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Healthy Options

31/03/2014, Acne, Chanel, Current Affairs, Furla

I’ve been integrating exercise into my boring and banal daily routine ever since I got back from Europe almost two weeks ago. By exercise, I mean lifting ten pound weights.

I’m usually the unhealthiest person in the world given my penchant for abusing my body to the extreme. Back in the day, I used to stay up all night, chain-smoking my way well into the wee hours of dawn, surviving on barely four hours of sleep per day. But lately, I’ve been sleeping a minimum of seven hours (it helps when you set a personal curfew of 10:30-11PM), I’ve been waking up before the sun is up and of course, I do my best to hit the treadmill three or four times a week. I do 100 situps twice a day. I’m all about healthy options these days. My former agent used to joke how I’m all about a bowl of sausages for breakfast and he was right. Nowadays, gimme a plain egg white omelette with a side of broccoli. And a glass of grapefruit juice.

Bryanboy wearing a Nicholas Ghesquiere t-shirt

Bryanboy lifting weights in his New York City apartment

My obsession with being fit and healthy started when I saw a gray nose hair a few months ago. It was a wake-up call. It signaled “bitch, you’re old”. The following afternoon, I went to Chanel to see what they have in the stores (I’m gonna fess up and say I was curious about their famous espadrilles), lo and behold I saw this major white sneaker. At first I thought, the shoes are gonna be perfect for the airport. Then I realized I can’t have a multi-logo-a-gogo situation, with what, a Rolex watch, Louis Vuitton trolley and Goyard tote — the lewk screamed Asian at Duty Free.

The lightbulb “aha” moment didn’t happen until I was in Madrid in February when I forgot to bring my trusty old Nikes. I wanted to run one morning and told myself there’s no way in hell I’m gonna run in Chanel but you know what, the more I (or anybody else) tell myself not to do something, the more I end up doing it so I ended up running in my Chanel sneakers. And you know what? It felt good. So now I use my Chanel sneakers as my work out shoe wherever I go. It’s amazing.

Hat by Furla, t-shirt by LPD New York (click HERE to shop), leather shorts by Acne (click HERE to buy), sneakers by Chanel

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Furla Cocktail Milano

15/03/2012, Events, Fall Winter 2012, Furla, Milan

I thought I’d share more photos from my Milan trip. After the Versace fashion show, I visited the nearby Furla venue once again for their cocktail event. A flute of champagne and a few minutes of dancing is the perfect way to unwind after a long day’s worth of shows and presentations.

Bryanboy at Furla Cocktail Event
Furla Candy bags on Furla staff

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Furla Fall 2012 Presentation

29/02/2012, Accessories, Current Affairs, Fall Winter 2012, Fashion and Style, Furla, Handbags

Immediately after the Moschino fashion show, I visited the fall/winter 2012 Furla presentation. They’ve collaborated with performance artist Sissi to launch their new collection of very spacious and reversible tote bags dubbed “Furla and I”. A mini stage was installed in the venue where models, in white leggings, rotated, holding the new bags. They also presented several new additions to the Furla Canda collection — I like the white Furla Candy bag with the dalmatian print on ponyskin.

Bryanboy attending the Furla fall winter 2012 presentation
YouTube Preview Image

Hat and coat by Francesco Scognamiglio, shirt by Prada, suit (jacket and trousers) by Dolce & Gabbana, shoes by Prada, bag by Furla

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