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Formula 1 Shanghai Photo Diary

19/04/2011, Current Affairs, Formula One, Shanghai, Sports

As promised, here are some pictures I took on the final day of the Formula 1 Shanghai race. It was spectacular! I’ve also thrown in some photos during the Pit Lane Walkabout. Klaus, one of GQ Germany’s editors, told me that Paddock Club access is the F1 equivalent to sitting front row at the shows. I’m really glad I went to F1. Look at me — I’m turning into a sports fanatic! I told my bf the other day that it’s important to spread out to things other than fashion as well.

Bryanboy at Formula 1 Paddock Club Rooftop

Sunglasses by Karen Walker [click here], coat by Whyred, shirt by Banana Republic, bag by Mulberry, trousers by Whyred, shoes from See by Chloe [click here]

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6:50 pm

Formula One Shanghai Video Diary

18/04/2011, Formula One, Shanghai, Sports

Watching the Formula One race in Shanghai has got to be one of the most surreal experiences I’ve had. Ever. It really played with my senses — sight and especially sound. Here are some of the videos I took from yesterday.

YouTube Preview Image
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Best in Footwear

18/04/2011, Formula One, Shanghai, Shoes

I was lucky enough to have access to the Formula One Shanghai Grand Prix Pit Lane. They opened the lane for an hour or so before the race to people with premium tickets so they can see what it’s like down there. While the deep-pocketed, the newly-minted and the rest of the corporate-types gawked and oogled at the racing pit, this Chinese lady made me gasp.

Pink teddy bear sneakers at Formula One Shanghai
Pink teddy bear sneakers

It’s always a pleasure seeing someone have fun with their sartorial choices!