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9:09 pm

Today’s Obligatory Papsi Shot

10/05/2007, Fun

Today’s Obligatory Papsi Shot

Perhaps my favourite papsi cola company X17 can explain why they sent a papi chulo to follow me all over the place?

Just kidding. Pictionary to follow in a few hours. I’m swamped with work!!!!!!!

9:03 am

Socialite Rank & Park Avenue Peerage Unmasked!

08/05/2007, Fun

Socialite Rank Unmasked!

This is the biggest social scandal of the new millenium! Dammit!!! There I was deluding myself that it was my fabulous homegirl Tinsley and her people behind my friends at Socialite Rank. I was wrong. Say hello to the powerful duo who sent Nueva York socialites running for kebabs, it’s no other than Valentine and Olga Rei! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

You *MUST* read the article on New York mag. Giselle Cordero (may god bless her soul wherever she is right now kiss kiss I love her!) got nothing on these two. I have no words. I love it. I fucking love it!

Bareback ganbangs with navy cadets in St. Petersburg and chinchilla fur in Moscow aside, now you’ll know why I’ve always loved Russians from the start.

PS. Wow. Loves it.

PPSS. Putang ina hindi ko to kinaya. Time to write my own personal tell-all book I guess haha! (Trans: I love this quote even more.)

“I live in Urbana, near a farm,” he whispers when I call. “Oh, my God! I’m not supposed to reveal anything. I’m like—I’m not even white! Do you know how fucking riotous this would be? I am not the poster child. You would not even believe what I look like.”

8:42 pm

Protected: Obesity is sexy

03/05/2007, Fun

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Obsession du Jour: Planet Unicorn… Hayyy!

02/05/2007, Fun

Obsession du Jour: Planet Unicorn… Hayyy!

A gay boy wished for a planet-full of unicorns. Planet Unicorn. Unicorn Planet! Give it up for Feathers Ooo ooo Cadillac, and Tom Cruise Oh ohhohoho Planet Unicorn hayyyy.

I love this I really do! YOU **MUST** WATCH PLANET UNICORN.

Or else I’ll kill you.


6:15 pm

Caption This

01/05/2007, Fun

Caption This

It’s not just Amy Winehouse who went through a transformation.

OMG I’m at a loss of words!!!! Big difference. Big, huge difference.

1:19 pm

In Memoriam: Socialite Rank

30/04/2007, Fun

In Memoriam: Socialite Rank

My favourite (and what used to be THE ONLY) socialite website worth going to, Socialite Rank, passed away last week. I’m devastated!!!!! Who else shall call me their third world prince? Where else can I go to for my beloved Olivia, Tinsley and Fabiola fix? Socialite Rank is my only connection to the glitter and Graff-encrusted world of New York high society!!! Socialite Rank… you’ll always be remembered, in our hearts and our Hermès handbags! readers, don’t fret. For every closed coffin comes a newborn baby. Say hello to my new friends over at Park Avenue Peerage. Visit their website at today!

3:10 am

Mauricio + The Return of Real, Ideal or Suicide.

30/04/2007, Fun

Mauricio + The Return of Real, Ideal or Suicide.

My personal Cacee Cobb + Elliott Mintz + Leslie Sloane of almost 4 years, Mauricio from Mexico, won’t stop bugging me unless I make this entry. In fact, he’s been disturbing my peace since Saturday. Crazy!

Mauricio:  well now you can tell the people this is me
Mauricio:  you should start a section for "i hate bryanboy" pictures

Bryanboy: lol i have several i hate bb pics already
Bryanboy: you’re like the 20th person in line


3:08 pm


28/04/2007, Fun


I’m bored and I want to do a podcast. Call my 24 hour voicemail in the USA and ask me anything! Ask me an interesting, intelligent question and I’ll give you a smart, intelligent answer. I’ll publish everything on my next podcast. Don’t forget to tell me your first name (invent one if you like) and where you’re calling from.

Get off your fat ass, pick up that phone and DIAL DIAL DIAL. It only takes less than 1-2 minutes and no more than 50 American cents to ask me a question.

I love you all!

12:21 am

GAY JAILBAIT! Well.. it’s March 21. Happy Birthday to Me.

21/03/2007, Fun

Well.. it’s March 21. Happy Birthday to Me.

Thanks to the power of the internet, I’ve corrupted the minds of today’s youth… geography is no boundary when it comes to my faggotry, from Cape Town, South Africa to Vaxjo, Sweden (sorry, I can’t figure out those letters with the dots). I’m sure there’s a fuming parent somewhere, waiting to report me to the police for my crimes against humanity.

Anyway, don’t you just want to give this young boy an A+ for effort? I love it! I really do! Come back to me after a decade. Fucking hell, I should groom this kid now as part of my "reserves" so by the time I’m all old, fat, broke, poor, wrinkly and smell like soil, I’ll have someone to pamper me good. Oui? Non? Oui silvous plait!

Don’t be silly. I’m not into young ones. I like em experienced. Someone who could crush my pelvic bones against the wall while they inseminate my tight ass from the back!


12:37 pm

Do you believe in magic?

12/03/2007, Fun

Do you believe in magic?

One word: fabulous!

OK. Enough playing with the liquify function. I promise I won’t play with it again, I swear. Snap snap reality. But isn’t the above photo fabulous? Imagine if you’re NATURALLY that thin and can manage to swallow fat crepes smothered in liquid chocolate and cream and still remain skinny? It’s 12:39PM and all I had today is corn (as in real corn) and two cups of coffee for breakfast. I’ll skip lunch and opt for a venti americano at Starbucks instead. I’m gonna run some errands in a bit, go to the bank, deposit some checks, pay my mastercard, yaddi yaddi yadda.

God I hate getting old. And to think, I’m turning 17 in 9 days!!!