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Guyliner: Makeup lessons from Pete Wentz

02/05/2007, Grooming

Pete Wentz and Guyliner

Three cheers for Pete Wentz and keeping the faggotry alive. I’m all for fashion liberation and wearing what you want. But this… this… this "guyliner" thing is just too much, no? I’m already starting to get sick of this silly language hoolabaloo. I mean hello, metrosexuals, manbags, meggings and meels!!!!!

Screw you. Screw each and every one of you for coming up with pathetic "man" terms in describing paraphernalia that belong to the female kind. I’ve had it. From now on, I’m only gonna use faggots, handbags, leggings, heels AND eyeliner.  It really is ridiculous AND insecure hiding behind so-called "man-terms" when all you want to do is dress up like a chick. Bah!

Click click click.


5:43 pm

Fed up. Soo fed up.

29/04/2007, Grooming

Fed up. Soo fed up.

I’ve had it with my hair. I swear to god, my hair is driving me nuts. I can’t do it anymore. I wanted it long so I can play with it but it’s annoying the shit out of me. It’s soo fucking hot in the world and it doesn’t help that my hair is soooo thick.

I think I’m gonna go back to my good ol’ boring hair – super short, super clean, dark brown and highlights galore. TOMORROW. Yes? No? Maybe I should go blond like Agyness Deyn? Or should I grow it longerrrrrr? Watcha think? Help me god!

12:35 am

Rhinoplasty/Nose Job: Yes or No?

23/11/2006, Grooming

Rhinoplasty/Nose Job: Yes or No?

I think I need a nose job. Yes? My nose is soo big and it’s soo wide it looks like an onion bulb.

I love it but I hate it but I love it but I hate it but I love it but I hate it but I love it but I hate it but I love it but I hate it but I love it but I hate it but I love it but I hate it but I love it but I hate it.

What do you think?

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Protected: Back to regular programming… Today’s 6/6/6! Camwhore Time! Bryanboy does Lunch! Yes, Lunch!

06/06/2006, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, Grooming, Life, Manila

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EXPLOSIVE! Bryanboy at his rawest: The picture that will CHANGE the way you view Bryanboy

05/06/2006, Current Affairs, Fans, Fashion, Grooming, Health

Bryanboy At His Rawest

People seem to have this impression that everything about me is fabulous. I don’t blame them because that’s the image I project: my life is fabulous, I love beautiful things, I drool over beautiful people, I go to nice places etc. Flaunt it cause you have it. Show it while you have it. Work it like you own it. Fake it till you make it. I dress like a princess but in reality I’m just a pauper.

In the past few months I’ve received no less than a dozen emails from people (shit, I dropped my cigarette on my crotch as I typed that sentence) with questions like "what does Bryanboy wear when he’s at home?" etc. I also get compliments from many, many people complimenting me about my skin, which I don’t really understand cause I have terrible, terrible awful skin. Hah!

It’s Monday afternoon and I just got up less than an hour ago. I’m dead bored so I figured, why not surprise you lot with what the OTHER SIDE of BRYAN looks like.


Take note of all that excess flesh… now you know why I’m promoting my watermelon diet… oh and all that stubble on my face. You probably don’t see it now but you will, later.

Anyway, all I wear at home is a plain ol tee and boxers. It’s all about comfort clothes here. No juicy couture sweats whatsoever. Sometimes I’d even roam around the house wearing nothing but some y-front briefs on.

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Now, If the image above isn’t shocking enough, the photo you are about to see will HAUNT you for the rest of your life and change the way you think of me — Le Superstar Fabuleux my fuckin asshole.