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2:14 am

New Hair

08/10/2008, Current Affairs, Grooming

New Hair

Say bye bye to the bowl cut… Ignore my fug face though because it's 1:56AM and I've been up for 2 days in a row now…

new hair

Click click click!


12:53 am

Action Salon, The Paragon, Orchard Rd Singapore

08/10/2008, Current Affairs, Grooming, Singapore

Action Salon, Singapore

I went to Action Salon at The Paragon for a quick haircut and trim. I took a couple of snap sAFTER shampooing while waiting for my super adorable and talented stylist Junie.

2:00 am

Jean Paul Gaultier Monsieur

29/08/2008, Grooming

Jean Paul Gaultier Monsieur

Yesterday afternoon at the Milk Magazine photoshoot, the generous girls at Milk gave me a few goodies from Jean Paul Gaultier's Monsieur cosmetic men's cosmetic line: concealer, 2 lip balms, a bronzer and self-tanning gel. They actually told me to grab ANYTHING I like – I wanted to take a sorts of goodies but I was soo shy (HAH!) so these are the ones I got. I love them!! The lip balms are soo luxurious! Buy them when you can!

Jean Paul Gaultier Monsieur

Thank you thank you thank you! :-)

2:46 am

Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Youth Creme

25/08/2008, Grooming

Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Youth Creme

Now I know what it feels like to be one of them beauty bloggers who always seem to get a never-ending supply of the latest and greatest beauty products. Perhaps it's time to switch to beauty blogging instead of "fashyon" (which we all know I fail at haha)? Nah. I would probably just hoard them products and sell them swag on eBay to buy — you've guessed it — Rick Owens leather jacket fashion. There goes my ethics. (HUWATTTT ETHICS??!?!?!) Just kidding. LOL.

This ultra luxurious 50ml jar of Estee Lauder's Re-Nutriv Ultimate Youth Creme (which retails for US$250… and comes with a mini golden spoon Midas would be proud of) somehow landed on my desk without my asking for it. I think it's perfect timing because a) my youthful looks (HUWATTTTT YOUTHFUL LOOKS ?!?!?!) are slowly deteriorating… like my grandma's kidneys and b) I'm running out of moisturiser.

Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Youth Creme Jar 50ml

But unlike my very stubborn nan who refuses to help herself (how a geriatric can survive on a few sips of water each day when you're supposed to DRINK a lot astounds me — her excuse: she's not "thirsty"), the secret beauty junkie in me opened the little silver box faster than you can say "DRINK LOLA DRINK".

I googled the product and based on the reviews I found so far, everyone seems to be raving about it (I don't know about you but for $250, I won't just rave… I'd do cartwheels + flying kicks as well!) and quite a number of people have noticed positive results in as little as 2 weeks.

Let's see how it goes. I'm not sure how this is gonna work out because I have funky skin – it's very dry whenever I'm at home (because of the
aircon) and it gets oily whenever I stay outside for a long time. I like the cream so far. It doesn't feel greasy, it's very lightweight and the product does not have that strong fruity scent that some of the other creams have.

I'll keep you posted.

PS. Gifts are always appreciated so thank you.

4:06 pm

Serge Lutens, Adora Department Store Greenbelt 5

12/07/2008, Fashion and Style, Grooming, Manila

Serge Lutens, Adora Department Store

It’s been a REALLY busy (and productive) week over here at Camp Bryanboy. Thank GOD it’s Saturday. I went to four business meetings yesterday. Can you believe it? A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to pay her bills… and all the nice and nifty things she desires.

Adora, Greenbelt 5

In between meetings, I visited my favourite luxury emporium ADORA at Greenbelt 5.  Click click click!


11:41 am

Sweaty Feet? Summer Soles Scented Foot Pads

28/03/2008, Grooming

Summer Soles Scented Foot Pads

I don’t know how many of you will admit to having sweaty feet but unfortunately, i’m one of those people. I suppose I’m lucky that my feet aren’t smelly in spite of being sweaty but yes… it’s such a bitch wearing shoes (loafers/driving shoes/etc) without socks. I hate it when my wet toes rub against inside my shoes. Disgusting!

Anyway, my package arrived yesterday straight from the US of George W. Bush. Meet Summer Soles!

Summer Soles Fragrant Footings Scented Insoles, Scented Foot Pads for Sweaty Feet

Click click click!


9:04 pm

Blondes have more fun.

26/03/2008, Grooming

Blondes have more fun.

Can I get an amen? Amen!!! OMG YOU GUYS GUESS WHO?!?!?!?

I’m not ready yet. I think I look ok, I mean, it’s not Laura Hollins levels but I’m scared to reveal it because a blond Asian person ain’t nice. I dunno…


Sofi Berelidze

Oh dear. I have more tales from the salon. BRB in a sec.

2:27 pm

Going Blonde

23/10/2007, Grooming

Going Blonde

I don’t know what’s going on (or what went over me) the past few days but I’ve been obsessing about going blonde. I’m sick and tired of having Freja for Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 hair.

Kate Moss Blonde

BRB, cross your fingers and wish me luck. I’m going to the salon!

PS. My friends over at WWWD (Who What Wear Daily) are giving away a sequined mini dress from The Olsen twin’s Elizabeth and James fall ’07 collection. Go to for more details!

Who What Wear Daily

7:23 pm

Good hair day

27/09/2007, Grooming

Good hair day

Today is a good hair day, don’t you think?

6:01 pm

Asudjor Pink Nipple Cream

12/09/2007, Grooming

Asudjor Pink Nipple Cream

Ladies and gentlegays. I am now in possession of the most ridiculous thing I have ever encountered in my entire life: Asudjor Pink Nipple Cream!!!!!

I was just in our maid’s room awhile ago and and I found this little tube on her desk. To be honest with you, I thought I have seen it all — skin whitening, self-tanners, ANAL bleaching…. and now this. I don’t get it. I really don’t. What is it with people these days? Everyone’s gone nuts! Do you really think you can achieve pink nipples simply by using some cheap-ass cream? And why would anyone want to have pink nipples anyway? Im not saying NATURALLY pink nipples are bad, heck, I think they’re cute… but they have to match your skin tone AND the rest of your body, no? If you are non-white, it doesn’t make any sense to have pink nipples when your coochie is blacker than sin! Heck, even white people have bitch ass dark nipples, too.

Asudjor Pink Nipple Cream

Jesus mother of god, what’s next? Pink scrotum cream? I know many of you out there with scrotums darker than your face. Can I see a show of hands? I don’t know about you but I’m happy with my own colour. Ok, maybe I want to be a little bronzer than normal (hence my self-tanner addiction) but still. If it wasn’t a crime to slap bronzer over my balls I would do it in a heartbeat but pink cream? Please.

PS. I knew it. I just knew it. It’s that whole maputi = mayaman mindset. God how masa. Who do we have to blame? Kisa papaya and third world showbiz! Hoy mga puta just because kulay FINK ang utong ninyo it doesn’t mean bongga ka. HAHAHA! JK.