thought I’d enjoy a little bit of Copenhagen on my own. I had lunch a few hours earlier at this very cozy outdoor Italian restaurant near my hotel. Being alone ain’t so bad because I have my Little Miss Wu python bag to keep me company. The color is so striking and the bag itself is so pretty! I know I’m gonna get mileage out of this one. Thank you Jason!

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Flower Power

29/07/2011, Accessories, Handbags, Peter Som

Today is all about my flowers. My one-of-a-kind Peter Som x CFDA tote bag arrived earlier in the week and I thought I’d take it out for a spin today.

Peter Som for CFDA You can't fake fashion bag and floral shorts

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It’s pink, it’s glittery, it’s blingy, it’s a cat.

17/07/2011, Handbags

“It’s me, basically.”
YouTube Preview Image


The idea of showing the contents of your purse to spectators online is nothing new. It’s been done since the early days of the internet through discussion forums, blogs, websites, flickr groups and what have you. I used to run a little blog many years ago when I had spare time but I gradually lost interest. Anyway, there’s something very hypnotic and addictive watching these girls on YouTube share the contents of their bags. Some of them get hundreds and hundreds of thousands of views, if not MILLIONS of views. After a few videos, they all look the same, talk the same and sound the same. I just want to pull my hair, slap both sides of my face really hard and slam my head against the wall.

Click click click!

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Diane’s Tote

17/07/2011, Accessories, Diane von Furstenberg, Fashion and Style, Handbags, Shopping

CFDA President Diane von Furstenberg’s invasion of my subconscious started a couple of days ago when I saw her ostrich-embossed leather tote on the pages of the Bergdorf Goodman pre-fall catalog.

Diane von Furstenberg Addison Tote Bag

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? The colour, a deep shade of blackberry, is so rich. At $495, the price point isn’t bad either. Very reasonable as a matter of fact. The one thing that stops me from buying it are the ends of the handles (with two screws on each side) that are very prominent on the bag. They instantly gave a utilitarian feel to what looks like a luxe classic.

How can I not be obsessed when it keeps on popping up everywhere I go? While doing a round of online stores yesterday, I saw Diane’s tote at Shopbop where they have it in two colours, blackberry and saffron. Net-a-Porter is also carrying the bag only in saffron.

It’s strange that I’m suddenly curious with this piece because I’m not one of them tote or clutch bag people. I like to keep my hands-free. If memory serves me right, the only time I used a tote was a couple of weeks ago when I was running late for the airport. I had very little time to properly pack my hand luggage so I dumped my sundries and what have you in one big canvas bag. Other than that, totes are, for the most part, a Chernobylesque no-go zone for me. Why do you think I’ve never tasted a slice of this so-called manbag trend over the years? Because 99% of these manbags are tote bags! I’m no fool – no amount of publicity spinning or word-changing can masculinify (is that even a word) what essentially is a frigging tote bag!

I’m not really in the mood nor do I have the desire to buy a new bag as of late because my very reliable black Mark Cross bag has been fulfilling its purpose. Diane von Furstenberg’s Addison tote is gorgeous though but I’m gonna hold out on this one. For now.

Click HERE to buy the bag from Shopbop.