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Lunch With Little Miss Wu

02/08/2011, Food and Drink, Handbags, Jason Wu, København

Tomorrow’s gonna be a very busy day meeting lots of people so I thought I’d enjoy a little bit of Copenhagen on my own. I had lunch a few hours earlier at this very cozy outdoor Italian restaurant near my hotel. Being alone ain’t so bad because I have my Little Miss Wu python bag to keep me company. The color is so striking and the bag itself is so pretty! I know I’m gonna get mileage out of this one. Thank you Jason!

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17/07/2011, Food and Drink

Have you ever done a cleanse or joined a detox program? I haven’t. While sharing a cigarette at the Men in Italy event during the menswear shows in Milan last month, the gorgeous Aurora Sansone told me she was going to take part in a detox for the health benefits. She sparked my curiosity but alas, I’ve put the idea to the backburner until yesterday (after devouring a box of half a dozen Krispy Kremes) when my curiosity turned into a full-blown obsession, thanks to teh interwebs aka Gilt. They’re offering the 21-day “CLEAN PROGRAM” at a discount — it’s usually $425 but they’re selling it for $340. The program is relatively simple — you take a shake for breakfast, eat CLEAN-approved food for lunch and a shake for dinner. Then you take a handful of magical pills too. Gwyneth Paltrow said Dr. Alejandro Junger’s CLEAN program is “life-changing”. A search on YouTube yielded several people all throughout America, we’re taking about “real” people y’all, publish video logs of their progress from day 1 to day whatever. One woman went from size 16 to size 6 and another woman lost 35 pounds in a span of a month. All were happy with the results. And they all feel healthy and great. It’s phenomenal.
YouTube Preview Image


Here’s Dr. Alejandro Junger talking to Martha Stewart about food that’s allowed (and not allowed) at the program.
YouTube Preview Image


I want to do the cleanse but I’m worried how I’m going to integrate this program with my lifestyle. Finding the discipline and stamina to give up coffee, tea, alcohol (not that I’m a big alcohol drinker, I haven’t had alcohol in a week), meat, egg, cheese, etc aside… how do I carry three, 1-pound jars of powder criss-crossing continents without being stopped for suspiciously bringing contraband?

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His Three-Oh

27/06/2011, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, New Delhi

When it comes to relationships, it’s always a case of ‘different strokes for different folks’. My partner and I agreed that we’ll do our best in spending special occasions together. In the past year that we’ve gone out, we’ve celebrated Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, my birthday and now, his. He finally hit the BIG three zero last night. I was gonna tease him that he’s an old fart now by asking him how it feels to go out with a tiny, gaysian boy like me but then stopped myself short because I’m gonna turn thirty myself in such a matter of time. Ooops.

Bryanboy at Sevilla Restaurant, Claridges Hotel New Delhi, India

We celebrated his birthday by popping by over at the Claridges Hotel here in New Delhi. We went to Sevilla, their restaurant. We asked for a table outside but they gave us a little cabana. Sweet. I had soft shell crabs to start, chicken tagine for main and a bottle of rose. I thought it was creepy that we didn’t fight last night. It’s almost obligatory for us to argue halfway through our meals at special occasions and we always, always look back to our fight (over the silliest, pettiest things) at that very expensive dinner during New Year’s at Boston. Anyway, to cut it short, we had a lovely time last night. One for the memories.

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Table For One At Gilli

09/06/2011, Florence, Food and Drink

Because of the lifestyle and nature of my work, I am constantly surrounded by people. I talk to dozens, if not hundreds each day, online, real life and on the phone. Over the years, I’ve been extremely lucky to have met a ton of incredible and inspiring individuals from all walks of life around the world, some of them I personally admire. It’s one of the very many things that I truly love about my job.

Caffe Gilli, Florence

As much as I love interacting with people, there are times when I want to be disconnected from everyone to recharge myself. From time to time, it’s nice not to be with the company of others, whether physically or virtually. No friends, no acquaintances around, no laptop, no ipad, and no phones. I call it “alone time”. That’s exactly what I had yesterday. A meaty dinner (carpaccio to start and bun-less burger for main) at Gilli, two glasses of red, a few cigarettes and a stroll around Piazza della Repubblica at sunset. Life is not good. Life is very good.

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Burgers, Backpacks and Nazi Officers

26/05/2011, Art, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, Stockholm

I’m a sucker for cheap thrills. I bought this embroidered backpack during a recent trip to Marrakesh for almost nothing. I’m not really a backpack person as you know, but I am genuinely going through an ‘unconventional bag’ moment. I’m obsessed with bags that are out of the usual designer norm — bucket bags, backpacks etc. Bless whoever made the Moroccan backpack for not being consistent with the color of the straps — one of them was brown and the other was a darker shade of coffee bean.

Bryanboy wearing a backpack at Gamla Stan in Stockholm

Sunglasses by Karen Walker (click HERE), coat from Whyred, backpack from Morocco, socks from H&M, shoes from Lanvin

What was meant to be a healthy, ‘let’s have a salad’ for lunch trip ended up as a “burger n’ beer” binge with a side serving of a museum visit. We went to Stockholm’s Moderna Museet. Click click click for more pictures.

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Il Laboratorio Del Gelato

22/05/2011, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, New York City

I went to Bergdorf Goodman yesterday afternoon in time for Rapture. Just in case the world ended, I wanna make sure I’m in one of my favourite places in New York having a glass of rose and a few scoops of gelato. It’s hysterical, all this doomsday hocus pocus, no?

Il Laboratorio del Gelato at Bergdorf Goodman

It never ceases to amaze me how people like Harold Camping preach nonsense and make money, all in the name of “God”. Don’t you feel sorry for his believers?

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Saturday Brunch at Balthazar

22/05/2011, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, New York City

While most sane people spend their weekend mornings sleeping in, I like the idea of waking up early then heading down to Balthazar for brunch with a friend. What’s on the menu? Orange juice, coffee, omelette and a great conversation.

Bryanboy having brunch at Balthazar restaurant, NYC
Saturday brunch at Balthazar restaurant
Omelette with Gruyere cheese and herbs at Balthazar, New York

Balthazar Restaurant, 80 Spring Street (between Broadway and Crosby).

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Marrakech Photo Diary

11/05/2011, Accessories, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, Marrakech, Morocco, Shoes

I have never been anywhere as mysterious and exotic as Marrakesh. I had a vague idea of what to expect but I didn’t know it would be a million times overwhelming (in a good way!!!) in real life. Once you’ve seen the photos I’ve taken, you’d also be at a loss of words on how to describe what I saw. It’s like going through a time warp to be transported back to old times, except there are satellite dishes on top of every concrete structure everywhere. Talk about experiencing REAL “culture shock” for the first time. The city was a feast for the senses — marvelous colours, textures, scents… There’s always something to discover everywhere.

Bryanboy outside a store selling Moroccan carpets

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Late Lunch at Bar Stuzzichini

28/04/2011, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, New York City

I’m not a big fan of spring weather because of the unexpected showers it brings. I ducked for cover at the nearby Bar Stuzzichini to prevent myself from getting wet. Late lunch ain’t a bad idea because I’m famished. Towards the end of my meal, my friend Alex (who’s having an exhibit at the Pratt Institute next week) called me and asked where I was. Lo and behold he was just around the corner from me because he went to a casting. Table for one is a bit sad so I told him to join me.

Bryanboy at Bar Stuzzichini, New York
Lunch at Bar Stuzzichini, New York
Alex O'Neill having lunch at Bar Stuzzichini, New York

Bar Stuzzichini was good. Food’s great, service was swift. I was able to get a table without reservations. I love discovering restaurants (and have friends around the corner to join) unexpectedly.

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Breakfast of Champions

27/04/2011, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, New York City

Another day, another city in the life of a road warrior. After a quick jaunt to Shanghai, Boston and Los Angeles, I’m finally back in New York.

Bryanboy's breakfast at Soho Grand Hotel, New York
ham and cheese omelette at Soho Grand Hotel, New York

I still have a lot of blog entries to post from the above-mentioned cities but for now, let me enjoy my breakfast of ham gruyere omelette (and sausages on the side).