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4:03 pm

Craigslist Madness

08/10/2008, Fun

Craigslist Madness

I see what y'all did there! FESS UP. WHO AMONGST YOU POSTED THIS ON CRAIGSLIST? My NYC papi (I can't tell who) sent this to me.

10:27 pm

Where’s Next?

01/09/2008, Fun

Where's Next?

I swear I had the weirdest dream last night. I won't go into detail but in my dream, I embarked on a little  Bryanboy tour. Call it the "BB invasion" if you must. Australia? Done. China and Hong Kong? Finito (for now… because China is HUGE).

Now where should I recruit new followers to the Church of Bryanboy next? We gotta start somewhere small/near so don't pull the New York/London/Milan/Paris card on me.

Oi it's free to dream so shut it.
(All sponsors are more than welcome, of course. Haha.)

Tick tock tick tock the clock is ticking…

9:22 am

Sabrina and Her Boy

29/07/2008, Fun

Sabrina and Her Boy

This is Sabrina and her boy. She likes to dress him up every once in a while. OK. Perhaps a little more than usual.

They recently went “thrift-shopping” and got this jacket. I find it fascinating and cute for someone of a different race to be wearing things the usual Filipino wouldn’t be caught dead in. 

And THIS is Sabrina’s website. Check it out. I love them already. I usually loathe sweet lovey dovey couples for christ-types on the internet (they should all get a room or better yet, DIAF.. and I’m only saying this because I’m a bitter, lonely, miserable queen haha jk) but yes… Sabrina and her boy are soo adorable.

To the throngs of Filipinos on their way out to Sabrina’s blog, I have something to say: hoy mga bakla hinay hinay lang sa pag-sta-stalk. Kilala ko ang mga ugali ninyo. Leave the jowa ALONE! Yun lang pow. Haha. ;)

1:18 pm


22/07/2008, Fun


Meet the latest addition to my coterie of craziness. Quick: someone call PETA!

tanya the white kitten

I visited my grandma over the weekend. While there, I went to a store to buy cigarettes and this little white kitten kept meowing and meowing at my direction. I picked up the little pussy, gave it a little stroke and the store owner asked if I want it. I said yes! I know I’m gay alright but I also have a weakness for pussies. So I took her home with me! Haha!

I named her Tanya because she is SOO white and her tail is so long! She reminded me of Tanya Dziahileva. However, the more I look at her face the more I’m thinking “Sasha” (she does look like an oversized lab rat) and alas, it’s been 72 hours and it’s already late for a name change. Ah well.

8:24 am

Belgium or Philippines?

14/06/2008, Fun

Belgium or Philippines?

Sonny, who is in Belgium, took these cute (warning: very graphic) images of a cow giving birth via cesarean. But in good ol' BB  tradition however, why bother looking at the cows when you can check out Belgian (?? not sure anymore especially with the eastern bloc) farmers?

Belgian Farmer

In the Philippines, we have this.

Filipino Farmer Philippines Carabao

Meanwhile, are you thinking what I'm thinking Nicole Richie?

Nicole Richie with her hand up a cow's ass, The Simple Life 1

That's all!

9:59 pm


09/03/2008, Fun

Janina San Miguel. I LOVE HER ALREADY!!!


I’m only 17 years old.


You have to watch it and tell me what you think.

7:52 am

Soy Una Cerda

18/02/2008, Fun

Soy Una Cerda

This video is HILARIOUS! I died. DIED!!!!! Don’t forget to turn your volume up… though it’s not a good idea if you’re in the office.

Soy Una Cerda = I’m a pig. I love this old woman. I really do. I wish my grandma was just like her!

Vogue Espana
Meanwhile, if you can read Spanish, check out my little ickle mention at Vogue Espana. OH YES! They told their readers that apparently, I’m a size 34 which is pretty much a size zero. Oh how I bloody wish. Hahaha! Does that mean I’m banned from the runways of Madrid? JK.

Bryanboy <3s papi chulo Roberto Enriquez & VOGUE ESPANA!!

11:54 pm

Those Norwegians…

26/01/2008, Fun

Those Norwegians…

I don’t go online on my instant messengers as much as I used to because I’ve been ultra busy the past few weeks but when I do, some of my conversations go like this.

It’s very disturbing… at the same time, flattering, no?

11:38 am

Corey Worthington Delaney + Famous Yellow Sunglasses

18/01/2008, Fun

Corey Worthington Delaney + Famous Yellow Sunglasses

Meet Corey Worthington Delaney. He’s 16 years old and he’s Australia’s biggest star of the moment. Watch this (painfully) hilarious interview. Douchebag rose to fame in Australia by throwing a huge party that went out of control in his local neighborhood. Cars were ruined, a dog squad and 30 members of the police force came and thanks to this interview, Corey is now a star!

Corey Delaney Party Photo Corey Delaney Party Pics
Corey Worthington Yellow Sunglasses Corey Worthington Party

And these are his "famous" yellow sunglasses. Corey was charged as a public nuisance and for kiddie porn. Oi vey!

Corey Delaney Worthington

What do you think?

2:18 pm


15/01/2008, Fun


Guess who CLOSED the Alexander McQueen show the other day? Alexander McQueen is his first fashion show during his first ever show season in Milan!

Alexander McQueen Fall Winter 2008 2009

Click click click!